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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 474 - : Membership Card

Chapter 474: Membership Card

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Li’s heart skipped a beat.

So Gu Siyang’s fourth aunt was the fourth daughter of the Gu family?

That’s right, Yu Pingchuan had said that the Dutian Racecourse had been specially built for that person.

That horse trainer flattered the high and trampled on the low and treated his customers perfunctorily. If word got out, it would damage the reputation of the horse farm.

So, that was why Gu Siyang was angry.

She recalled what Yu Pingchuan had said earlier.

Everyone in the Gu family had treated the fourth daughter of the Gu family like a precious gem.

Now, it seemed that this had not been a bad move.

Even though she was no longer around, the Gu family still managed the horse farm meticulously, afraid that something bad would happen.

Even with Gu Siyang’s temperament, he had still gotten angry over such a small matter.

Hearing Gu Siyang mention his fourth aunt, Yan Zhen and Zhong Haoqi’s expressions changed slightly.

Everyone knew that this was a taboo subject in the Gu family.

It was no wonder that Gu Siyang had been like this…

The oval-faced girl standing at the back was a newcomer to Hong Kong City. She did not know much about the Gu family, so she did not take Gu Siyang’s words to heart.

She took half a step forward and looked at Ning Li and Gu Siyang. She smiled earnestly and said, “Young Master Gu, please don’t be angry. Since Miss Ning is here today, let’s take a look.”

As she spoke, her gaze paused on Ning Li for a moment. It was half envious and half sour.

“Miss Ning, you should know that Young Master Gu has always been generous, but he’s not always so kind to everyone. You’re so lucky.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the air froze.

Everyone present was smart. Who could not tell what she was implying?

Gu Siyang’s temples throbbed violently.

“What did you say?!”

Hearing that his tone was wrong, the oval-faced girl’s expression froze.

Only then did she realize that she had said the wrong thing.

“I, I didn’t…”

Gu Siyang wished he could drag her out immediately!

Ning Li was Lu Huaiyu’s guest!

For these people to speak like this and it reached his ears in the future, would he still want his little life?

Who the hell were these people??

He gritted his teeth and looked at Yan Zhen.

“Yan Zhen, did you bring this person here?”

Seeing that his reaction was not good, Yan Zhen had a bad feeling.

She was arrogant and had a bad temper, but she was not so stupid that she could not be saved.

Not only Gu Siyang was very angry, so was Yu Pingchuan who was beside him…

If Ning Li’s identity was really as bad as they had expected, this situation would not have ended up like this.

A strong sense of unease welled up in her heart.

However, she was indeed the one who had brought her in. If she did not admit it, she would not be able to live in Hong Kong City anymore.

She took a deep breath and tried her best to look calm. She turned her head and said to the girl, “What are you talking about? Hurry up and apologize to Young Master Gu.”

Gu Siyang ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

“Why should she apologize to me?! Apologize to Ning Li!”

The oval-faced girl was stunned.

Yan Zhen was already a head taller than her, not to mention Gu Siyang.

She had only been trying to strike up a conversation to please Gu Siyang. After all, everyone could see that he treated this Ning Li very differently.

Who knew–

She could not think of anything else, so she hurriedly apologized to Ning Li.

“I’m, I’m sorry! What I said just now had all been nonsense. Please don’t, don’t take it to heart!”

Ning Li frowned, feeling a little impatient.

After all, this was the Gu family’s territory. She did not want to cause too much trouble.

However, Gu Siyang felt that it was not enough.

He immediately took his phone out and called Gu Tinglan.

“Hello? Uncle?”

Hearing that his call was to Gu Tinglan, even Yan Zhen could not maintain her expression.

Gu Tinglan’s authority in the Gu family was much higher than Gu Siyang’s!

It was rare for Gu Tinglan to hear Gu Siyang’s tone like this. He asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Siyang took a deep breath.

“Ning Li was personally invited by you. Why is it that she doesn’t even have the qualifications of an S-class member?”

Hearing his words, the rest of them were all shocked. They looked at Ning Li with even more shock.

She had actually been personally invited by Gu Tinglan?!

One had to know that there were no more than ten people who could be personally invited by Gu Tinglan at the horse races every year.

And now, this young lady was actually one of them?

Where did she come from?

Gu Tinglan was stunned.

“That can’t be. There’s an S-class membership card under her name.”

When he had invited Ning Li over, he had already thought of this matter. He had specially opened one for her. How could there not be one?

Only then did Gu Siyang calm down slightly.


He had always said that his uncle was a considerate person. How could he have made such a low-level mistake?

“Yes, one had already been prepared. It’s just that I had too many things to do these past two days, so I forgot to tell her.”

Gu Tinglan’s thoughts were clear. Hearing Gu Siyang’s aggressive phone call, he had already guessed what had happened.

“Are you also at the horse farm now?”

Gu Siyang replied.

“I just fired a horse trainer.”

When he mentioned this, his tone still sounded very unhappy.

Gu Tinglan was more and more certain of what he was thinking, so she said, “Understood. You may handle this kind of matter yourself.”

Although Gu Siyang was not usually the brightest spark, he was always very clear when it came to big matters.

When it came to the stables, he definitely had his own reasons for making such a decision.

Gu Siyang’s gaze landed on those few people who were standing before him. He frowned and said meaningfully, “Uncle, it’s been a long time since you’ve been to the horse farm. It’s time to clean up this place. How is it that anyone can be let in?”

These words were very straightforward and unpleasant to hear. The oval-faced girl’s face instantly turned red and then white.

However, Gu Siyang was on the phone with Gu Tinglan. How could she interrupt?

Yan Zhen gritted her teeth.

Although Gu Siyang’s words had not been directed at her, they could be considered a hint.

He was so merciless. In the end, he still did not give her face.

If today’s matter was spread, how could her reputation remain intact?

Gu Tinglan paused. He then realized that the matter was more serious than he had expected, and his voice became colder.

“Got it. I’ll deal with this matter later. Since you’re already at the horse farm, take Ning Li and Teacher Yu around to have a look.”

Only then did Gu Siyang finally feel comfortable.


After discussing all this, he hung up the phone.

He did not look at Zhong Haoqi and the others, but only spoke to Ning Li and Yu Pingchuan.

“Ning Li, Teacher Yu, my uncle told me to accompany you guys for a walk. Just tell him directly if there’s anything that you like.”

From his words, it was not hard to tell that Gu Tinglan had a close relationship with them.

Yu Pingchuan had seen that Ning Li had been wronged, and he was still holding back his anger.

He did not know that she had been treated like this yesterday, and today, she was being maliciously judged by this group of people.

“Ah Li, what do you think?”

Ning Li smiled and said, “Sure.”

Gu Siyang said, “Oh right, my uncle said that he gave you an S-rank membership card. Do you want to check it out? If you like any horses later, just take the money from your membership card.”

Yu Pingchuan was about to nod when Ning Li’s eyes flickered.

“There’s no need..”