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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 500 - Little Black Dress

Chapter 500: Little Black Dress


Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Miss Ning.

Although she did not explicitly say it, everyone knew who she was referring to.

–Ning Li.

Before Lu Huaiyu had arrived in Hong Kong, this person had been the center of heated discussion in the upper circles of the entire Hong Kong City.

After all, this was the first time in so long that the Gu family had favored someone so much.

“I heard that she was born in a small county in the mainland. She was brought up by her grandmother when her father went to prison.”

Zhuo Qianqian had a pitying smile on her face,

“It wasn’t easy for her mother to remarry into a wealthy family. However, in the end, the family went bankrupt less than a year after Ning Li had been taken into the family. I heard that her stepfather will also be sentenced to a heavy sentence. Tsk, how pitiful.”

When she said this, the people surrounding her were shocked.

“Really? Is her background that interesting?”

“Didn’t she say that she was personally invited by Gu Tinglan? Moreover, she is with Yu Pingchuan. That person is also a famous oil painter in the country. His status isn’t low…”

Zhuo Qianqian smiled and said, “All these things can easily be found out. To be honest, when I saw Young Master Gu and Yu Pingchuan being so protective of her, I really thought that she was the daughter of some kind of important family. I didn’t expect–”

She paused for a moment and shrugged her shoulders slightly.

“She must be pretty amazing, to be able to reach this stage with such a background. If only we were half as capable as her… Hehe.”

The people beside her exchanged meaningful glances with each other.

After a long while, Yan Fei smiled and said, “No matter what, she is now considered a guest of the Gu family now.”

Old Master Gu had personally gifted the horse to her and Old Madam Gu had stepped in to protect her.

This was enough.

Zuo Ling curled her lips indifferently.

“Why do you care so much about her anyway? After all, she’s just an outsider. It doesn’t matter whether she comes or not. On the other hand, Feifei– you’re the most beautiful person in the entire venue today. When Second Master Lu comes over later, you have to seize the opportunity.”

As she spoke, she raised her chin.

“Don’t you see how many women are eyeing that opportunity today?”

Yan Fei’s face was slightly red. Before she could speak, a sarcastic voice suddenly came from the side.

“The Second Master of the Lu family has very high standards. Even Xu Yini couldn’t win his favor. Some people shouldn’t take themselves too seriously, right?”

Yan Zhen.

When she heard this, the smile on Yan Fei’s face faded greatly.

“I don’t think that way.”

Yan Zhen crossed her arms, contempt flashing in her eyes.

She was very clear about the thoughts in Yan Fei’s mind.

Without even considering her own background, she was trying to get close to that person.

“You have to know your place, understand?”

Her words were harsh, yet Yan Fei and the others did not say anything.

After a while, Yan Fei said, “Sister, I forgot to ask, is Young Master Zhong okay?”

When she mentioned this, Yan Zhen’s expression turned ugly.

Zhong Haoqi had been completely humiliated today. After returning home, he was severely reprimanded by Father Zhong, and she did not know where he had gone and he could not be contacted.

Initially, she had wanted to look for him, but her family had ordered her not to go.

Tonight’s banquet was very important. As the eldest daughter of the Yan family, she still had to come.

However, in the end, Yan Fei had brought up the issue.

She sneered.

“If you really care about him that much, why don’t you call him yourself?”

Yan Fei did not say anything else.

Yan Zhen took one last look at her, turned around, and left.

“Feifei, don’t take what she said to heart,” Zhuo Qianqian advised in a low voice, “Everyone knows that Second Master Lu bought three items at a high price at the auction. Without even mentioning the first two, the watch set a new record for all the auction houses in the country.”

As the auctioneer of this auction, Yan Fei would inevitably be mentioned by others.

Hearing her words, Yan Fei’s expression finally improved.

Just then, the main entrance of the banquet hall suddenly became lively.

Everyone turned their heads to look.

A group of people were escorting Old Master Gu and Old Madam Gu over.

For a moment, the banquet hall suddenly became quiet.

Several of the masters of the Gu family had already arrived. The person accompanying Old Master Gu was Young Master Gu Siyang.

Meanwhile, the person beside Old Madam Gu…

Was Ning Li.

She was wearing a classic sleeveless black dress that went down to her knees. It was simple and luxurious.

Her long wavy hair was tied up, revealing her slender and fair swan-like neck. Her exquisite collarbones were displayed, and as the light shone, she look like she was covered in starlight.

The well-tailored dress was cinched in at the waist, which showed off her slender and incredibly slim waist.

The color was an extremely pure and rich black color, but on her body, it seemed to emit a different kind of brilliant light.

Some people were born to be the focus of everyone’s attention, easily shining with boundless radiance.

Many people’s faces flashed with amazement.

They had more or less heard of Ning Li’s name in the past two days, but there were not many who had actually seen her in person.

Today, when they saw her with their own eyes, they were shocked to realize that she was even cleaner and more beautiful than they had expected.

Her facial features were already extremely beautiful and perfect, and her temperament was pure and clear.

Gu Tinglan was the first to welcome them.

“Father, Mother.”

As his gaze fell on Ning Li, there was a hint of a smile on his face.

He had been busy with the horse race event for the past few days and had not been able to spare any time.

When he heard that Old Madam Gu liked Ning Li a lot, he felt that it was quite a rare and good thing.

Ning Li replied, “Yes.”

“Doctor Gu.”

Old Madam Gu patted Ning Li’s hand lightly and smiled.

“Ah Li, let Siyang show you around first. It’s rare to see such a lively scene tonight. Just be casual. Don’t feel like you have to restrain yourself.”

There were many people attending this banquet. Other than the aristocratic families in Hong Kong City, there were also big shots from all walks of life.

Of course, there were also a lot of young people.

Old Madam Gu thought that Ning Li might feel a bit constrained being with them, and she reckoned that she would be able to get along better with her peers.

The reason she let Gu Siyang take care of her was because she wanted her to make more friends.

After all, Gu Siyang was the Young Master of the Gu family. He was quite popular. With him taking care of her, Old Madam Gu felt a lot more at ease.

Ning Li knew that she had good intentions, and her heart warmed.

“Thank you, Old Madam Gu.”

Gu Siyang was very happy to accept the mission.

“Then Ning Li and I will go over first?”

After getting permission, Gu Siyang led Ning Li to the beverage table on the right side of the banquet hall.

“Ning Li, what would you like to drink?”

Ning Li glanced at it casually.

“Orange juice.”

Gu Siyang knew that she would not drink alcohol easily outside, so he simply agreed and handed her a glass of orange juice.

As for himself, he chose a glass of red wine.

In just a short while, someone had already taken the initiative to approach them.

“Siyang, it’s been a long time since you’ve returned to Hong Kong City. I think that the person beside you must be Miss Ning, right? Why don’t you help by introducing her?”

Gu Siyang smiled, partly out of goodwill.

It could be said that these people had a good relationship with him. They were curious and inquisitive about Ning Li, but they were all very polite and kind.

After Ning Li had greeted them one by one, it could be considered that they were now acquaintances.

They chatted casually, and the atmosphere was harmonious.

Suddenly, one of them lowered his voice, unable to hide his excitement as he asked, “Oh right, Siyang, I heard that two SSS members won the nine-figure prize money at the horse races. Is that true?”

Ning Li paused for a moment before taking a sip of orange juice.