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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 508 - Wife

Chapter 508: Wife

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Zhong Group had been caught off guard and had immediately called for an emergency board meeting.

When the board members of the Zhong Group looked at the stocks that had fallen so badly, their faces were even redder than the market.

“So, who leaked the news? Why did it have to be at this time?!”

Zhong Yue’s face was extremely ugly.

He had just returned from abroad that morning. Who would have thought that he would hear this news right after he got off the plane?

Without even having any time to rest, he had immediately come to the company.

Everyone was silent.

Zhong Yue slammed the table.


“What are you all doing?! Even after such a huge explosion, you guys don’t even have any news at all?!”

The entire meeting room became even quieter.

Finally, one of the directors broke out into a cold sweat and said, “Chairman Zhong, we tried to refute the rumors at the first possible moment, but the news came too suddenly and spread too quickly. We were too late to settle matters before the opening of the market… and more importantly, someone reported us. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, the relevant departments will definitely investigate…

“Of course I know that!”

Zhong Yue almost threw the cup down.

It was precisely because of this that the situation had become even more troublesome!

This investigation needed time. Who knew what would happen during this period of time?

Even if the Zhong Group’s finances were fine, there would still be a lengthy delay!

And these losses, who knew how long it would take to recover?

Seeing that Zhong Yue was furious, the other board members quieted down again.

Zhong Yue took a deep breath and asked again, “Also, even if this news broke out, with our foundation in Hong Kong City, it shouldn’t have become such a serious matter. What exactly is going on?”

The news that had broken out this morning, whether it was a major loss or tax evasion, was a major negative for the Zhong Group.

This would cause panic in the market, and it was normal for them to sell their stocks.

However, today’s situation was completely bizarre.

In just three minutes, the Zhong Group’s stocks had fallen by the daily limit, and so had the other stocks that were related to the Zhong Group.

It was a complete mess.

The Zhong Group was a veteran financial group in Hong Kong City. How could they fall to such a state just because of a piece of unconfirmed news?

Everyone looked at each other.

After a long while, someone hesitantly opened his mouth to speak.

“… Chairman Zhong, perhaps this matter has something to do with Young Master Zhong…”

At Bansen Hotel, Lu Huaiyu was sitting on the balcony sofa, talking on the phone with Cheng Xiyue.

“Second Master Lu, this move of yours was really amazing.”

Cheng Xiyue clicked his tongue.

“A piece of news usually means nothing, but with just one sentence from you and a hundred million just to ensure an unpleasant experience for Zhong Haoqi, made many people follow suit to look down on the Zhong Group. Just as the market opened, it directly pulled the limit, throwing away one billion. Wasn’t it enough to spend a hundred million to cause Zhong Haoqi some discomfort? Now, you’re making the entire Zhong Group vomit blood too.”

Lu Huaiyu took a sip of black coffee, his brows slightly raised.

“If all I wanted was just to cause him some unhappiness, why would I think so much? Ah Li suffered at his hands, so of course, I have to get back at him.”

Cheng Xiyue snorted.

Listen, was he even speaking like a human being?

“You’re famous for never being at a disadvantage, being astute to the end. I believe you when you say that you’re doing this to help little sister Ning Li vent her anger, but do any of the other big shots believe you?”

Lu Huaiyu was tough and decisive.

In the eyes of the other big shots in the business world, Lu Huaiyu was extremely good at scheming.

On the surface, he seemed to be targeting Zhong Haoqi for the sake of a woman. Ordinary people might believe such rumors, but those big shots who controlled the Capital would never believe it.

In addition to the news that had broken out this morning, Lu Huaiyu’s actions seemed to finally have a reasonable explanation.

There had to be a problem with the Zhong Group. Otherwise, why would Lu Huaiyu have intentionally suppressed them in such a ruthless manner?

Thus, three minutes into the trading session, the Zhong Group’s shares fell all the way down, directly breaking the cliff’s limit.

Lu Huaiyu smiled indifferently.

“It doesn’t matter whether they believe it or not. As long as they’ve done what needs to be done, it’s fine.”

Cheng Xiyue cursed this man in his heart for being so sly.

That group of big shots had used their usual way of thinking to consider Lu Huaiyu’s actions this time, but they did not know that he had been waiting for this.

They thought that he was shrewd in his calculations and would not wake up early without benefits. Hence, they also followed suit and targeted the Zhong Group, throwing out the stocks in their hands one after another.

Little did they know that this time, Lu Huaiyu’s first thought had really only been to help little sister Ning Li.

Of course, the rest of this was clearly under his control.

“I was just saying that even if you wanted to make Zhong Haoqi unhappy, there were plenty of other ways to do so. Why did you choose this one? Furthermore, even if you wanted to bid for the collection that he had taken a fancy to, you could have just increased the bid. There was no need to double the price. You spent 100 million just like that. Did you really think that it’s not real money? So now, you’re waiting here for others to jump into the pit.”

Cheng Xiyue was anxious.

What kind of good could come out of going against Lu Huaiyu?

Lu Huaiyu suddenly laughed.

“That 100 million was indeed money that I hadn’t planned on spending. It’s good to be able to earn it, but it doesn’t matter if you throw it away.”

Cheng Xiyue was stunned.

“What do you mean?”

Lu Huaiyu put down his coffee cup, his brows slightly raised.

“Nothing much. I just happened to receive a debt that I thought I couldn’t get back.”

He had treated this money as a windfall. It didn’t matter how he dealt with it or whether he made a profit or not.

Cheng Xiyue was speechless when he heard that.

“… A debt of 100 million, you really… don’t think much of it?”

Lu Huaiyu crossed his legs and tapped lightly with his fingertips.

“On the Zhong Group’s end, they were the ones who had taken the initiative to send the money over. I had no other choice.”

Cheng Xiyue, “… Lu Huaiyu, you’re too ruthless.”

Lu Huaiyu sighed lightly.

“Ah Li dislikes me spending money so extravagantly.. If I don’t work hard to earn money to support my family, I won’t even be able to support my wife.”