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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 503 - Return My Girlfriend to Me

Chapter 503: Return My Girlfriend to Me

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The entire banquet hall was dead silent.

Everyone looked at this scene in disbelief, unable to come back to their senses.

Lu Huaiyu… put the watch that he had just bought that afternoon on Ning Li’s hand?!

Even Sheng Yan and the others were dumbfounded.

Even if this master was interested in Ning Li, wasn’t it too shocking for him to do this?

That was a nine-figure collector’s item! Yet, he had actually given it away just like that?

Ning Li blinked her eyes lightly.

So, he had come to Hong Kong City to buy this watch… with the intention of giving it to her?

Many of the people around gradually came back to their senses and surreptitiously looked at Yan Fei.

It had been said that Second Master Lu had bought this watch at a sky-high price to show favor to her. However, who would have thought that he would actually give it away just like that?

Not only had he given this watch away in public, but he had even placed it on that person himself.

Truly, he had spent a lot of money just to make this beauty smile.

What did that have to do with Yan Fei?

Thinking of those rumors again only made people feel that it was quite laughable!

Standing not far away, when Yan Zhen saw this scene, she could not help but let out a cold laugh.

Then she said meaningfully, “So, Second Master Lu bought this watch with the intention of giving it away.”

In what way did he have the slightest intention of supporting Yan Fei?

When this sentence reached Yan Fei’s ears, she felt like it was extremely ear-piercing.

Her face had gone red and she felt as if it was burning with pain. However, her limbs were ice-cold, as if she had lost all feeling. Her entire body was frozen in place.

No one could have seen more clearly than her. When Lu Huaiyu had said those words to her, the expression in his eyes had been indifferent and calm.

He had looked at her as if he was looking at a stranger.

In the past, she had always thought that it was just the way he was, aloof and noble.

But now, when she saw the way he looked at Ning Li, she realized that everything had just been because he did not care.

At this moment, she suddenly realized that when such a man liked and cared about a person, that was what he was really like.

He held Ning Li’s hand and helped her put on the watch. He smiled and his eyes were gentle.

It was as if the girl’s hand was thousands of times more precious than the watch.

She felt as if someone had poured a bucket of cold water into her throat. From the outside in, she felt completely cold.

Zuo Ling and Zhuo Qianqian were also looking at her in a daze.


What was going on?

There were so many beautiful women present. Why had Lu Huaiyu chosen this one and given her this watch?

With difficulty, Yan Fei pulled herself together, the corners of her lips twitching.

She was professionally trained, so she knew what kind of smile was most appropriate.

However, at this moment, her smile was stiff.

“Miss Ning is very lucky.”

She looked at Ning Li and tried her best to keep her voice calm. However, the slight change in the tone of her voice showed that she was not as calm as she appeared to be.

“Second Master Lu just bought this watch this afternoon. It’s worth 170 million.”

She was still smiling, but she emphasized the last few words.

Everyone heard it clearly.

For a moment, there were many gasps of shock from the crowd.

Out of the many people who had come tonight, not everyone recognized the Monde Mille watch.

Now that she had announced the price, the crowd was shocked again. They stared at Lu Huaiyu and Ning Li again, their expressions becoming even more complicated.

For a moment, they really did not know whether to say that this Second Master Lu of the Capital was overly extravagant or to say that this Miss Ning Li…

It would have been fine if she had accepted the watch without understanding the value of this watch.

But now… knowing that it cost a total of 170 million, was she actually accepting it that easily?

Ning Li looked up at Lu Huaiyu.

“It’s so expensive.”

Lu Huaiyu laughed and took a lollipop from his other pocket.

“There was no other way. Their auction house’s rule is that you can only exchange for this gift after you bid on something.”

Sheng Yan and the others were speechless.

Since when did they have such a rule?!


Spending 170 million just to exchange for a lollipop??

As Lu Huaiyu handed the lollipop to Ning Li, he said, “Miss Ning, do you want it?”

Ning Li took it.

Lu Huaiyu had already removed the lollipop from its packaging. The candy was wrapped in a transparent sugar coating, its azure color could clearly be seen through it.

That was the color of the earth.

She had just drunk fruit juice and eaten a strawberry pudding, so she was not really in the mood to eat it now.

Looking around, she could see that there were no pockets on her dress.

After searching for a while, she finally focused her gaze on Lu Huaiyu again.

“I would like to ask Mr. Lu for a small favor.”

Lu Huaiyu nodded with a smile.

“Okay, go ahead.”

Ning Li took half a step forward and raised her hand to reach for the left breast pocket of his suit.

Her fingers were exceptionally slender and soft. With a slight hook of her fingertip, she easily pulled the pocket open.

A part of her fingertip gently pressed against his chest. Her warm, soft touch could faintly be felt through the thin fabric of his clothes.

The closer she got, the more intense the sweet and soft fragrance from her body became.

Lu Huaiyu lowered his eyes and looked at the young girl who was so close to him.

She was almost leaning into his arms as she seriously stuffed the lollipop into his pocket.

“Please hold it for me first. I’ll eat it later.”

She said softly.

As she said this, she stopped and patted the pocket lightly as if she was worried.

It was unclear whether she was patting or caressing him.

Lu Huaiyu suddenly felt a little restless, his throat going a little dry.

The tip of his tongue pressed against his palate, and after a long while, he could not help but laugh.

She had really grown capable.


He agreed simply and raised his eyebrows slightly.

“It’s your candy. Of course, you can eat it whenever you want, whenever you want.”


Everyone could hear the indulgent tone in his words.

Everyone was still in shock.

Wait, what was this?

Lu Huaiyu had actually given the 170 million yuan watch to Ning Li and she had accepted it so easily!

Then, she had asked Lu Huaiyu to help her get the candy which she then said that she would eat later?!

No, Lu Huaiyu was the one who had given it to her!

Ever since Yan Fei saw Lu Huaiyu give Ning Li the candy, her mind had become completely muddled.

She recalled what Lu Huaiyu had said that afternoon.

There was only one of her. Of course, Lu Huaiyu doted on her.

One… What?

A strong sense of unease welled up in her heart. It was as if a tidal wave had swept over her, swallowing her up and making it impossible for her to break free.

Finally, Zuo Ling was the first person who was unable to hold herself back any longer. Unable to hide her jealousy, she whispered, “What’s going on with this Ning Li? Does she really dare to take that watch just like that?”

If she wanted to rely on other people to earn money, it would not be appropriate to do so in front of so many people, right?

Yan Fei’s face turned pale but she did not say anything.

Just then, Old Master Gu and the others also came over.

Old Madam Gu’s gaze fell upon Ning Li’s hand and she could not help but laugh.

“I was wondering why the atmosphere had gotten so lively. It turns out that an important guest has arrived.”

Lu Huaiyu greeted them.

“Old Master Gu, Old Madam Gu.”

Old Master Gu narrowed his eyes as he looked at the couple who were still holding hands. He snorted in a moderate tone.

“Ah Li, there will be a new batch of horses coming to the horse farm next month. Would you like to go and look at the brochures first?”

Before Ning Li could speak, Lu Huaiyu spoke up first.

“Old Master Gu, Old Madam Gu, it’s been a while since I’ve seen Ah Li.

With a smile on his face, he said, “For tonight, can the two of you return my girlfriend to me first?”