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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 478 - SSS-Class Member

Chapter 478: SSS-Class Member

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yu Pingchuan did not pay much attention to her reply and handed her a menu.

“Let’s see what you’d like to drink.”

Ning Li took it and flipped it open. On the first page, peach juice was printed at the top line.

She raised her eyebrows.

This was definitely not the most important item on a normal wine list.

She recalled the meal she had in Lincheng previously. Gu Siyang had immediately ordered two cups of peach juice.

At that time, he had said that he was used to it.

Her slender fingers gently tapped on it.

“Let’s have this one then.”

Box Number Two.

Old Master Gu, Gu Ci, and Old Madam Gu, Sang Meiqing, took their seats.

These two old people were now close to seventy years old.

Old Master Gu was hale and hearty. Old Madam Gu had a head of white hair, wore a cheongsam, and an emerald bracelet on her wrist. She looked elegant and noble.

It was obvious that she must have been a top-notch beauty when she was young.

Two cups of freshly squeezed peach juice had been placed on the table in advance.

“Grandpa, Grandma!”

Gu Siyang walked over and said with a smile, “I’m here to watch with you two!”

Old Master Gu could not be bothered to look at him.

“There’s no place for you here.”

Gu Siyang’s face fell, and he looked at Old Madam Gu for help.

“Grandma, look at Grandpa! It’s been a long time since I’ve spent any time with you two. Why are you chasing me away? Aren’t you even going to give me the chance to be filial?”

Old Madam Gu smiled gently.

“Siyang, were you chased out by your father again?”

Gu Siyang, “…”

He pulled over the stool next to him and sat down, sighing in resignation.

“Grandma, I know that there are some things that you know, but why do you always say it out loud?”

Old Master Gu sneered.

“If you want to be filial, go look for your father and give him a list of all the cars that you’ve wrecked in the past six months.”

Gu Siyang’s arrogant attitude immediately withered.

“My uncle must have shown it to him…”

Otherwise, would he have been kicked out?

Old Madam Gu looked at the maid who was accompanying her.

“Bring another cup of peach juice for Siyang.”

This meant that she had agreed to let him stay.

Gu Siyang was happy again.

“Grandma is still the best to me!”

Old Master Gu could not stand his thick skin, so he simply looked at the field without even bothering to give him the slightest glance.

Old Madam Gu thought of something and asked gently, “By the way, I heard that you lost your temper at the track yesterday, and the two children from the Zhong and Yan families were also there?”

Gu Siyang felt annoyed at the mention of this.

He snorted.

“The horse trainer at the track did something wrong, so I fired him. As for those people… They spoke too harshly and offended my friends, so how could I give them a good look?”

When it came to matters regarding the racecourse, the old couple did not say anything and let Gu Siyang deal with it himself.


“Your friend?”

Old Madam Gu was a little curious and gave a little laugh.

“It’s rare to see Siyang so angry.”

Gu Siyang would usually still give face to those who should be given face.

This time, it was clear that he treated that friend very differently.

The waiter served the peach juice, and Gu Siyang took a sip.

“Yeah! That girl was personally invited by my uncle!”

This time, Old Master Gu finally turned his head and looked at Gu Siyang.

“A girl?”

Gu Siyang was speechless.

“Grandpa, don’t even think about it. That’s Lu Huaiyu’s girlfriend. She’s just friends with me and uncle.”

Old Master Gu did not care that his thoughts had been exposed.

“Lu Qishan’s grandson is only 22, right? So, he already has a girlfriend?”

His words were meant as a comparison to Gu Tinglan.

Gu Tinglan was now 28, yet there was no information about him on this matter.

Gu Siyang thought to himself, if only you knew that his girlfriend was only 18, you would not think that Lu Huaiyu was “only” 22.

Old Madam Gu smiled.

“It’s rare. He has always had high standards.”

Lu Huaiyu did not often come to Hong Kong City, but he constantly attracted the attention of countless socialites.

Some even chased him from Hong Kong City to the Capital.

However, he always kept a respectful distance from these people and was extremely cold to them.

He did not expect him to actually have a girlfriend now.

Gu Siyang raised his eyebrows proudly.

He was now the boss of Lu Huaiyu’s girlfriend. Just thinking about having this identity felt great!

Just then, the starting gun was fired, and the race officially began!

Old Master Gu and Old Madam Gu looked over.

Gu Siyang also sat up slightly.

Gu Tinglan was in box six.

There were also two senior directors of the Jockey Club with him.

Whenever he was not in Hong Kong City, the affairs here were basically left to these two people.

On the field, several horses were racing.

The stands were in an uproar.

“Number 3! Number 3!”

“Number 9! Number 9!”

“Hurry up! Number 5!”


Those who had come to watch the race could place their bets. The amount of money depended on the individual’s situation. Therefore, everyone present was very enthusiastic about the race.

The noise filled the entire field.

The atmosphere was very lively. Many people stood up. Even Yu Pingchuan could not hold it in any longer. He went to the balcony, held onto the railing, and stared intently.

In comparison, Ning Li was extremely calm.

She sat on the chair, with her phone facing backwards, and lazily looked up.

Yu Pingchuan’s choice, Number 7, had started well. When the race was one-third of the way, he had already rushed to first place.

Moreover, as time passed, the distance between him and the other racehorses behind him gradually widened.

Yu Pingchuan gripped the railing tightly. Amidst his nervousness, there was also an unconcealable excitement.

“Ah Li, look! I told you Number 7 could do it!”

If he could win this round, Number 7’s value would definitely increase.

The corners of Ning Li’s lips curved slightly.

“Mm, it’s pretty good.”

Yu Pingchuan looked at Number 17, which was basically ranked fifth and sixth, and the competition was intense.

When Yu Pingchuan heard her calm tone, he thought that she was worried that Number 17, whom she had bet on, would lose.

He turned around and said, “This is your first time betting on horses. As long as you have fun, it’s fine. Winning or losing isn’t important. If you really lose, I’ll make up for how much you lack.”

Ning Li raised her eyebrows and smiled deeply.


A burst of enthusiastic cheers suddenly came from the stands.

Yu Pingchuan immediately turned back and looked at the field again. He saw No. 17 suddenly exert his strength and quickly shake off the two horses beside him. He rushed directly to third place.

No wonder everyone had such a big reaction.

He laughed.

“Ah Li, this Number 17 of yours is really good.”

At this moment, the race was already halfway through.

“If you can maintain this trend and stay in the top three–“

Before Yu Pingchuan could finish his sentence, Number 17 actually sped up again and jumped into second place!

Screams and cheers came from the stands.

Yu Pingchuan opened his mouth.

He knew that Ning Li had always been very accurate in judging horses, but now it seemed that… It was even better than he had expected…

This time, he tensed up and stared at the track without blinking.

At the last part of the race, the speed of the other horses was obviously not as fast as before, even his Number 7 was no exception.

However, Number 17 was the only one with great endurance. He had already started to close the distance between him and number 7!

Yu Pingchuan’s hand patted the railing anxiously.

However, this still could not change what was happening on the field.

Finally, at the finish line, accompanied by countless cheers, Number 17 had overtaken Number 7, who was in the lead, and rushed straight through!

First place!

In Box Number 6, a staff member hurriedly walked in and whispered a few words to a senior director.

Gu Tinglan withdrew his gaze from the field. “What’s wrong?”

The senior director looked over with a complicated expression. After a long while, he spoke with great difficulty.

“Young Master Tinglan, among the SSS members, someone has bet on number 17 to win alone.”

“Bet amount: 10 million..”