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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 509 - Black-Hearted

Chapter 509: Black-Hearted

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Cheng Xiyue, “…”

He calmed down for quite a while before he resisted the urge to smash his phone and said faintly, “Lu Er, do you know that the matter of you giving Sister Ning Li a watch worth 170 million has already exploded in the Capital?”

The moment the news came out, the entire Capital’s circle was in an uproar.

Even he, who was far away in Yunzhou, had been affected and received countless calls to inquire about the news.

It was not difficult to imagine what the situation in the Capital was like now.

The Second Master of the Lu family in the Capital– Lu Huaiyu.

Aloof and noble, unreachable.

From the time he was young until now, the people who were secretly in love with him were like fishes that were swimming upstream.

Whether it was because of that overly pure and perfect face, or because of his overly intelligent and outstanding ability, or because of the Lu family, which had a deep background and powerful background…

He was impeccable.

So many people had used every effort and means to chase after him, but he had not even given them a single glance.

Yet, he suddenly had a girlfriend now.

She was a young girl from an extremely ordinary background who had just finished her college entrance exam.

How could those people not explode?

Lu Huaiyu asked, “So, everyone knows?”

Cheng Xiyue asked back, “What else?”

The corners of Lu Huaiyu’s lips twitched slightly.

“That’s fine then.”

Cheng Xiyue, “…”

Young Master Cheng hung up the phone in a fierce temper.

The Capital.

In a private bar in the west of the city.

The lights were dim, and the sound of the music almost drowned the people out.

Men and women had gathered together, but they were all talking about the same thing.

The news of Lu Huaiyu having a girlfriend had already spread rapidly.

Also, he had spent a lot of money to gift his little girlfriend the Mond Mille watch at an extremely high cost, which had also shocked countless people.

“Lu Huaiyu quietly got a girlfriend even though he’s still so high-profile? And that watch cost 170 million! He gave it away just like that?”

“Not many people can do such a thing. Tsk, I used to think that Second Master Lu was cold-hearted. So many women came after him, yet he had no interest in any of them. So… when he finally met someone he liked, he really went straight for it.”

“What’s that girl’s name? Ning Li? What’s her background?”

“I’m not sure. She seems to be from Yunzhou. The situation at home is quite complicated. Anyway, she’s not a lady from a prestigious family.”

“Yunzhou? So, she’s someone that Second Master Lu met in Yunzhou over a year ago? I think she’s only eighteen this year. She just took the college entrance exam. I really can’t tell… She’s pretty amazing.”

“Hey, wasn’t it said that Second Master Lu likes men? Previously, he had a falling out with Xu Yini over a hand-drawn portrait, and he almost forced her out of the entertainment industry. Now he has this little girlfriend, what’s going on?”

“Who knows then? It’s all just rumors anyway. Second Master Lu has never come out to admit it. Besides, a hand-drawn portrait… Can that be compared to that 170 million?”

Everyone was discussing this matter.

Some were curious, some were sad, and some were unwilling.

The strong smell of alcohol spread.

In the booth in the corner, Xu Yini was sitting with another man and woman.

The words of the people beside her could be heard from time to time.

Xu Yini’s eyes were red, and she did not say a word. She just frantically poured wine into her glass and drank one glass after another.

It was actually Ning Li…

It was actually Ning Li!

Lu Huaiyu had actually… liked her from such an early age?!

The two people on the opposite side of her looked at each other with troubled expressions.

“… Yini, don’t think about it. Maybe he’s just playing around. Is it really possible that the Lu family would accept a person of such a background to be with Lu Huaiyu?”


Xu Yini thought of the hand drawing and suddenly sneered.

“She thinks he likes her…”


She knew Lu Huaiyu too well.

The person in the hand-drawn portrait was definitely his ultimate person!

Ning Li… what was that?


At 2:30 pm, the Hong Kong stock market opened.

Seven minutes later, the Zhong Group’s shares fell by the daily limit again.

At this point, Zhong Group’s market value had already evaporated by more than two billion.

Old Master Gu took an afternoon nap. When he heard the news, he couldn’t help but snort coldly again.

He had long expected Lu Huaiyu to use this trick. At first, he had thought that Lu Huaiyu was smart, but now, no matter how he looked at it, he did not like it.

Old Madam Gu looked at him with a smile.

“Why is Brother Ci angry again?”

Old Master Gu was displeased.

“This kid is thinking too much.”

Old Madam Gu comforted him.

“I think he treats Ah Li very well.”

Old Master Gu endured it.

Wasn’t Lu Huaiyu’s main focus all on Ah Li?

Otherwise, why else would Ah Li have agreed to be with him at the age of seventeen?

He changed the topic.

“Oh right, I heard that Ah Li will return to Yunzhou tomorrow.”

Old Madam Gu was stunned. She was silent for a while before giving a faint smile.

“Well, after all, Hong Kong City is not her home. She has to go back eventually.”

Old Master Gu patted her hand.

“Just invite her to come again another time.”

Old Madam Gu nodded.

Ning Li stayed in her room. She took a look at the market and left.

A message was sent.

[ The Lu family is secretly buying the Zhong Group’s stocks. The Second Master of the Lu family has reaped a huge sum of money from the Zhong family. It’s estimated that he’s accumulated enough for him to buy a few more paintings. What a good method. Compared to the time when you were tricked by Saint, it’s not much worse. ]

Ning Li stared at the short text for a while before she finally replied.

[ Don’t talk nonsense.. Saint is much more evil than Lu Huaiyu. ]