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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 484 - Second Master Lu Needs to Earn Money to Support His Familyf

Chapter 484: Second Master Lu Needs to Earn Money to Support His Familyf

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

That one.

Of course, Gu Tinglan knew who he was referring to.

Yesterday, only one SSS member had won money.

It was the one who won alone on Number 17.

Gu Tinglan had originally thought that person would take advantage of the good luck of winning that round to continue betting, but the other party had not taken any further actions after that.

He had thought that the other party was just casually playing a random game.

He had not expected him to come again today. Not only had he bet on the least favored Number 9 to win alone, but he had also bet all the money that he had won yesterday.

It was not that Gu Tinglan had not seen such a situation before.

In fact, the environment of Hong Kong City was relatively loose, and many gambling bets were legal.

So many people would specially come here.

Some would just casually play a few rounds, while others would directly gamble all of their assets, hoping to become rich overnight.

The ratio of the latter was actually quite high.

Yesterday, that person had brought 10 million into the arena, and after one match, the prize money had doubled.

And today, he had actually bet all of it…

Gu Tinglan thought for a moment and smiled.

“This person is quite a big gambler.”

The director looked at the field and searched for Number 9, muttering in a low voice.

“So, it’s this one. I also thought it was not a bad horse and wanted to make a move. However, it’s a pity that it’s too hot-tempered and difficult to tame. Compared to other professional horses, it’s probably too difficult for it to win!”

He shook his head regretfully.

“Tsk, it’s a pity that it’s this one. I’m afraid that today he will lose all the money that he won with great difficulty.”

Gu Tinglan laughed softly.

“It’s hard to say.”

Box 15.

Ning Li ordered a cup of black coffee and a cup of vegetable juice for Yu Pingchuan.

Yu Pingchuan looked at the healthy green liquid in front of him and remained silent.

Ning Li took a sip of her coffee and said, “Why don’t you drink it? It looks pretty good.”

Yu Pingchuan, “… I’m not thirsty.”

Ning Li nodded.

“Alright, then you can drink it later.”

Yu Pingchuan tried to struggle.

“Ah Li, I saw on their list just now that they give S-rank members a free fruit salad platter. Do you think–“

Ning Li rested her chin on her hand and said softly, “Ah, I saw it too. I was just saying that I should bring more fruits the next time I go to Jinse Bay.”

Yu Pingchuan held his breath in his chest. In the end, he could only pick up the cup of vegetable juice in frustration.

The phone in Ning Li’s pocket vibrated.

She took it out and took a look. It was a message from Lu Huaiyu.

[ Are you having fun? ]

Just as Ning Li was about to reply, a gunshot sounded from the field!


She temporarily turned her attention away from the phone and raised her eyes to look at the field.

Qing Feng’s figure was very easy to recognize.

He was extremely fast. He had only run less than half a lap when he was like a gust of wind, easily leaving the other horses behind.

Moreover, as time had passed, the gap between him and the other horses behind him actually grew larger and larger.

The screams and whistles from the stands continued.

Qingfeng ran all the way and crossed the finish line!

The entire racetrack was lit up, and the atmosphere was extremely warm!

Qingfeng had won this match without any suspense!

Seeing this scene, Ning Li raised her eyebrows slightly, and a faint smile flashed across her lips.

Yu Pingchuan’s previous depression was swept away.

“I won! I won!”

He could not help but turn to look at Ning Li.

“Ah Li, your taste is indeed the best!”

Ning Li asked with a smile, “This way, it should help you fill in the gaps from yesterday, right?”

Yu Pingchuan nodded repeatedly.


Sometimes, he had to believe it.

He had played at horse betting for many years, and in most cases, his win rate was still acceptable.

However, compared to Ning Li, it was a lot worse.

Even though she had only just come into contact with this, she had still easily beat him.

Ning Li then lowered her head and looked at her phone again.

[ Not bad. ]

Lu Huaiyu looked at this reply, then looked at the time interval displayed on it, and raised his eyebrows.

[ It seems that it’s not bad, you’re already so busy. ]

Ning Li coughed lightly.

She thought for a moment, then sent a screenshot over.

[ Busy making money. ]

It was a capital flow statement.

Ning Li had just bet 100,000 yuan on Number 9 to win alone. It had directly increased several times, becoming several 100,000 yuan.

Second Master Lu looked at the picture his little girl had sent him and raised his eyebrows slightly.

[ Lack of money? ]

The conversation from Room 16 next door could be heard again.

“Feifei, I heard that there’s another antique collection-level watch at the auction this time?”

This was Zuo Ling’s voice.

Yan Fei drank a mouthful of fruit juice and nodded.


She paused for a moment and then said, “I guess Second Master Lu will be here for this as well, right?”

Zhuo Qianqian smiled and said, “We don’t know whether it’s for this or for other reasons. Feifei, can you tell us the approximate price of that watch?”

Yan Fei smiled and declined.

“This is classified information.”

Carlsberg Auction House was a top international auction house. Only VIPs who received invitations were qualified to participate in the auction.

The auction house would prepare a booklet for these VIPs in advance. It listed all the items that would be auctioned at the auction.

The contents of this booklet were not allowed to be announced to the public.

Even if Yan Fei was in charge of hosting this auction, it was the same.

“Is that so…?” Zhuo Qianqian felt a little regretful. “But for Second Master Lu to take a fancy to it, it probably won’t be much cheaper than the last one. It might even be more expensive.”

Yan Fei smiled, her voice gentle.

“He likes it.”

Ning Li’s slender and fair fingers tapped on the phone. Finally, she typed out a line of words and sent it over.

“Well, it’s quite lacking. My boyfriend spends a little too much money.”

When Lu Huaiyu saw this, the tip of his tongue touched his left cheek. After a while, he smiled.

He called Yi Bin internally.

“The flight to Hong Kong City the day after tomorrow will be rescheduled to tomorrow.”

Yi Bin was at a loss.

“Second Master, why are you in such a hurry?”


Lu Huaiyu’s tone was unhurried.

“I have to earn money to support my family..”