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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 496 - Auction

Chapter 496: Auction

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Yan Fei heard this, she blushed slightly.

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

“How is it nonsense? You’re the auctioneer of this auction. If he comes, wouldn’t it be considered a show of support for you?”

Zuo Ling winked at her.

“Can’t you see that I’m also here to increase your popularity?”

Before Yan Fei could say anything, Zhuo Qianqian also walked in and teased her.

“Zuo Ling, stop teasing. We can’t compare to Second Master Lu. At most, we’re just playing around. His capability of being able to throw his money around is enough to make someone smile.”

The two of them came from decent families, but they could not compare to the Yan family, let alone the Lu family.

With their original status, they were not qualified to participate in today’s auction.

Their attendance now was all thanks to their family connections and their good relationship with Yan Fei.

However, they only had public seats on the first floor. They were not qualified to go to the second floor, let alone the third floor.

Zuo Ling seemed to have thought of something and raised her chin in the direction of the outside of the room.

“Not to mention, the prices of the tickets to the auction are much higher today is much higher just because of the presence of Second Master Lu!”

Lu Huaiyu and his rare trip to Hong Kong City had caused countless celebrities and socialites to squeeze their heads together just to get a ticket to the auction.

Zhuo Qianqian covered her mouth and smiled.

“So what? Second Young Master Lu has no interest, it’s useless, no matter where you sit. I’m more interested to know if Second Master Lu will be bidding today, and what price he will be offering. Feifei, maybe you can break the record this time.”

Yan Fei could not help but take a look outside.

Actually, they could not see the third floor from here. Even so, knowing that Lu Huaiyu was there, it was as if even the air had changed.

She pursed her lips and smiled.

“I think he really likes that watch.”

She actually did not refute what Zhuo Qianqian said about breaking the record.

A staff member came over to urge her.

“Yan Fei, the auction is about to start! Get ready to go up on stage!”

Yan Fei responded and told Zuo Ling and Zhuo Qianqian to go to their seats. She then looked into the makeup mirror and rearranged her clothes and hair. After confirming that everything was perfect, she turned around and went on stage.

On the third floor.

Lu Huaiyu was sitting on the sofa with his long legs crossed. His posture was languid.

Today, he was wearing a black shirt and a pair of slacks in the same color. It made his figure look even taller, emphasizing his narrow waist and long legs.

The two buttons at the top of his collar were loose, and one could vaguely see his pale, cool skin.

He had been born beautiful, with a natural elegance, and had always been incomparably handsome. Now that he was sitting quietly on the third floor, he looked even more cold and ascetic which made him appear to be quite unapproachable.

Many people were looking at him.

“Second Master Lu has actually made a public appearance this time?”

“Yeah, the last time he came, he hid his identity very well. If it wasn’t for someone who had seen him wearing the watch later, I’m afraid no one would have even known that he was the buyer.”

“I heard… that it has something to do with Yan Fei? After all, she was the auctioneer for both times.”

“This… It’s hard to say, right? I see that watch in the catalog is indeed worthy of weight. Maybe that person is just here for that.”

“Haha… Yan Fei is beautiful and has a good temperament. It’s rare for a man not to be tempted, right?”

The crowd discussed animatedly, occasionally mentioning Yan Fei’s name. Obviously, everyone had made their own guesses about this rumor.

After all, Lu Huaiyu and his identity were rarely revealed on an occasion such as this.

Today’s event… was indeed rare, and it made people think more.

Lu Huaiyu looked down at the venue and swept his gaze across it.

From here, he could easily see everything below.

Very soon, however, he withdrew his gaze.

At that moment, the light in the venue suddenly dimmed, leaving only a beam of light that shone upon the auction stage.

Everyone fell silent.

Then, a graceful figure wearing a pearl-white cheongsam appeared under the light.

It was Yan Fei.

The well-tailored cheongsam outlined her exquisite and graceful figure. Her long hair was held up with a pearl hairpin at the back of her head.

She was already beautiful, to begin with. With the addition of delicate and elegant light makeup, she looked even more delicate and beautiful.

Her gaze fixed on a certain spot on the third floor, and she could vaguely see the elegant figure.

She took a light breath, calming down her slightly fast heartbeat, and the corners of her lips curled up into a perfect arc.

“I am today’s auctioneer, Yan Fei. Welcome, everyone.”

The Tea Tasting Hall.

This was a high-class private teahouse owned by the Gu family that was located next to the Dutian Racecourse.

It used a private membership system, and those who entered and exited were either rich or noble.

However, today, a special guest had arrived.

Ning Li.

She had been personally brought by Old Madam Gu, so everyone of lower status was naturally very respectful and courteous.

Ning Li and Old Madam Gu sat facing each other, with a tea table in the middle.

The rich fragrance of tea wafted around, refreshing the mind.

“This is Junshan Silver Needle, Ah Li. Please try it.”

Old Madam Gu said with a smile.

Ning Li thanked her, before holding the cup of tea and sipping it.

Old Madam Gu observed her carefully, with a hint of pity in her eyes.

Yesterday, she had heard Ning Li mention that she had made a sketch of someone in the park, so she had taken special note of it. After she had gone home, she had specially questioned Gu Siyang about Ning Li’s situation.

Gu Siyang had always been a frank and straightforward person. Without thinking, he had immediately told her everything about Ning Li’s background.

Her father was in prison, her mother remarried, and the little girl grew up alone with her grandmother…

Before finding this out, Old Madam Gu had never thought that Ning Li would have grown up in such an environment.

Ever since she had first met Ning Li, she had felt that this girl was clean and beautiful, with a pure temperament and good manners.

She had subconsciously thought that even if she was not the daughter of an aristocratic family, she had surely been grown up pampered by her family.

Who knew…

After understanding all this, she looked at Ning Li and felt even more heartache and love for her.

“What do you think of the taste?” Old Madam Gu asked with a smile.

Ning Li’s lips curled up and she nodded.

At that moment, Old Master Gu also came over.

“Ah Qing.”

Ning Li made a gesture to get up.

Old Master Gu pressed his hand down.

“Ah Li, just continue to sit.”

Old Madam Gu handed over a cup of tea.

Old Master Gu sat down beside her. He seemed to have remembered something and asked, “By the way, why didn’t Ah Li attend the auction today? It’s quite lively.”

Ning Li was slightly stunned.

Old Master Gu sipped his tea and said unhurriedly, “Didn’t you say that Lu Huaiyu is here?”

If he went alone, why had he not brought Ah Li to take a look?

Ning Li came back to her senses and could not help but laugh.

“Second Brother originally wanted to bring me along, but I refused.”

Old Master Gu’s expression became a little more pleasant, and the tone of his voice changed very quickly.

“That’s true, there’s nothing to see in that auction.”

The auction proceeded in an orderly manner.

The third item was a jade carved pi xiu.

The starting price was four million.

From the third floor, Zhong Haoqi raised his paddle.

“Five million.”

Many people knew that he liked to collect jade.

However, when he raised his paddle, he had immediately increased the bid by one million, which was enough to show how much he liked this jade carving.

Soon, other people raised their paddles as well.

“Six million.”

Zhong Haoqi continued to raise the bid.

“Eight million.”

After several bids, the price was set at ten million for Zhong Haoqi.

Yan Fei held a small hammer in her hand.

“Does anyone else want to raise the bid?”

There was silence.

Ten million was already above the market price. Besides, there was no need to fight with Zhong Haoqi over such a thing.

“Ten million going once.”

“Ten million going twice.”

In the spacious and quiet venue, someone raised his paddle on the third floor.

The man’s lazy voice sounded.

“Twenty million..”