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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 497 - uying You an Unpleasant Experience Was Worth It

Chapter 497: Buying You an Unpleasant Experience Was Worth It

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The person who had raised his paddle this time was–

Lu Huaiyu.

After a short period of silence, a small commotion erupted in the venue.

“The person who raised the price just now was Second Master Lu?”

“It’s him! I’ve long heard that this person is a lavish spender and clearly, it’s true. The moment he raised the price, he immediately doubled it…”

“At most, that Jade Pi Xiu Sculpture is worth eight million. Zhong Haoqi’s ten million bid was already a high price. What is Second Master Lu thinking? He actually raised it to twenty million?”

The crowd discussed animatedly.

Zhong Haoqi, who was also in the private room on the third floor, was also shocked.

He frowned and turned his head to look to the right.

The auction hall was in a circular shape, and he and Lu Huaiyu were facing each other diagonally, so he could see him when he looked up.

Almost at the same time, Lu Huaiyu seemed to have sensed something and also looked over at him.

He smiled, but the gaze that he sent over was cold and intense.

Zhong Haoqi could not help but feel a chill in his heart, and he felt a bit uneasy.

This was not the first time he had seen Lu Huaiyu at the auction. According to his understanding, Lu Huaiyu was not interested in these jade pieces.

However, today–

Lu Huaiyu had deliberately raised his paddle before the hammer had fallen. Moreover, he had not made a move throughout. Yet, as soon as he had done so, he had directly doubled the bidding price.

Had he… done it on purpose?

Zhong Haoqi mulled this over repeatedly in his heart, but he could not remember when he had offended this person.

Many thoughts flitted through his mind. He pretended to laugh in a relaxed manner.

“I didn’t expect Second Master Lu to be interested in this.”

Lu Huaiyu smiled faintly.

“If Young Master Zhong likes it, then just continue to raise the price.”

Zhong Haoqi choked for a moment.

The Zhong family was not like the Lu family. Although he liked it, he would not spend 20 million on such an item. It would really be a loss.

He laughed.

“Second Master Lu, it’s rare for you to come to Hong Kong City. Since you want it, it would not be right for us to steal someone’s love. Second Master, please go ahead.”

This meant that he was giving face and giving up on bidding.

In fact, everyone knew that he did not want to overspend this much money and he also did not want to offend Lu Huaiyu. He was just trying to find an excuse for himself.

Some people secretly exchanged glances with each other, with a hint of wanting to watch the show.

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows slightly and withdrew his gaze.

Yan Fei’s gaze fixed on Lu Huaiyu.

“20 million going once.”

“20 million going twice.”

“20 million going three times.”


The small hammer in her hand was brought down.


The atmosphere in the auction venue quickly became heated because of Lu Huaiyu’s bid.

At first, everyone had thought that Lu Huaiyu had come this time to bid for the watch that would be the finale item. Thus, they had tacitly agreed that he would wait until the end to make a bid.

Who would have known that he would raise his paddle only by the third item?

Moreover, he was bidding at double the price, directly crushing all opposition.

Everyone began to guess as to whether he would continue to bid.

However, Lu Huaiyu did not make any moves on the several pieces that followed.

It seemed as if he merely developed a sudden interest in the Jade Pi Xiu Sculpture, so he had casually bid on it.

Gradually, everyone’s attention returned to the auction items.

The ninth item was an ancient painting, and the starting price was seven million.

This was a volume that was part of a valuable collection of cultural relics. The moment the bidding opened, many people raised their paddles one after another, and the price quickly exceeded ten million.

It was not until the bidding price had exceeded sixteen million that people began to withdraw from the competition.

It was at this time that Zhong Haoqi raised his paddle.

“Eighteen million.”

He was not interested in these things, but his father liked them.

Before he had come here, he had already set his eyes on this painting. No matter what, he had to get it today.

There were two other people participating in the bidding as well. After bidding 20 million, one of them had withdrawn.

Zhong Haoqi was determined to get this painting, so he continued to raise the price.

“23 million.”

This time, the only person who was still competing with him did not raise the price.

Yan Fei raised her hand.

“23 million going once.”

“23 million going twice.”

Zhong Haoqi relaxed his body and leaned against the sofa.

However, before the smile on his face could fully spread out, that cold and lazy voice sounded again.

Lu Huaiyu raised his paddle.

“46 million.”

The huge auction hall was dead silent.

At this time, if everyone could not see that Lu Huaiyu was deliberately targeting Zhong Haoqi, then they really did not need to hang around anymore!

Countless gazes turned to the third floor, sizing up the two of them in bewilderment.

Zhong Haoqi could not hold the smile on his face any longer.

He frowned slightly as he looked at Lu Huaiyu.

To happen one time could have been considered a coincidence. However, happening twice… meant that he was clearly being targeted!

“Second Master Lu.”

Zhong Haoqi’s expression did not look good,

“Since when were you interested in this ancient painting?”

Lu Huaiyu leaned against the sofa, his elbows pressed against the side. His entire body exuded an unrestrained elegance.

Hearing this, he raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Just now.”

The atmosphere froze.

Zhong Haoqi’s expression darkened even more.

Earlier, he was already very unhappy because Lu Huaiyu had snatched up the Jade Sculpture Pi Xiu.

However, for the sake of the Lu family, as well as Lu Huaiyu himself, he had endured it.

Who would have guessed that Lu Huaiyu would do the same thing again?

Lu Huaiyu was not giving him any face at all in front of everyone!

Yan Fei asked, “Young Master Zhong, do you still want to raise the price?”

Zhong Haoqi’s chest seemed to be filled with a ball of fire.

That painting was far from being worth 40 million, but if he gave up just like that, wouldn’t he lose all respect?

His heart ached, and he felt aggrieved.

However, Lu Huaiyu seemed to be unaware of it. He only propped himself up with one hand, a casual smile on his lips.

It was as if he did not take this matter to heart at all.

Or rather, he did not take him seriously at all.

Finally, Zhong Haoqi gritted his teeth.

“48 million!”

Lu Huaiyu suddenly laughed.

The sound was extremely soft, but everyone present could hear it clearly.

He laughed and said, “Young Master Zhong, why are you going to so much trouble? Why don’t I just round up the whole figure?”

He raised his paddle again.

“One hundred million.”

The man’s cold and languid voice rang out clearly in the venue.

Everyone was shocked and could not come back to their senses for a long time.

Lu Huaiyu was… too ruthless!

As long as Zhong Haoqi wanted to succeed in the auction, he would raise his paddle to double the bid and compete for it forcefully.

His statement that he would “round up the figure” made Zhong Haoqi’s additional two million look even more shabby!

There was no louder slap than this, and it made Zhong Haoqi lose face in public!

Zhong Haoqi’s face turned pale, and he finally could not hold himself back anymore.

He said coldly, “Second Master Lu has always been a lavish spender, but don’t you feel that it’s a loss to spend 100 million on such a painting?”

Lu Huaiyu tilted his head and looked at him.

He chuckled.

“How could it be a loss?

“Spending 100 million on a painting like this to make you unhappy…. I think it’s worth it.”