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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 485 - It’s Not for Sale

Chapter 485: It’s Not for Sale

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Special Assistant Yi was stunned by this sentence for a long time.

However, being extremely professional, he still responded immediately.

“Okay, Second Master.”

Lu Huaiyu hung up the phone.

Special Assistant Yi sat at his desk and reflected on what he had just heard. The expression on his face was complicated as he started doubting life.

Was the domestic economic situation really that bad that even Second Master Lu had to work so hard to earn money to support his family?!

Box Number 12.

Zhong Haoqi looked at the cyan-colored horse on the field, feeling eager to give it a try.

He said to his assistant who was standing behind him, “Go and ask the bidding price of Number 9.”

Previously, he had not thought highly of this horse, but he had not expected it to be able to get first place.

This time, there would definitely be an increase in the price of the horse.

The assistant acknowledged his request and quickly went down.

Yan Zhen was in Room 11 next to him. She was standing on the balcony, so she could hear his words clearly.

She walked over, leaned against the railing, and looked at Zhong Haoqi.

“What? Has Young Master Zhong finally set his eyes on a horse and is ready to take action?”

Zhong Haoqi was a good equestrian himself, and he had always been keen on horse racing.

Relatively speaking, his eye for horses was still much higher than the average person’s.

Even after the few rounds of the competition yesterday, he had not expressed his intention to buy it.

Since he had said something about it today, he must have made up his mind to buy it.

Zhong Haoqi laughed.

“It’s rare to find one that I like. Of course, I can’t miss it.”

A moment later, his assistant came back. However, he looked a little troubled.

“Young Master Zhong, Number 9 has already been taken.”

When he said this, not only Zhong Haoqi, but even Yan Zhen was stunned.

“Taken? How is that possible?”

Zhong Haoqi frowned.

“Didn’t the competition only just end?”

Number 9 had not even gone through the bidding process yet. How could he say that she was taken?

“It’s true. I asked the people over there just now, and they said that Number 9’s nameplate has been changed to red, and his name has been engraved.”

All the horses had a uniform number, and all of them had their own nameplate.

Blue meant that it was ownerless and still waiting to be auctioned.

Red meant that it already had an owner.

Since even the color of the nameplate had been changed, that meant that this matter had already been settled.

Zhong Haoqi’s expression did not look good.

“Who is its owner?”

He wanted to know the identity of the person who had beaten him to it.

The assistant hesitated for a moment.

“They said that the name on it is… Ning Li.”

Zhong Haoqi was stunned.

“Ning…..Ning Li?!”

He only knew one person with this name, and he had only just met her, not too long ago.

When Yan Zhen heard this name, she was instantly annoyed.

Ning Li, Ning Li!

Why was she hearing this name everywhere?!

She crossed her arms and sneered.

“I really couldn’t tell. This Miss Ning really has some ability. She was actually able to buy the horse even before the horse races started?”

Even though the horses that were competing in the races could be auctioned publicly, it was usually done only after the competition had ended.

The better the result, the higher the price would be.

It was rare for a horse to be bought before it had even entered the competition.

She tucked her hair behind her ear and said meaningfully, “It looks like Young Master Gu treats her really well.”

Even if Zhong Haoqi had wanted to buy a horse in advance, it was highly unlikely for him to be able to do so.

Yet, Ning Li had actually won a horse race in advance just like that.

It was obvious that she had benefited from Gu Siyang.

Zhong Haoqi’s mood was even worse.

On one hand, it was because the horse he had set his eyes on had already been snatched by someone else. On the other hand, it was because that person had to be Ning Li.

That little girl did not seem to have any background. No matter if it was Hong Kong City or the Capital, there wasn’t a noble family with the surname Ning.

Who would have thought that she was quite capable…

Even if the horse had been an unpopular horse before the race, judging from its bloodline and appearance, the price would not have been much lower.

Yet, she bought it directly?

Zhong Haoqi asked, “I think I remember that she’s also in one of the private rooms here?”

The assistant thought for a while before replying.

“I believe she’s in Number 10.”

The balcony was connected, so it was not difficult to find out who was there.

Zhong Haoqi stood up and walked over.

Yan Zhen immediately asked, “Young Master Zhong, are you going to look for someone?”

Zhong Haoqi impatiently answered her.

“I’ll ask her if she can resell it to me, so don’t be a nuisance here.”

Yan Zhen sneered and followed him.

Zhong Haoqi frowned.

“What are you doing here?”

“Number 9 is the champion horse now, so I want it too. Why can’t I?”

“Suit yourself.”

Zhong Haoqi could not be bothered with her and walked forward.

The second round of the competition soon began.

Ning Li bet another 100,000 yuan.

The atmosphere in the stands was very lively.

Suddenly, a voice came from the side.

“Miss Ning.”

Ning Li looked over and frowned slightly.

Some people were really haunting her.

Zhong Haoqi also felt a little uncomfortable when he saw her unhappy look.

He was a well-respected person in Hong Kong City. It was rare for him to meet such a disrespectful person.

This was especially since the other party was a young girl with no big background.

He got straight to the point.

“I came here because I have something to discuss with Miss Ning.”

Ning Li looked at the arena again.

“I don’t think there’s anything I have to discuss with Mr. Zhong.”

Yan Zhen laughed from the side and raised her voice.

“Young Master Zhong, did you hear that? She doesn’t even like you. She can’t even be bothered to talk to you.”

This voice was heard by the people in Room 16.

Zuo Ling asked, “Feifei, is that your sister’s voice?”

“I’ll go take a look,” said Yan Fei as she took two steps outside.

Zhong Haoqi did not want to lose his face, so he continued to pretend to be polite.

“Miss Ning, I came here today to discuss with you about the champion horse Number 9.”

Hearing him mention this, Ning Li’s eyes finally fell on him again.

“Do you mean… Qingfeng?”

The horse even had a name already!

Zhong Haoqi nodded.

“Yes. To tell you the truth, I have my eye on that horse as well, and I really like it. So, I want to ask Miss Ning to transfer this horse to me, and we can discuss the price.”

Ning Li said lightly, “It’s not for sale.”

Zhong Haoqi’s tone also became a little impatient.

“I said that the price can be negotiated.”

Ning Li suddenly laughed, but there was no trace of a smile at the corner of her eyes.

“I also said that it’s not for sale. Don’t you understand that?”

In the corridor, the air froze.