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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 490 - Good Taste

Chapter 490: Good Taste

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Li was slightly startled.

She did not know this man, but Gu Siyang had just called him Second Uncle.

This had to be the Second Master of the Gu family– Gu Tingchuan.

She stood up.

“Second Master Gu?”

Gu Tingchuan’s gaze fell on her face.

At this moment, there was only one thought in his mind.

No wonder.

It was no wonder his mother doted on her so much, and even his father indulged her.

This girl, she really was…

Actually, from the front, she did not look very similar. However, just now, when she tilted her face and half leaned on his mother’s shoulder, with that back view and that curve of her lips, she really looked very similar to Yinyin.

It wasn’t that he had never seen a girl who looked like Yinyin. After all, beauties always had some resemblance. Some of them were even closer to Yinyin’s appearance than the girl in front of him.


This one was different.

She merely stood there as she looked over quietly. She seemed to have an indescribable subtle temperament.

It was hard to say in what way she resembled Yinyin, but she did.

He merely stared at Ning Li without speaking for a long time.

Ning Li felt a little strange.

When the Second Master of the Gu family entered, the expression on his face had been unpleasant.

Even from the first moment, she had felt a faint sense of hostility.

However, at this moment, it seemed to have gone.

She tried to think back, but did not recall having done anything to offend this person, right?

Old Master Gu raised his eyes to look at him.

“If you have something to say, say it. If you have nothing to say, then leave.”

Who was he showing his ugly expression to?

Gu Siyang was also puzzled.

This second uncle of his had always had a bad temper. The Gu family was famous for being stubborn and not someone that people dared to provoke.

However, when it came to his grandparents, he behaved in a more restrained manner.

Today’s situation–

“Second Uncle, did you lose a bet again?”

After thinking about it, this had been the only possibility he could think of.

His voice finally brought Gu Tingchuan back to reality.

Only then did he remember that the expression on his face did not look too good.

Had he really scared the young girl?

He calmed down.

“Ahem, no, I just heard that Number 9 was already taken, so I decided… I came to take a look.”

Ning Li blinked.

There had already been several rounds of horse races. Although Qingfeng was in the limelight, he was not the only champion horse.

Why would the Second Master of the Gu family be interested in such a small matter?

However, she had a clear mind and immediately understood that this person was probably here to see her.

After all, she had been the cause of quite a ruckus over there earlier.

The corners of her lips curved slightly.

“I have to thank Old Master Gu for gifting me the horse.”

Gu Tingchuan encountered her smiling gaze, not knowing what to make of it.

After a long while, he forcefully coughed.

“You have good taste.”

Gu Tingyun, who had been following behind him, had just arrived at the door when he heard what his second brother said.


He frowned.

Had his second brother forgotten why he was here?

He walked past Gu Tingchuan and entered as well.

When he brushed past Gu Tingchuan, he gave him a meaningful look.

Gu Tingchuan recalled what he had said in the private room earlier. He suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

Gu Tingyun looked over and smiled.

“This horse, Number 9, has a strong temper. No one has tamed it before, but I heard that a young lady managed to get on the horse yesterday. She must be an excellent equestrian. I’d like to meet her. This must be…”

As he spoke, his gaze finally landed on Ning Li’s face.

When he saw that face, his voice suddenly stopped and the smile on his face froze for a moment.

Gu Siyang asked, “Third Uncle, you’re here too?”

So this was the third master of the Gu family.

Ning Li sighed softly in her heart.

She knew that after Old Master Gu and Madam Gu had stood up for her in public, a lot of things would definitely happen.

Not to mention outsiders, the few members of the Gu family would definitely not sit idly by and pretend that nothing had happened.

However, she had not expected that they would be alerted to come together so quickly.

She nodded slightly.

“Mr. Gu.”

Gu Tingyun came back to his senses and looked at Ning Li with a complicated expression.

However, this emotion disappeared in an instant.

His expression returned to normal and he nodded with a smile

“Miss Ning Li’s taste is indeed good.”

Gu Tingchuan, “…”

He had not been able to help but praise her a moment ago. Gu Tingyun had even given him a meaningful look.

But now, what was the difference between this sentence and his?

Gu Tingchuan snorted lightly.

Gu Tingyun paused and pretended not to hear him. He continued to ask gently, “I heard that Miss Ning Li came with Teacher Yu this time?”

Ning Li nodded.

Gu Tingyun smiled and said, “Teacher Yu has been to the Jockey Club many times. This is the first time he has brought a junior here. Miss Ning Li, are you Teacher Yu’s student?”

“No,” Ning Li chose her words carefully. “Teacher Yu… is a very close elder of mine.”

Gu Tingyun was a little surprised.

Yu Pingchuan did not have any children. Since he treated Ning Li so well, he had subconsciously thought that they were teacher and student.

He had not expected that they were not.

Old Master Gu was a little impatient.

“If you don’t want to watch the horse races, you can just go back first. Don’t delay here.”

At this moment, a burst of enthusiastic cheers came from the stands.

Ning Li looked over there. As expected, Number 3 had won the championship.

Old Madam Gu smiled and said, “Ah Li’s taste is indeed good.”

Her words did not conceal her tenderness and love.

Gu Tingchuan and Gu Tingyun looked at each other and exchanged glances.

“Then Father, Mother, and Miss Ning Li, please go ahead and watch. We’ll take our leave first.”

There were still two rounds left before today’s competition ended.

Old Master Gu did not even raise his head.

Old Madam Gu was looking at Ning Li’s phone again and asked softly, “… that horse seems to be pretty good too. Ah Li thinks…”

The two of them left the private room.

Because this was the Gu family’s private room, ordinary people could not get close to it, so there was almost no one in the corridor.

Gu Tingchuan and Gu Tingyun stood there and looked at the closed door of the private room. They were both silent.

It was too quiet.

After a long while, Gu Tingchuan laughed coldly.

“Is this why you said you wanted to come with me to see her for yourself?”

Gu Tingyun’s expression was calm.

“Second Brother, you were the one who praised her first.”

Gu Tingchuan choked. He was suddenly a little angry.

“That was just a formality!”

Gu Tingyun nodded in agreement and murmured softly. It was unclear whether he was comforting Gu Tingchuan or trying to persuade himself.

“That’s true. After all, both Father and Mother are here. We have to give them face.”

After hearing what he said, Gu Tingchuan’s expression finally became a little better.

He recalled Old Madam Gu’s last words and could not help but frown.

“Did mother mean to give Number 3 to Ning… her?”

Gu Tingyun thought for a moment.

“Not necessarily. But if mother really wanted to give it to her, could you stop her, Second Brother?”

Gu Tingchuan’s face darkened.

“A horse is nothing, but if she really doesn’t reject it, then…”

Then today it would be a horse, and tomorrow it could be a house. Who could say for sure?

Gu Tingchuan thought for a long time but still felt that this could not go on. He turned around and walked to the private room Number 3.

“I’ll go look for Big Brother.”

Gu Tingyun acknowledged and seemed to be relieved.

“Yes, it’s better for Big Brother to step in on such matters.”