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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 476 - The Pampered Fourth Miss Gu

Chapter 476: The Pampered Fourth Miss Gu

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Siyang thought for a moment and said, “Ning Li, you’ve only just arrived and haven’t prepared a lot of things yet. Why don’t you go and pick out a riding outfit and a helmet first before coming back to try it out? Anyway, the horse race event will last for a few days so there’s still plenty of time later.”

No matter what, it would be much safer to bring these things with you.

Yu Pingchuan felt that what he said made sense:

“That’s true. Ah Li, you really didn’t bring much with you this time.”

Ever since Ning Li had gone to Yunzhou, she had rarely touched horses.

The only time she had done that was when she had accompanied him to the horse farm in Yunzhou.

Although she had gone on the field at that time, she had not changed into her riding clothes. Even her helmet had been borrowed from Lu Huaiyu.

The horses at the Dutian Racecourse were superior in all aspects to those in Yunzhou, so it was probably dangerous for her to rashly get on the horse.

Ning Li did not insist after hearing what they said.


The trainer said, “This horse is scheduled for the second race day, the day after tomorrow. You can come over after watching the race tomorrow.”

Ordinary people were not qualified to come in contact with horses before the race, but since Gu Siyang had come with her personally, the situation was obviously different.

Gu Siyang raised his hand and pointed to the front right.

“That’s a place that specializes in selling riding clothes. Let’s go take a look.”

Ning Li nodded.

The Dutian Racecourse covered a vast area, and it had all kinds of venues and facilities.

In addition to riding clothes, helmets, whips, boots, and other related items were also sold here.

Ning Li finally chose a set of red-colored riding clothes and some other miscellaneous items.

Seeing that it was almost time, Gu Siyang personally sent her back to Bansen Hotel.

“Ning Li, I have to go home tonight. I have to go to the racecourse with my family tomorrow morning, so I won’t be able to pick you guys up.”

Gu Siyang said.

Ning Li smiled.


After the past two days, she could tell that the Gu family greatly valued this racecourse.

Gu Siyang snapped his fingers and started the car to leave.

Ning Li returned to her room and glanced around. Her gaze fell on the horse betting guide placed on the table again.

These were provided to all the guests who checked in and detailed the procedures and rules of the racecourse

She turned on her phone and checked her bank balance, deep in thought.

She had been a little poor recently…

On August 1st, the Hong Kong City Horse Race Event was officially held.

The event started at 1 pm.

After lunch, Ning Li and the others went to the Dutian Racecourse.

Hong Kong city was particularly lively today, and the closer they were to the Dutian Racecourse, the more people there were.

Outside the racecourse, they could even hear the noise and excitement coming from inside.

Ning Li and the others entered the racecourse through the members’ passage.

The horse race area of Dutian Racecourse was very large. It had a circular track and was surrounded by stair stands.

At the top was a private room that was only open to members.

Ning Li and Yu Pingchuan were in the same private room, Number 15.

Diagonally opposite them were two huge display screens.

Ning Li glanced at them and narrowed her eyes slightly.

“There’s no Number 1 horse?”

On the top row, there was only the number one and nothing else.

Yu Pingchuan followed her line of sight and explained, “Oh, you mean that? That’s specially reserved for the Fourth Miss Gu.”

It was not the first time Ning Li had heard of this person in the past two days.

She frowned slightly.

“But, didn’t you say that the Fourth Miss Gu has already–”

“The Dutian Racecourse was built for the Fourth Miss Gu, so the position of the number one horse race has always been reserved for her.”

Yu Pingchuan had been here many times, so he was quite clear about this.

“Every year, the horse race is held in a grand manner. However, all the horse race numbers start from number two. The name Number 1 only belongs to Fourth Miss Gu. I heard that the Gu family is still keeping her horse.”

As he spoke, he raised his chin.

“Do you still remember the Dutian Villa that we passed on the way here?”

Ning Li nodded.

Hong Kong City’s terrain was hilly. All the buildings and roads were built according to the terrain.

Dutian Villa was a private clubhouse that had been built halfway up the mountain.

Yu Pingchuan said, “A special track and grassland has been set up at Dutian Villa. It can be said that the entire mountain is specifically being used to raise the horse that the Fourth Miss Gu loved back then.”

Ning Li held her breath slightly.

Every inch of land in Hong Kong City was precious, and the location of the Dutian Villa was particularly advantageous. She had always thought that it was a high-class private clubhouse of the Gu family, but she had not expected that it was actually being used to raise the Fourth Miss Gu’s horse?

The Gu family had actually done such a thing?!

At first, when Yu Pingchuan had said that the Gu family doted on the Fourth Miss Gu, she had not paid too much attention to it.

However, it was only now that she truly felt the weight of this sentence.

She turned her gaze slightly and looked to the side.

The location of box number one was directly opposite the track and the big screen. It was the best viewing spot.

At this moment, the corridor was bustling with people.

Only there was no one there.

“Is the first private room also reserved for the Fourth Miss Gu?”

She asked.

Yu Pingchuan was used to it.

“Yes. Even Old Master Gu and Madam Gu go to the second private room.”

There were many people in the Gu family. The six private rooms in front were all their own.

Ning Li nodded.

It had to be said that the Gu family was really…

Just as she was about to turn around and sit down, she heard a flirtatious laugh beside her:

“Hey, did you ask whether Second Master Lu will be coming to the horse races this year?”

Ning Li stopped in her tracks.

Then, she heard another slightly shy voice.

“He seems to be quite busy in the Capital recently.. He probably won’t come, so I didn’t ask.”