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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 516 - The New Girl From the Institute

Chapter 516: The New Girl From the Institute

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Li walked along the main road from the North Gate to the East Gate.

From time to time, she met several people along the way who took the initiative to ask if she needed any help.

She politely refused all of them.

At the East Gate, the atmosphere was also very lively.

At a glance, tents had been set up in lines in the small square.

She stood still, glanced around, before finally settling her gaze in a certain direction.

The surrounding people had already noticed her arrival and started discussing in low voices.

“Hey! Look at that! It’s a new junior!”

“She’s so beautiful! Which department is she from?”

“I don’t know. The Foreign Languages Department isn’t here, right? The Broadcasting and Media Department?”

Ning Li pulled her suitcase along as she walked forward.

“Hey? So, she’s not from the medical school?”

“She’s not from the nursing school either…”

“The Faculty of Arts! She must be from the Faculty of Arts!”

The Faculty of Physics.

A few male students could be seen lounging on the chairs.

Some were playing games, some were sleeping, and some were leaning against their chairs, holding their computers as they rushed through their papers.

Compared to the hospitality of the other faculties, the Faculty of Physics seemed especially cold.

When the male students who were playing games heard the sound of movement, they unintentionally raised their heads to take a look.


“F*ck! What a beautiful girl!”

The guy who was sleeping next to him was woken up by the commotion and kicked him.

“Could you be a little f*cking quiet?”

“No! look! She’s really beautiful!”

“No matter how beautiful she is– F*ck!”

The male student who had been about to continue his scolding had unintentionally glanced at her and was instantly stunned.

The person who was writing his thesis did not even raise his head. “Stop looking at her. It’s not possible for a girl to have anything to do with our department, much less a beautiful one.”

“That’s true.”

“That’s true.”

“That’s true.”

A few of them were shocked.

A boy who was pulling a suitcase walked over.

“Senior, may I ask if this is where I should report to the Department of Zoology?”

The boy who had been playing games casually handed over a form.

“Register yourself. The dormitory building is number three. Go all the way down this road and turn left.”

The new student replied with an “Oh” and was left to fend for himself.

The one who had been sleeping also stopped sleeping. He then looked at the approaching figure and muttered, “I didn’t expect that this poor monk would be able to see such a beautiful junior in my lifetime… Sigh, why does this junior seem to be heading this way?”

The boy who was playing games looked at him with disdain.

“Did you sleep funny or something?”

“Really!” The boy looked left and right. “There aren’t any other courtyards here!”

Wasn’t that girl heading this way?!

Seeing that the figure really was heading this way, the group of boys fell silent.

The atmosphere became inexplicably tense.

Under everyone’s confused and nervous gaze, they saw that the unbelievably beautiful girl had really stopped in front of them.


When the girl opened her mouth, they found that her voice was especially pleasant to the ears.

“Excuse me, is this the registration office for the Institute of Physics?”

The male student who had been playing the game was the first to react. He hurriedly stood up and nervously asked, “Ahem, junior, are you… looking for someone?”

Ning Li’s expression was calm.

“I’m reporting in.

“New student of the Astronomy Department, Ning Li.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the surroundings became deathly silent.

The few male students at the Registration Office of the Institute of Physics were all stunned.

The students from the other departments were also stunned.

“The Institute of Physics?! This junior is a freshman from the Institute of Physics?!”

“Holy sh*t! What kind of sh*t luck did the Institute of Physics have this year?!”

“… Is our Department of Machinery and Automation not good enough?”

“The Department of Astronomy? She said she’s from the Department of Astronomy? What’s her name again?”

There was a commotion in the surroundings, and the people from the Institute of Physics finally came back to their senses.

“Yes, yes, yes! This is the reporting office for the Institute of Physics!”

“Junior, are you from the astronomy department?”

“This is the form, this is the student card… Oh, and this is the student handbook. Junior, your admissions letter and identification–”

The few boys who were there stopped playing games, stopped sleeping, and did not continue writing their thesis. Everyone came forward to help.

What a joke.

The Institute of Physics had always been flourishing, yet the ratio of males to females was almost 10:1. Every female student that was admitted was like a treasure within their entire institute!

Now, such a beautiful girl had even come in!

The other new student watched from the side. For the first time, he felt the differences in this world.

Was this the Institute of Physics?

He felt like he had fallen in love.

Ning Li filled in the form before receiving her school card and other items.

“Junior sister, your dormitory is building number two. Is your suitcase heavy? Shall we send you there?”

The group of guys looked over eagerly.

Just then, a hesitant voice came from the side.

“Ning Li?”

It sounded a little familiar.

Ning Li turned her head to look.

Shu Hang could not hide his surprise.

“Ia it really you?”

He had noticed her from afar earlier and thought that it was just a somewhat similar figure.

He had not really expected it to really be her.

Ning Li searched in her mind for a while. Only when she saw the sign hanging on his chest did she finally remember who this person was.

He was the volunteer docent at the National Planetarium.

She nodded slightly.


The people around were all stunned.

“Shu Hang, do you know each other?”

Shu Hang coughed and smiled.

“We’ve met before.”

In actual fact, they did not know each other, but they had indeed met before.

So, these words were not wrong.

Everyone could not hide their shock.

Shu Hang looked at Ning Li.

“Have you completed the reporting process? Shall I send you to your dormitory?”

Ning Li’s expression was indifferent.

“Thank you, but there’s no need.”

Shu Hang paused, as if he was not surprised that she would reject him. He then looked at the freshman beside him.

“Your dormitory building is adjacent to each other. Why don’t I send you both there together?”

That junior probably had not expected that he would actually receive such treatment. He was instantly overwhelmed by the favor.

“Thank you, Senior!”

Ning Li did not care about such things and turned to walk towards the dormitory building.

Shu Hang took the opportunity to try and help pull her luggage, but Ning Li moved her wrist to silently avoid it.

“Senior, you can lead the way in front.. My luggage isn’t heavy, I can do it myself.”