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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 517 - First Meeting

Chapter 517: First Meeting

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shu Hang smiled.


After saying this, the small group then walked in the direction of the dormitory building.

It was not until their figures had gradually left that the rest of the people at the registration area finally reacted.

“This girl is really from our Institute of Physics!”

“D*mn it! Why am I not from the Department of Astronomy?”

“Ning Li… This name is so familiar… Wait! Isn’t that the M Province’s top scorer in science with a score of 746 this year?”

When these words were said, everyone was stunned.

Xijing University was the top university in the country. Being the top scorer in the college entrance examination was really nothing here.

However, Ning Li was the provincial top scorer and her score had really been heaven-defying.

The male student who had been busy writing his thesis suddenly remembered something.

“Oh right, I remember that the person who came first in the national competition seems to have this name too. Could it be… that it’s the same person?”

Everyone was speechless.

The girl was not only beautiful, but she was also a straight-A student.

No, she was a god of learning!

“By the way, how does Senior Shu Hang know her?”

“Who knows?”

“Ah, I didn’t ask if she had a boyfriend!”

“Tsk, as if asking meant that you would have a chance. This kind of beauty at school, a girl whose studies are at god-level– Don’t even think about it!”

“Shut up!”

Shu Hang led Ning Li and the other student to the dormitory building.

Along the way, they met many people who greeted Shu Hang.

Some called him by his name, and some called him “President.”

It was not until that junior asked a few questions that Shu Hang explained with a smile. He was the President of the Student Union of Xijing University.

He had just advanced to the third year of university this year. To be able to achieve this position was considered outstanding.

“The second building on the left is the female dormitory, and the third building on the right is the male dormitory.”

As he spoke, he looked at Ning Li again.

“Do you really not need any help?”

Ning Li shook her head and walked towards the dormitory management.

The dormitory allocation form had already been pasted on the wall.

The dormitory at Xijing University consisted of four-person rooms. Ning Li found her assigned room– 306.

This dormitory building had a total of six floors. Fortunately, there was an elevator, so it was much more convenient.

There were people coming and going in the building. Many parents and seniors were also walking back and forth.

Shu Hang took out his phone.

“Junior, junior, please add me on WeChat? If you have any problems in the future, you may look for me at any time.”

That junior was very happy. He immediately took his phone out and allowed Shu Hang to scan his WeChat.

Shu Hang looked at Ning Li.

Ning Li paused for a moment and handed her phone over.

Then, she pushed her luggage and walked in.

Shu Hang looked at her back, feeling as if he wanted to say something, but he hesitated. In the end, he just smiled helplessly.

This girl… was indeed cold and aloof.


Ning Li took the key and came to the bedroom.

Two of the four beds had already been occupied, but there was no one in the room. It seemed that they had already gone out.

She chose the bed next to the door.

The condition of the Xijing University dormitory was pretty good.

Apart from the beds and the tables, there was a separate balcony and bathroom

She had not brought many things. Shuiyuan Shijia was less than half an hour away from here so it would be very convenient to go back and forth. If she was missing anything, she could just go back to take it.

Moreover, she had other plans for later. She did not plan to stay here for a long time.

After tidying up briefly, she received a message from He Xiaochen. She said that she was ready and that she wanted to meet her at the Entrepreneurship Center.

The Entrepreneurship Center was located at the center of the campus. There were many shops run by students on campus. There were all kinds of entertainment, food, and shopping. It was considered a small mall on campus.

Ning Li replied with an “Okay.” She put on a baseball cap and got up to go out.

The campus was still lively and the weather was hot.

Fortunately, the landscaping at Xijing University had been done well. There were large areas of Chinese parasol trees planted on both sides of the road.

Next to the artificial lake, willow trees had also been planted.

The sun shone down, and the shadows of the trees swayed, reflecting spots of light on the ground.

Occasionally, a gentle breeze blew past and blew the weeping willows by the river. The branches that almost reached into the water swayed along with it, creating ripples on the surface of the lake.

Ning Li did not walk fast. As she walked, she looked at the surrounding scenery.

This was the first time in her life that she had come to Xijing University.

There were many unique courtyard buildings, noisy crowds, shady trees, clear lake water, and lotus flowers…

The unique heritage and temperament of Xijing University could be seen everywhere.

Her cell phone rang. Lu Huaiyu was calling.

“Second Brother?”

Lu Huaiyu had just finished a meeting that morning. Looking at the time, he had figured that she should be done with everything, so he had called her.

“Are you done? Did it go well?”

“It went quite well. I was just about to go to eat.”

Lu Huaiyu laughed.

This little girl seemed to be quite adaptable.

Didn’t other families need their family members to accompany them? Why did she not need any of them?

“By yourself?”

“With He Xiaochen.”

Lu Huaiyu responded.

“Did you go for a walk around the school?”

Ning Li was passing by the artificial lake. When she heard this, she raised her eyes and looked to the side.

“I went around for a while, and now I happen to be at Bihe Lake that’s beside the Institute.”

Not far away was the Institute of Physics. There was a white jade plaque painted in gold.

–The Institute of Physics.

Behind it was a few buildings that belonged to the Institute of Physics.

Ning Li gave them a cursory glance.

She had already seen them in the sketchbook before, so she could easily recognize which one was the teaching building and which one was the experiment building. She even saw the spire of the observatory.

She had not thought so before, but now that she saw it again, she felt that the hand-drawn pictures were really lifelike and somewhat cute.

Lu Huaiyu’s voice carried a hint of a smile.

“I took a few classes there in the past. Does it look good?”

Ning Li blinked and the corners of her lips curled up.

“It looks good.”

A car slowly drove by and headed to the Institute.

“Vice-Principal Shen, this is the procedure list for this school’s anniversary celebration. Please take a look.”

Shen Zhijin accepted it casually. His gaze casually swept past the window and suddenly focused.

Beside the lake, a slender and tall girl wearing a baseball cap was leaning slightly to the side and making a phone call.

He did not know what she was talking about, but she was smiling.

The baseball cap cast a shadow on her face so her features could not be seen clearly. The faint dimples at the corner of her lips were exceptionally familiar.

Shen Zhijin stiffened.