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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 49 - Your Family Is Here For You

Chapter 49: Your Family Is Here For You

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At Second Avenue, Ning Li and Ye Ci walked out of the campus together.

Ye Ci had said she wanted to buy a book, so the two of them took a detour into a rather secluded path.

All of a sudden, the two of them got held up.

Several young rascals were standing ahead of the girls. The leader of the group had red hair, and he was looking at Ning Li with a perverted gaze.

After receiving the news about a beautiful transfer student in Second High, he had been lingering in front of the school, especially after the night self-learning class.

Unfortunately, his wait was fruitless a few times because the driver of the Ye family picked Ning Li up every time, thus he did not have a chance to get close to her.

His wait finally returned fruitful this night, so he ought to seize the rare chance.

As the rumor went, Ning Li was so beautiful that even Ye Ci paled in comparison beside her.

Ning Li took a glance at the man with the red hair. The man was actually a familiar face. It was Meng Jiang of Seven High.

Meng Jiang was a well-known gangster in the area. He usually spent his time with young adults in society. He changed his girlfriends as fast as he changed clothes and was considered one of the most notorious gangsters of Seven High.

Nevertheless, Ning Li was calm as she said, “Not interested.”

Meng Jiang giggled. “You don’t know me well enough. I am actually a man of many skills, and you have to try them yourself to find out.”

His followers laughed mischievously.

“That’s right, Brother Meng is very skillful. You have to go deeper to understand him better!”

“Hey, babe, why don’t you come with us? Brother Meng really likes you!”


Ye Ci was beside Ning Li as she asked cautiously, “What do you guys want?”

Meng Jiang glanced at her and scoffed, “It’s none of your business. Shut up, will ya?”

Ye Ci heaved strongly. She took her phone out and said, “My driver is around here. If you dare to—”

Before she could dial the number, Meng Jiang strode up to her and snatched her phone away before smashing her phone against the wall.


The phone was smashed into pieces.

“What are you doing, Ye Ci? I’m trying to ask Ning Li out. Why are you making calls?” Meng Jiang looked fierce and cold.

Shocked, Ye Ci’s face started to turn pale.

Meng Jiang looked at Ning Li. “Ning Li, I’m being sincere. Come with me, and I shall spare her for her little mistake. What do you say?”

Ning Li looked at the man with an impatient gaze. “I said…I. Am. Not. Interested. Do you understand human language?”

She made it sound extra elementary, embarrassing Meng Jiang who lifted his chin slightly and grinned.

“People say that interest can be raised over time. Why don’t you come with me and we can shorten the distance between us?”

Before Ning Li could argue, a scoff sounded from around the corner.

“I’ll raise your *ss!”

Meng Jiang and his boys looked in the direction of the voice and saw a familiar figure. The casual look on their faces turned serious.

“Wei Songze? Who are you calling *ss?!”

Wei Songze grinned. “Who else do you think I’m calling *ss?”

Meng Jiang glanced at him and then Ning Li. He grinned and sneered, “My, my. Is someone trying to be a hero here? Look who it is! Do you think you can be a hero here? In front of us?”

Ever since Wei Songze got first place in the Huatsing Cup, he had concentrated on his studies, which was rare for him.

Meng Jiang was confident that Wei Songze would not want to start a fight. After all, if anything unpleasant happened, Wei Songze would be rejected by Xijing University.

Wei Songze tossed his bag on the ground and shrugged his shoulders. “I think you can use some beating. It’s been a long time since I destroyed someone!”

He then walked over to Ning Li. “Sister Li, move aside. You don’t have to get your hands dirty.”

Ye Ci was shocked when she saw the little interaction between Ning Li and Wei Songze. ‘They know each other? Judging from his tone, they seem rather close.’

Ning Li shook her head. “Don’t you start a fight here.”

Wei Songze’s guaranteed admission to Xijing University was precious. There was no need for him to take the risk for her.

However, he frowned.

Ning Li calculated the time in her heart. It had been some time since Ye Ci and she left the school, and yet Zhou Hua did not even give them a call or a message.

Coincidentally, the timing was just right for Ning Li.

“What did you say just now? You want me to know you better and deeper? Am I right?” Ning Li asked Meng Jiang.

Meng Jiang’s eyes sparkled. “So, are you coming with me?”

Ning Li curled her lips into a grin. “Yeah”

She bit the collar of her school jersey and unzipped it singlehandedly. Then, she took it off and gave it to Wei Songze.

“Open your eyes and count,” she commanded.

Wei Songze had a look at her hand and already felt the pain. “Sister Li, you’d better go slow.”

Meng Jiang suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Ning Li took a step forward and grabbed Meng Jiang by the wrist. Immense pain radiated from his wrist as if something had clamped him down. Meng Jiang was terrified.

How could Ning Li be so strong?!

He tried to free himself, but Ning Li switched her feet and performed an over-the-back throw.

Meng Jiang’s vision started to spin, and before he knew it, he was flung to the ground.



Meng Jiang was furious, but before he could get up, Ning Li twisted his arm behind his back and stepped on his back. He groaned loudly.

“Brother Meng!”

The boys were shocked because they did not expect Ning Li to be so strong!

Meng Jiang clenched his teeth and bellowed, “What are you guys waiting for? Get her!”

Ning Li bent over slightly. She grabbed Meng Jiang’s hair and pulled his head up. Her force was so strong that Meng Jiang felt like his scalp was being ripped off.

Then, she pushed his head to the ground.


Meng Jiang was silenced by the slam. His head started to buzz while his forehead was swollen. Some tiny but sharp stones even cut his face twice.

The boys were terrified.

Ning Li said softly, “If they take a single step, you will kowtow once. Do you understand me now?”

Blood filled Meng Jiang’s mouth. He tried to speak but he could not. All he could do was nod.

It was then that a police siren wailed behind them.

Wei Songze turned around for a glance. “D*mn you, Meng Jiang! You called the cops?!”

Meng Jiang could not utter a word, but his boys tried to defend him.

“No, it wasn’t us!”

“If it’s not you guys, then who—”

Wei Songze suddenly realized the forgotten girl. He looked at Ye Ci.

Ye Ci opened her mouth nervously and said, “I was just worried that they would hurt Sister Ning Li!”

Ning Li freed Meng Jiang and got up.

“Then, let’s drop by the station.”

At the police station, the two groups of students stood in two neat lines.

A police officer in his 30s sized Meng Jiang up carefully. “Are you saying that the girl caused the swelling and the injury on your face?”

Meng Jiang was embarrassed as well, but it was not time for him to flaunt his ego. He clenched his teeth and said, “Yes! She hurt me on purpose! I have to go to the hospital later! I think I’m having a concussion! They can prove it! They are all witnesses!”

Wei Songze argued angrily, “Then, what about you harassing Sister Li? We still haven’t got to that!”

“Shut up!” The officer slammed the table. “You are all students, but all you kids know is to fight! What about school? Are you trying to get yourself in trouble?!”

The students went quiet.

He then looked at Ning Li. “You, especially you! Why did you beat the boy up? What is this all about? Call your parents and tell them to come over!”

Ning Li frowned.

Then, footsteps came into the station.

The door opened, and another man in a police uniform came in.

The officer bolted up right away. “Chief, why are you here?”

The man looked around and asked, “Who’s Ning Li?”

“That’s me,” Ning Li answered.

The chief officer sized her up and then sighed a breath of relief.

Thank goodness she was fine!

He waved attentively at Ning Li and said, “Come here. Your family is here for you.”