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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 477 - Pocket Money

Chapter 477: Pocket Money

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The female voice who had posed the question first seemed to be very regretful.

“Ah, this was such a good opportunity, why didn’t you ask? Second Master Lu only appears in Hong Kong City during the horse race event.”

Ning Li looked over and saw three well-dressed young women nearby. They happened to be sitting in Box 16 that was beside them.

As the balcony was connected to the private room, if one stood there, they would be able to hear their conversation.

“That’s not always the case.”

The woman in the middle laughed softly.

She was the one who had been questioned.

The other woman who had not spoken at all covered her mouth and laughed.

“Ah Ling, Feifei is different from us. She is the youngest level one auctioneer in the Carlsberg Auction House. Second Master Lu is also a regular customer. It’s much easier for her to meet Young Master Lu compared to us.”

As she spoke, she winked at the woman in the middle,

“Feifei, don’t you think so?”

Yan Fei smiled helplessly.

“You guys really think too much. Second Master Lu hasn’t been here for more than half a year. The last time… had been for that watch.”

“The one that cost a hundred and thirty million?”



Zuo Ling and Zhuo Qianqian looked at each other.

Back then, that antique-grade Paul Newman Daytona had been auctioned off at the Carlsberg Auction House in Hong Kong City for a sky-high price of one hundred and thirty million.

The identity of the buyer had been kept a mystery, but later on, someone had seen the watch in the hands of Second Master Lu of Capital City.

Since their social circle was only so big, this fact was naturally not a secret.

Moreover, that auction had been hosted by Yan Fei.

Of course, she knew very well.

Zuo Ling giggled and said, “That was the first auction that Feifei hosted after she advanced to a level one auctioneer. Second Master Lu really gave her face by spending so much money.”


Yan Fei was the second daughter of the Yan family. Regardless of her background, education, or looks, she was considered one of the best among the socialites in Hong Kong.

That auction had also made her famous overnight.

Yan Fei blushed a little.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Second Master Lu has always liked collecting watches. Even if I had not been the one hosting it, he would definitely have bid for it that day.”

Zuo Ling and Zhuo Qianqian laughed softly.

“Yes, yes, everything you’ve said is right! Then, Second Master Lu is not coming to the auction that you’re hosting next week because of you, right?”

Hearing this, Yan Fei’s face turned even redder.

“The invitations are sent out every time. Whether Second Master Lu comes or not will be up to him. Don’t make wild guesses.”

Ning Li’s eyes flickered.

Lu Huaiyu was coming to Hong Kong next week?

Why didn’t she know about it?

When he had returned to the Capital earlier, he had been busy with a merger for the Lu Corporation. At that time, when she had casually asked, he had said that it would probably take some time to deal with it.

However, he had never mentioned that he would be coming to Hong Kong.

“Oh right, Feifei, didn’t your sister come today?” Zhuo Qianqian asked.

Before Yan Fei could say anything, Zuo Ling snorted and said meaningfully, “How could she not be here? Young Master Zhong is going to compete today. She’s probably already waiting in Young Master Zhong’s box to watch the match, right?”

Everyone in Hong Kong City knew that Yan Zhen liked Zhong Haoqi. All the tabloids were also very keen to report on the entanglements between them.

Zhong Haoqi changed women very quickly. Almost every time he appeared in the tabloids, the women around him were different.

Those women were often taught a lesson by Yan Zhen.

Logically speaking, Zhong Haoqi had never relented and admitted that he and Yan Zhen were a couple. Thus, Yan Zhen had no right to do that.

However, the two families had the intention of marrying these two to each other, and they had already begun negotiating it. Although Zhong Haoqi was an only son, he could not persuade his family otherwise.

Therefore, he could only endure it.

Because of this, both Zhong Haoqi and Yan Zhen were privately ridiculed.

The women laughed at Yan Zhen’s shamelessness. She had been chasing after him for many years, yet she had still not been able to capture Zhong Haoqi. She was only capable of frustrating the efforts of all other women around him.

The men laughed at Zhong Haoqi for being such a good-for-nothing who was controlled by his family. Whenever he went out to look for women, he had to constantly be on guard against Yan Zhen.

In many people’s eyes, these two people were a complete joke.

However, no matter what they thought in private, they were still very polite and earnest on the surface.

Zhong Haoqi was the only son of the Zhong family.

Yan Zhen was the eldest daughter of the Yan family.

Not to mention other things, their status, family background, temperament, and temperament were indeed well-matched.

Yan Fei looked at the field and smiled.

“Young Master Zhong has always had good horsemanship. I think he has a chance to enter the top three this year. Of course, sister will be more attentive.”

Zhuo Qianqian curled her lips.

“I heard that Young Master Zhong and your sister had another fight two days ago, and it was at the stables. It seems… It was over a young girl? I don’t mean to say this, but there are too many women who want to get close to Young Master Zhong. Your sister may be able to stop one, but can she stop all of them? If Young Master Zhong doesn’t like her, there’s no point in saying anything.”

Yan Fei frowned slightly.


“Sigh, I also think what Qianqian said is right. It’s mainly because Young Master Zhong doesn’t like her. If he did, why would there be so many jokes about them?”

Zuo Ling’s tone was not very polite.

Bother hers and Zhuo Qianqian’s family background were not bad, but they were still slightly inferior to the Yan family. The reason they dared to say such harsh words was because they were Yan Fei’s little sisters.

Although Yan Fei was the second daughter of the Yan family, she had been born out of wedlock.

The Yan family had originally not acknowledged her existence and she had been raised outside. It was not until Yan Fei’s mother had passed away that she had been brought back to the Yan family by Yan Baocheng.

At first, her life had not been easy, but she was obedient and sensible. Compared to the arrogant and willful Yan Zhen, she was more likable to Yan Baocheng.

Now, Yan Zhen’s studies and abilities were in a mess. She was only preoccupied with chasing after Zhong Haoqi. Meanwhile, Yan Fei had graduated from a famous school and entered the Carlsberg Auction House as soon as she had graduated. Within a year, she had been promoted to a level one auctioneer and she was praised in the industry.

Compared to her, the gap was fairly big.

Yan Zhen had started to dislike Yan Fei more and more. She constantly mocked her in the open and also in secret. Yan Fei mostly tolerated it.

However, the relationship between the two of them was indeed very bad. They did not even get along well with each other within their circle of friends.

Yan Fei changed the topic.

“Forget it. Whether they like each other or not is their business. Outsiders like us should not talk too much. Let’s see if there’s anything we want to eat.”

Every private room would provide a special afternoon tea menu for the guests to choose from.

Only then did the content of their conversation change.

Yu Pingchuan walked over from behind.

“Ah Li, have you placed a bet too?”

Ning Li came back to her senses and nodded.

“Which one did you bet on?”

She paused and said, “Number 17.”

It was the horse that she had taken a fancy to on the first day. It would be on the field today.

Yu Pingchuan looked towards the field and smiled, “I’m still betting on Number 7.”

Since he was planning on buying that one, of course, he would only bet on that horse.

“By the way, how much did you bet?”

The corners of Ning Li’s lips curled up slightly.

“Not much, just a little pocket money.”