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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 488 - : Inappropriate

Chapter 488: Inappropriate

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Old Madam Gu had been born into an aristocratic family. Her temperament, appearance, and temperament were all top-notch. When she was young, she had been known as a gentle beauty in Hong Kong City.

Even though she was almost 70 years old now, her words and actions were still extremely elegant.

However, although this question to Ning Li seemed gentle and soft, it was also full of undisguised bias. It was rare for her to reveal even a small part of her temper.

She was clearly angry because of Zhong Haoqi’s actions that had offended Ning Li.

Zhong Haoqi was worried.

Who did not know that in Hong Kong City, it was preferable to offend Old Master Gu than Old Madam Gu?

But now, he…

“Old Madam Gu, you… I really am not…”

He hurriedly wanted to defend himself.

However, Old Madam Gu merely looked at Ning Li with some expectation in her eyes.

She had actually thought about it for a long time after she had gone home yesterday.

Ning Li was not Yinyin, so she had no obligation to accept her longing and attachment for Yinyin.

She should not have lost her composure like that.

In fact, she was already very grateful that Ning Li had walked over to hold her hand and comforted her.

She felt that it was good enough for her to treat Ning Li as a younger person that she had been fated to meet.

She should not get too close to her lest she put too much psychological pressure on the child.

Occasionally, she would just take a look and say a few words. That would be enough.

However, when she had heard the people below talking about what was happening here, she could not sit still.

She still remembered the way Ning Li looked as she was riding in the horse race area, dressed in red riding clothes.

Neat, valiant, confident, and proud.

How could such a girl be bullied by others?

So, she had been determined to come, no matter what.

Looking at the figure that looked very much like Yinyin standing there alone and being attacked and humiliated by others, she had only had one thought in her mind.

If this had been her Yinyin, how could she have had the heart to let her suffer such a grievance?

Ning Li met Old Madam Gu’s gaze and was stunned for a moment.

Of course, she understood why Old Madam Gu was behaving like this.

It was because she was somewhat similar to the Fourth Miss Gu.

However, if she really went over just like this…

Seeing that she seemed to be hesitating, Gu Siyang hurriedly said, “Ning Li, come over together! We can sit together and chat!”

Yu Pingchuan sighed lightly.


“Ah Li, go over and chat with Old Madam Gu.”

Ning Li paused and nodded.


The group turned around and headed for private room Number 2.

Gu Siyang purposely gave up his place.

Ning Li hesitated for a moment.

Old Madam Gu had already taken the initiative to hold her hand as she asked with a soft smile, “Have you gotten used to the food during these few days in Hong Kong City?”

Ning Li nodded.

Their figures gradually disappeared into the distance.

Only the people in the corridor were still in a state of shock.

To be able to gain the Gu family’s favor… How on earth had this girl Ning Li done it?

Yan Zhen’s expression changed. After a long while, she finally sneered.

“I think this Miss Ning is much more capable than I expected. Young Master Zhong, you’ve completely offended her this time.”

Zhong Haoqi gritted his teeth and his face turned pale.

He felt all kinds of gazes on him and all of them were mocking and taunting him.

He was used to behaving like a tyrant in Hong Kong City and there were many people who did not like him. However, because the Zhong family was one that people did not want to offend, he had managed to maintain his cordiality and even tried to curry favor with them.

However, this time was different.

Old Master Gu had already personally spoken. This time, even if Zhong Haoqi’s father came personally to plead for mercy, he would still not be able to succeed!

Zhong Haoqi turned around and left.

He could not bear to stay in this place anymore!

Seeing him like this, Yan Zhen was both happy and angry.

What made her happy was that Zhong Haoqi had to have given up on Ning Li.

What made her angry was that after being reprimanded by the Gu family in public, Zhong Haoqi would not be able to raise his head for a long time.

After all, she liked him. Seeing him like this, it was impossible for her to say that she did not mind this at all.

She looked around and saw Yan Fei standing nearby, which made her mood instantly became worse.

Being the illegitimate daughter of a mistress, she would never give her any respect.

Even though Old Master Gu had not mentioned her at today’s incident, she was still here with Zhong Haoqi after all.

No one could say if this matter would somehow implicate her.

Wasn’t Yan Fei here just to watch her make a fool of herself?

Thinking of this, Yan Zhen was even more annoyed. With a cold face, she picked up her bag and walked straight ahead.

She actually had no interest in horse racing. The only reason she went to the racecourse to train her equestrian skills and come here to watch the horse races was because Zhong Haoqi liked it.

“Are you blind? Make way.”

She spoke rudely as she came to stand in front of Yan Fei and the others.

Zuo Ling and Zhuo Qianqian looked at each other. Their hearts were filled with disgust, but they still stepped aside without saying a word.

After all, Yan Zhen was the legitimate eldest daughter of the Yan family. They could not afford to offend her.

The things that they said in private, they would never dare to say in front of Yan Zhen.

Yan Fei asked, “Sister, are you okay?”

Yan Zhen looked her up and down and asked in return, “Why would I not be fine?”

Yan Fei paused and said softly, “There are a few items in the upcoming auction. Sister, you will probably like them very much–”

It would have been fine if she had not mentioned this. However, when she had mentioned this, Yan Zhen’s expression had turned even colder.

Was Yan Fei afraid that she would forget that Yan Fei was the youngest level one auctioneer in the Carlsberg Auction?

Yan Zhen stared at her and suddenly smiled coldly.

“I heard that Second Master Lu from the Capital will also be coming this time? Yan Fei, since you have the time to deal with me, why don’t you think more about how to make that person like you more? From the Capital to Hong Kong City, there are countless women who are chasing after him. Do you really think that you are any different?”

Yan Fei’s expression changed slightly.

“I didn’t–”


Yan Zhen could not be bothered to say anything else. Instead, she bumped her shoulder, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and left.

She knew exactly what Yan Fei was thinking.

With her illegitimate daughter’s background, it was really difficult to find a top-notch marriage partner in Hong Kong City.

So, Yan Fei had been planning a way out for herself since a long time ago.

If she could get on with that person, things would really be different.

Yan Zhen sneered.

She did not even consider how picky that person was. However, she thought that it was a very good plan.

What happened here was quickly spread to the private room at the front.

After hearing what had happened, Gu Tingchuan frowned and said somewhat disapprovingly, “It’s only just because she bears a little resemblance to Yinyin. Isn’t it a little inappropriate for Mother to dote on her like this?”