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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 479 - My Yinyin

Chapter 479: My Yinyin

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The Hong Kong City Jockey Club was a membership system where members of different levels had different privileges.

The SSS was the highest level and the criteria for admission were extremely high. Up until now, there were only thirteen members.

Although the Gu family was responsible for the preparation of the Jockey Club, information about the thirteen members was very limited.

Some people did not want to appear in public, or for other reasons, did not want to disclose their true information, so they submitted fake information.

It was very easy to create a fake identity for someone who had reached this level of membership.

The Gu family followed the rules. They never looked into the details and never crossed the line.

As long as the money was real, it was fine.

In previous years, there had also been SSS members who participated in the horse races, and the amount of money that had been bet was not low.

This was not a rare thing.

However, the key point was that this person had bet on Number 17 to win alone.

This was interesting.

There was a total of three ways to play, respectively a single win, position, and consecutive wins, in the betting system of the Hong Kong City Jockey Club.

The so-called single win was to select a horse for the first placing in the race. The position was to select a horse as the top three. As for consecutive wins, two horses were selected as the top two in the race, regardless of the order.

Among them, the odds of the single win were the highest.

This amount of ten million was an astronomical price for an ordinary person. However, to a member of this level, it was actually nothing.

However, this person had bet on the single win, and he had made the right bet.

That meant that the money he won was very considerable.

Gu Tinglan paused for a moment and laughed.

“It looks like this person has a pretty good eye then.”

Box 15.

Yu Pingchuan had a look of regret on his face.

“Just a little bit more! Just a little bit more!”

Number 7 had been in the lead the entire time. Who would have thought that he would actually lose in the end?!

There were also many people who had the same feelings as him.

Previously, not many people had been optimistic about Number 17. Very few people had bet on it either.

Who would have thought that it would be an unexpected upset?

He had bet on number 7 to win alone. Now, he had lost everything.

After calculating how much he had lost, Yu Pingchuan’s eyelids twitched.

When Ning Li saw him like this, she could not help but ask, “How much did you bet on this?”

Yu Pingchuan was silent for a long while.

“… I’ll have to sell another painting when I go back.”

Ning Li, “…”

Yes, a total of seven figures was not out of the question.

Yu Pingchuan let out a long sigh.

Ning Li comforted him.

“It’s alright. Didn’t I just win? Why don’t I supplement you with more?”

Yu Pingchuan looked at her.

“How much did you bet?”

Ning Li looked at her phone.


This was the minimum bet for an S-rank member.

Yu Pingchuan, “…”

It was better for him to go back and sell his painting.

Ning Li said, “There are still a few more matches to go. Would you like to take a look again?”

There would be several rounds of matches on a competition schedule.

That was considered the first round.

However, horses that had participated in a competition would usually not compete again.

Yu Pingchuan sighed.

He had liked Number 7. He was not interested in the rest of the matches and he did not want to bet much.

He just wanted to forget about it.

“Newbies are always the luckiest. You can play more.”

Ning Li nodded and curved her eyes.

“That’s what I plan to do.”

The afternoon’s competition ended very quickly.

The SSS member who had bet on Number 17 to win alone did not make any further moves. It was as if he was just playing along.

The two senior directors accompanied Gu Tinglan. As they watched the competition, they explained some of the work at the Jockey Club.

Gu Tinglan had been busy elsewhere, so there were a lot of matters for him to deal with here that had piled up.

He would not be able to get up until all the competitions had ended today.

One of the senior directors looked at his phone and could not help but laugh. He gave the other one a look.

This time, even the other one laughed.

Gu Tinglan looked at them.


“Young Master Tinglan, did you personally give a friend a new S-class membership card two days ago?” One of them asked with a smile.

Gu Tinglan thought for a moment and nodded.

That was for Ning Li.

“Is there a problem?”

“No, it’s just that your friend here is quite interesting.”

That person raised his phone and showed it to Gu Tinglan.

“She placed bets on every round and was quite lucky. She won more than she lost. However, she insisted on betting only 100,000 for every bet. She went back and forth quite a few times.”

The minimum bet amount for an s-rank member was 100,000 yuan. Most people would bet more than that amount.

It was really rare for such a real bet to be made with 100,000,000 yuan.

Gu Tinglan looked at the 100,000 yuan that went back and forth on the screen and smiled.

“She’s young, so she’s probably just treating this as a game.”

He just didn’t know how Lu Huaiyu would react if he had seen this.

By the afternoon, all the matches ended and the audience left the venue one after another.

Ning Li followed Yu Pingchuan to the stables under the lead of a special person.

Gu Siyang must have given prior instructions. When they arrived, the horse trainer had already made preparations.

Yu Pingchuan asked Ning Li to change into her riding attire first. He and the horse trainer led the cyan horse to the horse racing area first.

Ning Li nodded.

After about 15 minutes, Ning Li had changed into her riding clothes, pushed open the door, and walked over.

At this moment, there were still several people in the horse racing area.

When Ning Li appeared, everyone’s eyes were involuntarily drawn to her.

The girl in the red riding clothes was tall and slender. Her belt was tied up, and she was wearing leather boots, which made her look even more slender.

Her long wavy hair was held behind her shoulders by the helmet. When the wind blew, it caused ripples.

The evening sun shone down, casting a shadow on the helmet, covering her eyes and brows.

Looking from afar, the bridge of her nose was slender, her lips were full and bright red, and her skin was fair and clear.

Yu Pingchuan had actually rarely seen Ning Li wear such formal riding attire, especially now that she had grown up. She had lost some of her previous youthfulness and appeared even more valiant.

He sighed.

“Ah Li really looks the best in this.”

Ning Li came to the horse trainer and stretched out her white-gloved hand.

Perhaps because her aura was very commanding, the horse trainer obediently handed the reins to her.

When he saw that Ning Li was ready to mount, he came back to his senses.

“Miss Ning, please be careful–”

Ning Li stepped on the stirrups and quickly got on the horse!

Outside the horse race area, a group of people was escorting Old Master Gu and Old Madam Gu on their way back.

Old Madam Gu unintentionally looked in that direction and suddenly stopped in her tracks.

She looked at the red figure with straight shoulders in the distance, and the gentle smile on her face suddenly disappeared.

Her eyes reddened. She could not help but take a step forward and mutter softly, “My Yinyin?”