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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 513 - Shen Zhijin

Chapter 513: Shen Zhijin

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

On the next day, Ning Li and Yu Pingchuan went to the Capital together.

Her courier delivery was also sent to the Shuiyuan Shijia one or two days later.

Lu Huaiyu also returned to the Capital on the third day.

However, the two did not have time to meet immediately because Ning Li had been quite busy recently.

On the one hand, LY’s internal competition was about to begin. On the other hand, George was pushing her for more designs again.

After the spring/summer collection had ended, George had once again lived a carefree life as a rich young master, flying around the world.

So during this period of time, he had not urged Ning Li for anything.

However, now that it was almost August, he finally began to prepare for the autumn/winter collection.

In addition to high fashion, G&S’s high-end ready-to-wear series had a production line that had specifically been derived from Ning Li’s design differentiation.

Considering Ning’s current fame, the G&S Group had decided to invest more energy and funds in this line.

Hence, George had come to look for her again.

However, Ning Li did not have much energy to deal with him. Instead, she spent more time with Yu Pingchuan.

From last year until now, it was as if she had only painted one painting.

Previously, it was because she had wanted to participate in the physics competition and sit for the college entrance exam, so no one had bothered her much.

Now that the dust had settled, she was finally beginning to make up for it.

Around that time, she went to the Lu family residence with Lu Huaiyu and visited Old Master Lu.

When he learned that she was now living at Shuiyuan Shijia, Old Master Lu was still a little resentful.

He had even asked Chunlan to tidy up a room for her… but in the end, she had not stayed there.

If she did not stay, so be it. There was nothing he could do about it.

After all, Shuiyuan Shijia was Yu Pingchuan’s house, so he still felt quite at ease.

In the blink of an eye, the end of August had arrived.

Ning Li’s thesis was still lacking the last set of data.

She made another appointment with the Fino Laboratory.

Xu Yin had originally wanted to accompany her there. However, at the last minute, he had said that he needed to pick someone up, so he had let Ning Li go alone.

She did not mind and had taken a taxi to go alone.

Basically, she had already completed her thesis. The first part of the thesis had been sent to Xu Yin, awaiting his opinion.

When she arrived at the Fino Laboratory, it was already past nine o’clock.

Because Ning Li had been here before, she had more freedom to enter and leave now.

She went straight to the data processing room.

Jiang Ran was on duty.

She was staring at a few sets of data on the computer. From time to time, her fingers tapped on the keyboard.

A young foreign man walked in and handed her a list.

“Ning Li made an appointment for data processing at 10 o’clock this morning. Please take a look.”

Jiang Ran paused when she heard the name.

Ning Li.

This name seemed a little jarring.

Luther weighed the list with his hand and teased her with a smile.

“This should be the last set of data that she has to process. When all of this is sorted out, her thesis should be almost done. I heard that it will be submitted to the Universe sub-journal. This is her second paper. If it is published successfully, she will be the youngest author to publish two papers in Universe sub-journal.”

It was already very rare for an ordinary person to publish one paper.

After all, many professors from famous universities in the country might not be able to publish a paper with such a high impact factor in universe.

If Ning Li could really publish two papers in a row, it would be very meaningful.

Seeing that she did not move, Luther waved his hand in front of her eyes.

“Jiang, what’s wrong?”

Jiang Ran came back to her senses.

She forced a smile.

“Oh, nothing. I just feel that her research direction doesn’t seem very…”

Before she could finish, someone knocked on the door.

Luther went to open the door.

It was Ning Li.

She greeted the two of them, then walked over, put down her backpack, and took out her computer.

“Can we start now?”

She asked.

Jiang Ran looked at her, feeling a tightness in her chest.

Recently, Lu Huaiyu had bought a priceless collector’s item in Hong Kong City. The news that the Mond Mille watch had been given to his girlfriend had spread like wildfire in the Capital.

Originally, with her family background, she would not have been able privy to this circle of news.

However, she just so happened to be a high school and university classmate of Lu Huaiyu.

Second Master Lu had spent a lot of money just because his girlfriend liked to look at the stars, so he had presented her with ‘The Night of the Milky Way’ in public.

That’s right, Ning Li studied astronomy. Of course, she liked to look at the stars, right?

How could he have thought that the person Lu Huaiyu liked was actually Ning Li?

No wonder he had been so angry when he had seen that photo.

The child at home…

Even from that moment, Lu Huaiyu had already had her in his heart!

Sensing Jiang Ran’s gaze, Ning Li frowned slightly.

“Miss Jiang, is there a problem?”

Jiang Ran came back to her senses, quickly adjusted her expression, and laughed.

“It’s nothing. Let’s begin.”

As she spoke, she began to import the data.

After a while, she asked, seemingly unintentionally, “By the way, after this thesis is completed, will it be sent to the Universe sub-journal?”

Ning Li had not expected her to ask this, but since this book was not something to hide, she nodded.

Jiang Ran hesitated for a moment, then stopped and turned to look at her.

“This… The content of your research seems to be inconsistent with the previous one. They have always been very strict in this area. If you publish it in ‘The Astrophysical’, it will probably be more suitable.”

Ning Li raised her eyebrows slightly.

This was also a top astronomy journal, but its influence and professionalism were not as good as ‘Universe’.

Did she… Was she saying that her thesis was not good enough to be published in Universe?

“This is Teacher Xu’s intention.”

She replied.

After all, Xu Yin could be considered as her mentor.

Jiang Ran smiled in understanding.

“I see. I was just casually saying it to give you a little reference.”

Ning Li’s phone vibrated.

She glanced at it and saw that it was a call from Xu Yin.

“Teacher Xu?”

“Ah Li, how long will it take for your data results to be out?”

“Around the day after tomorrow.”

“Ask Jiang Ran and the others to work overtime and finish it as soon as possible,” Xu Yin said. “Then, send me the first draft of the complete version.”

Ning Li was a little surprised.

“Why is it so urgent?”

Xu Yin smiled and said, “The editor-in-chief of Universe wants to see it so, of course, it’s better to do it faster.”

Ning Li was slightly stunned.


“It’s rare for him to return to the country. I happened to chat with him about your thesis just now. He was very interested and said that he wanted to see it for himself. If it’s good, I suggest that you go for Universe directly.”

It was clear that Xu Yin was very happy,

“So, tell the laboratory to work faster. By the way, I think you should know him, right?”

“He’s the President of the National Physics Society, the Vice President of Xijing University…. Oh, and also the Honorary Dean of your institute– Shen Zhijin.”