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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 472 - The Precious Young Lady of the Gu Family

Chapter 472: The Precious Young Lady of the Gu Family

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Dutian Racecourse was the largest racecourse in Hong Kong City. It would have cost a lot of money to build such a racecourse.

Yet, this had only been because the Fourth Miss Gu liked horse racing?

“It seems that the Fourth Miss Gu is very favored by the Gu family.”

Ning Li said.

“Or perhaps a little more than favored?”

Yu Pingchuan laughed.

“Everyone in Hong Kong City knows that the Gu family produced such a delicate young lady. From Old Master Gu and Old Madam Gu to the Young Masters of the Gu family, they all treated the Fourth Miss Gu like a jewel.”

At this point, his smile faded and he sighed.

“Unfortunately, the Fourth Miss Gu… left early.”

Ning Li was stunned.

So the Fourth Miss Gu had already passed away?

She did not know much about the Gu family. When she heard Yu Pingchuan mention it just now, she had thought…

“I see.”

She looked at the row of empty horse stalls.

If the Fourth Miss Gu had still been around, this place would not be so deserted.

“Forget it. It happened many years ago.”

Then, Yu Pingchuan thought of something again.

“Oh right, the Fourth Miss Gu is actually a taboo topic in the Gu family. During your stay in Hong Kong City, try not to mention this person.”


Especially in front of the Gu family.

Ning Li nodded.

She understood this logic.

Yu Pingchuan saw that she did not seem to be interested in looking anymore, so he suggested that she go back to the hotel to rest and continue looking tomorrow.

After all, it had been quite a long day, and he had already chosen the horse that he liked.

Ning Li agreed.

Bansen Hotel.

Ning Li went back to her room and turned on her computer.

She had already written more than half of the thesis, leaving only the last part of the data that needed to be processed and analyzed.

However, this matter was not urgent. After arriving in Capital, it would be much more convenient to go to the Fino Laboratory, since the process would be much faster there.

The light on the screen fell on her face. In the quiet room, there was only the sound of fingers tapping on the keyboard.


Her phone vibrated.

She looked at the caller ID and picked it up.

“Lawyer Zhang.”

On the other end was a competent and clear female voice.

“Hello, Miss Ning.”

“After several discussions, Liu Ying finally agreed to issue a letter of understanding, but she requested for the amount of compensation to be doubled.”

The corners of Ning Li’s lips curved slightly.


“Then later, I’ll send the letter of understanding for you to see?” The other party’s tone was very polite.

“There’s no need.” Ning Li looked out of the window. The night lights in Hong Kong City were bright, and it was very noisy. “When it’s done, you may submit it directly to the court. If you can get the sentence reduced, then please do it. It’s best if the sentence can be suspended.”

Lawyer Zhang had been in this industry for more than ten years. She was a smart person.

“Okay, I understand.”

She smiled as she spoke in a complimentary manner, “Miss Ning is really magnanimous. Even at a time like this, you’re still willing to help the Ye family. Miss Ye Ci is really lucky.”

Ning Li smiled.

“Not at all. After all, she helped me a lot in the past. It’s only right.”

The next morning, Ning Li went out of the hotel alone and did not return until noon.

In the afternoon, both she and Yu Pingchuan went to the racecourse again.

On the way, she received a call from Gu Siyang.

“Ning Li, I’m in Hong Kong City! Where are you now?”

“I’m on the way to Dutian Racecourse.”


Gu Siyang was a little surprised.

“Are you going to pick a horse?”

“I’m just looking around.”

Gu Siyang laughed.

“Sure! Then I’ll go over right now. Just tell me what you want!”

Ever since she had signed on with LY, Gu Siyang’s attitude towards Ning Li was even more cordial.

Although that contract had made his liver ache, when he had thought carefully about it, he felt that it was worth it!

Now that Ning Li had come to Hong Kong City, he could be considered as her boss and the host, so of course, he had to treat her well.

Ning Li hung up the phone, and the car soon arrived at the Dutian Racecourse.

She followed Yu Pingchuan out of the car.

Yesterday, they had only seen a part of the place. Today, they went in through the other side door, intending to take a look at the rest.

Since Yu Pingchuan had already made his choice, on this trip he had come specifically to accompany Ning Li.

As he walked, he pointed to the horse compartment.

“What about Number Three over here?

“What about that one? That’s also a purebred horse. He’s six this year, and his racing ability is at its best.

“How about that white one…”

Ning Li followed at his side. From time to time, she would say a few words, but she never relented.

There had even been two times when she had already inquired about the price, but in the end, she still had not shown any intention of buying anything.

As Yu Pingchuan spoke, he felt that something was not right. He could not help but turn his head to look at her.

“Ah Li, why are you so much more discerning in your taste than before?”

He knew that she had always been like this, but now it was even more than before. It was as if she was not pursuing anything. One moment she was interested in one, then the next moment she was interested in something else.

Ning Li did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Is it?”


Yu Pingchuan sized her up and finally could not help but mutter, “This picky attitude, why is it the same as that kid, Lu Huaiyu?”

He had known Lu Huaiyu for many years and had experienced his hard-to-please attitude more than once.

Now, for some unknown reason, he could feel the same feeling in Ning Li.

Ning Li, “…”

She coughed lightly.

“Well… I don’t think so.”

Yu Pingchuan’s tone was helpless and indulgent.

“Forget what I said and just pick one. How can it not be up to you? Whichever one you like, just go to Jinse Bay to be reimbursed for it.”

Ning Li, “Didn’t you say that you bought it together?”

The corner of Yu Pingchuan’s mouth twitched.

“The budget is limited. The ones that you like will definitely exceed that number.”

Ning Li sighed.


Initially, she had said that she would buy one herself, but Yu Pingchuan had insisted on buying it for her. He had said that it would be a gift to her for getting into Xijing University.

In the end, before she could even pick anything, she was already limited…

As the two of them were talking, they walked around the corner and bumped into a few people.

Ning Li’s smile faded slightly.

Her luck was really bad, considering that she had run into the same annoying people for two days in a row.

Zhong Haoqi and Yan Zhen were both present. There were also three or four other men and women of similar age.

They looked like young masters from aristocratic families, each of them exuding a sense of wealth and nobility.

At this moment, the way they were looking at her was very subtle.

Yan Zhen crossed her arms and took the lead to smile as she spoke.

“Young Master Zhong, it’s no wonder someone was indifferent to you yesterday. It turns out that the person was not worried that no one would help them pay for it.”

Tomorrow was the horse races day. They had specially come to observe the horses today and make preparations to place their bets.

They had not expected to hear Ning Li’s voice just as they walked here.

They had also heard most of the conversation between Ning Li and Yu Pingchuan.

Anyone could tell that Yu Pingchuan was doting on Ning Li.

And… reimbursement?

Yan Zhen and the others did not really know Yu Pingchuan, but Yu Pingchuan had been here many times, so they could be considered as being familiar with each other.

Zhong Haoqi frowned, but the way he looked at Ning Li was obviously filled with contempt.

Yesterday, he had thought that this girl was rare and pure, but he had not expected that she was actually…

How could Yu Pingchuan not understand the meaning behind Yan Zhen’s words? His face immediately darkened.

However, before he could speak, a joyful voice was heard.

“Ning Li!”