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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 486 - She Said She Wasn’t Selling, Don’t You Understand?

Chapter 486: She Said She Wasn’t Selling, Don’t You Understand?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The people in the two adjacent boxes noticed the commotion and looked over as well.

When they saw that it was Zhong Haoqi who was looking for trouble, the crowd looked at Ning Li even more curiously.

Everyone knew that Zhong Haoqi was the only son of the Zhong family and was extremely favored by the Zhong family. In Hong Kong City, most of the young masters and young ladies of the prestigious families had to give him some face.

Now, he wanted to buy a horse, but this girl did not want to sell it?

It was rare for someone to not give him face.

“Who is that girl? How dare she argue with Young Master Zhong like this?”

“I don’t know her. She doesn’t seem to be from Hong Kong City.”

“She’s completely standing up to Young Master Zhong. How amazing. I wonder which family she’s the daughter of?”

“Tsk. What daughter? I heard that she came with Yu Pingchuan. I think she is one of his juniors. As for her family background… Which Ning family is that powerful?”

Yu Pingchuan was very famous in the industry and was respected by everyone.

However, he was still a scholar. There was still a big gap between him and this kind of rich family.

Everyone was willing to give him respect, but they might not give any respect to this so-called junior of his.

Therefore, when they started talking about Ning Li, they were not very polite about it.

Zhong Haoqi’s face had turned a little red.

He had originally wanted to come and discuss this matter with Ning Li on account of Gu Tinglan and Gu Siyang.

Who would have known that she would be that resolute and not give him any face in front of so many people?

The impatience and annoyance on her face could not be more obvious.

He was rarely rejected, especially by women.

Even more importantly, it was because of a horse.

Ning Li had crossed the line on two of his most sensitive subjects.

Yan Zhen suddenly laughed.

“Young Master Zhong, why do you say that? Since she has the ability to take Number 9 before the competition started, she must have liked it a lot and spent a lot of effort to get it. Of course, she wouldn’t be happy if you tried to take it away.”

As soon as he said this, the corridor immediately quieted down.

The way everyone looked at Ning Li instantly became more subtle.

Number 9 had been the champion of today’s first round.

After becoming famous in this battle, her value would definitely skyrocket. In private, countless people were already eager to make a move.

In the end, she had already been bought by someone in advance?

If it had been anyone else, it would have been fine. This was an unknown girl with no background.

What was going on?

“Ning Li… This name is a little familiar…”

Zuo Ling also walked out and stood beside Yan Fei. She murmured as she looked Ning Li up and down.

Yan Fei was also looking at Ning Li.

That unbelievably beautiful face without makeup was extremely captivating.

She looked at Zhong Haoqi again.

There was no reason for Zhong Haoqi not to like such a beauty, but this attitude…

“So it’s her.”

Zhuo Qianqian put down her phone and came over.

Yan Fei asked, “Who is she?”


Zhuo Qianqian raised her chin and smiled meaningfully.

“Do you still remember that your sister and Young Master Zhong had a fight at the stables over a young girl? Yes, that’s her.”

Yan Fei was stunned.

Zuo Ling immediately reacted.

“Ah, I heard that Young Master Gu had also been there at that time. He had even lost his temper because of her.”

As she spoke, her gaze fell on Ning Li’s face again.

She suddenly laughed, and there was a hint of ridicule and ridicule in her words.

“It’s no wonder that she looks like this.”

Young girls nowadays, who relied on their looks, did not bother to know about the rules.

She did not even think much about Zhong Haoqi.

Was she that sure that she was already secured in her position with Young Master Gu?

Yan Fei recalled what she had heard just now and said softly, “To be able to get Young Master Gu to sell the horses that were not on the field in advance shows that her relationship with Young Master Gu is indeed very good.”


Zuo Ling laughed and lowered her voice.

“Look at her clothes, does it even cost more than 500 yuan?”

The price for this kind of horse was not low. If it was a few million yuan, how could she take it just like that?

Even a lady from a prestigious family like them would not be able to take out that much money to buy a horse.

Usually, it was fine to buy all kinds of luxury clothes, bags, and the like, but horses were different.

They were expensive to buy, and even more so when they were raised.

It was most likely a gift from Young Master Gu.

“Even without mentioning anything else, Young Master Gu has just given away a champion horse. Indeed, it’s clear that he treats her well.”

The news that Ning Li had gotten Number 9 ahead of time shocked many people.

When they looked at her again, their expressions were rather subtle.

Ning Li’s eyes were tinged with annoyance.

Yu Pingchuan said coldly, “Miss Yan, what do you mean by this?”

Previously at the stables, their words had been very unpleasant.

He had thought that the situation would improve after Gu Siyang had shown up, but he did not expect…

In the eyes of these people, if they did not come from a prestigious family, would they always be considered inferior?

Yan Zhen rolled her eyes and smiled.

“Teacher Yu, I don’t mean anything. Am I not speaking up for Miss Ning?”

She had heard of Yu Pingchuan’s name before, but she was not very afraid of him.

In her opinion, Yu Pingchuan was just a painter.

She did not think much of this so-called scholar.

Yu Pingchuan’s expression turned even colder. Just as he was about to flare up, Ning Li turned her head to look at him.

“You haven’t finished your vegetable juice.”

After much difficulty, Yu Pingchuan’s physical condition had finally improved recently. She did not want him to get angry over something like this and raise his blood pressure again.

As Ning Li spoke, she pushed the cup of vegetable juice over to him.

How could Yu Pingchuan drink it?!

“Ah Li–“

Ning Li smiled.

“The competition isn’t over yet. Aren’t you going to continue watching it? It’s not easy to come to Hong Kong City. Don’t let such a small matter ruin your mood.”

As she spoke, she raised her eyes slightly and looked at Zhong Haoqi, her voice cold.

“Mr. Zhong, if there’s nothing else, you may leave now. Please don’t delay us from watching the rest of the competition.”

Zhong Haoqi was so angry that he almost laughed.

“Ning Li, who do you think you are talking to?”

How arrogant!

“I was being polite to you just now to give face to Young Master Gu, but don’t go too far. I’m taking this horse today for sure.”

Zhong Haoqi was also a young master with a temper. After so many years in Hong Kong city, he had almost gotten everything that he wanted.

When had he ever gotten pushed to this point?

Ning Li found that Zhong Haoqi’s brain was not normal.

Her patience finally ran out.

“I’ve said everything that I need to say. Mr. Zhong, do take care of yourself.”

Zhong Haoqi said in a deep voice,

“What if I say that I must buy that horse? Miss Ning, let me remind you that you should not forget that this is Hong Kong City.”

So what if she was a guest that had been invited by Gu Tinglan?

They had not seen Gu Tinglan come over in the past few days, so their relationship was probably just average.

As for Gu Siyang…

He could protect her for a while, but for how long?

The Zhong family had deep roots in Hong Kong City. If he really wanted to deal with Ning Li, there were plenty of ways.

Ning Li’s eyes narrowed slightly.

However, before she could speak, she heard a solemn voice speak.

“She said she won’t sell it.. Don’t you understand that?”