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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 473 - Dirtying My Fourth Aunt’s Place

Chapter 473: Dirtying My Fourth Aunt’s Place

Gu Siyang was here.

Ning Li turned around and saw Gu Siyang walking towards them.

Seeing Ning Li, he immediately quickened his pace happily.

Zhong Haoqi and the others became polite when they saw him.

Zhong Haoqi greeted him with a smile.

“Young Master Gu, are you finally willing to come back from the Capital?”

Gu Siyang nodded at them with an unenthusiastic look.

He did not like Zhong Haoqi, and even this group of people did not mean anything to him.

It was only because he belonged to the Zhong family that he responded.

The smile on Zhong Haoqi’s face froze, but it only lasted for a moment before he quickly recovered.

The Gu family was more powerful than the Zhong family, not to mention that Gu Siyang was the son of Gu Tingfeng.

He was the eldest grandson of the Gu family.

Although Zhong Haoqi was also the only son in his family, he was still far from Gu Siyang’s status.

Therefore, even if Gu Siyang did not like him, he would never show any dissatisfaction.

As for the others, it was even more so.

It was pretty good to be able to get on Zhong Haoqi’s good side, but it would be even more amazing if they could gain the Young Master Gu’s favor.

Yan Zhen came to join in the fun as well. A sweet smile appeared on her peachy face.

“What? Is the Young Master Gu also planning on placing a bet this year? And he even specially came here?”

Gu Siyang shrugged his shoulders, too impatient to talk much with her.

She stopped and stood beside Ning Li. When she looked at Ning Li, a bright smile appeared on her face again. She coyly asked, “What do you think? Is there any you fancy?”

As soon as she said this, everyone in the corridor was shocked.

In the next moment, several pairs of eyes focused on Ning Li, filled with disbelief.

So the “Ning Li” that Gu Siyang had called out was her?

Moreover, why did they look so closely acquainted?

Gu Siyang had lived in Hong Kong City for many years. He was famous for his Young Master’s temper.

Who had ever seen him show such an eager smile to a girl?

Ning Li said lightly, “Not yet.”

Gu Siyang let out an “Ah”.

“There are so many, yet you haven’t taken a fancy to any of them? Could it be that the quality of the ones sent this year isn’t good enough?”

He muttered, “This can’t be… This year’s horse race is under my uncle’s charge… Then, have you also seen District One? And you haven’t liked any of them either?”

As he spoke, he looked around and waved at a horse trainer who was not far away.

“Hey, come over here.”

It was the man who had refused to give a quotation to Ning Li yesterday.

From the moment Gu Siyang had greeted Ning Li, everyone was stunned, including him.

When he heard that he was called over, his face turned pale and he walked over stiffly.

“… Young… Young Master…”

Gu Siyang casually said, “You’re the most familiar with the horses in District One, right? Pick a few of the best and take Ning Li to have a look.”

As he spoke, he winked at Ning Li.

“Take your pick!”

The horse trainer looked at Ning Li, his face devoid of any color.

“Miss… Miss Ning…”

So this girl was acquainted with the young master? Moreover, it seemed that their relationship was not ordinary.

Then yesterday…

Seeing him like this, Gu Siyang felt that something was a little strange.

“What’s wrong?”

Didn’t he only ask him to take Ning Li to have a look? What was with his reaction?

Ning Li paused.

“It’s not necessary.”

Gu Siyang wondered, “Hmm?”

Finally, the horse trainer could not take it anymore and hurriedly apologized to Ning Li.

“Miss Ning! I’m really sorry for what happened yesterday! I failed to recognize your importance, please don’t take it to heart!”

This time, Gu Siyang started to understand something.

He frowned.

“What do you mean? What happened yesterday?”

Ning Li calmly said, “Nothing. He already recommended the horses of District Three for me yesterday, so there’s no need to trouble yourself today.”

The horses in District Three were the worst. Saying that they had recommended those horses for Ning Li, who could not tell that he had looked down on her?

Gu Siyang’s face turned cold.

The horse trainer sensed that he was annoyed and trembled in fear. He wanted to defend himself, but he could not say anything.

After a moment, Gu Siyang said coldly, “It seems that my uncle hasn’t been back for a while. Is there really such a lack of management in the stables here?”

Gu Siyang had always been a carefree person. It was rare to see him behave so seriously.

Dutian Racecourse was the Gu family’s business. Although it was not as profitable as other businesses such as shipyards and real estate, it had always been the most important part of the Gu family.

From the racecourse to the horse race event, the Gu family would spend a lot of thought and effort to prepare.

Now, a member of the racecourse staff had done such a thing. To put it simply, it meant that they had looked down on others. To put it simply, they had no rules and had ruined the reputation of the racecourse.

This was the last straw for the Gu family.

“Now, I’ll give you half an hour to pack your things, complete the formalities, and leave the racecourse immediately.”

The horse trainer’s heart sank and he panicked.

“Young master–”

“Young Master Gu, why are you so angry?”

Yan Zhen smiled as she spoke in a relaxed tone.

“It’s just a small misunderstanding. It’ll be fine once it’s discussed…”

Gu Siyang lazily raised his eyelids and glanced at her.

“This is the Gu family’s territory. Do I have to listen to you when it comes to firing someone?”

These words completely humiliated Yan Zhen.

Her smile instantly froze on her face, and her face went pale.

There were still so many people around. Feeling that she could not hold her head up now, she forced a smile and tried to explain herself.

“I… That’s not what I meant. In fact, he didn’t do anything wrong. Miss Ning wanted to inquire about Number 17th of District One yesterday, but the quotation for the horses in District One is only open to S-class members. In the end, he was only following the rules…”

Gu Siyang suddenly sneered and looked at the trainer.

“Did you check whether she was an S-class member?”

Of course, the horse trainer had not checked. He had merely followed his intuition to look down on Ning Li.

“Besides, even if she wasn’t, you just insisted on the horses in District Three? What do you mean? Have you forgotten all the rules of the horse farm?!”

Gu Siyang’s tone was unfriendly.

Ning Li glanced at him and was a little surprised.

It could be seen that Gu Siyang was very angry.

A small part of this anger was for her, but most of it seemed to be for the horse farm.

Gu Siyang looked at the time.

“You still have twenty-seven minutes.”

The horse trainer knew that there was no hope left, so he was at a loss for words. In the end, all he could do was leave.

“… Yes.”

After saying that, he turned around and walked out.

The place was dead silent.

No one expected that Gu Siyang would be so angry over such a small matter.

Everyone looked at Ning Li at the same time.

This matter had been caused by her, right?

Yet, she had accepted it so easily?

She was young, but she was not naive at all.

Zhong Haoqi’s eyes flashed.

“Young Master Gu, it’s not worth getting angry over that kind of person. Just fire him.”

Gu Siyang was extremely frustrated.

It wasn’t just because he was angry with that person, he was–


He threw the horsewhip and scolded coldly, “You’ve dirtied my Fourth Aunt’s place for no reason..”