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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 471 - The Fourth Miss Gu

Chapter 471: The Fourth Miss Gu

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Li’s attire today was very ordinary, and her face was unfamiliar.

The horse trainers were all familiar with all the daughters of the socialites in Hong Kong City. Seeing Ning Li now, with no one else accompanying her, they naturally did not place her highly in their eyes.

Ning Li glanced at the horse again.

She had forgotten about this rule.

When the horse trainer saw that she was not moving, he raised his voice again.

“Miss, if you really want to buy, the horses in Zone Three might be more suitable for you.”

The stables in the whole of Dutian Racecourse were divided into three grades: Zone One, Zone Two, and Zone Three.

Zone One had the least number of horses, the best quality, and the best prices.

Zone Two was next.

Zone Three was the least.

When he said this, it was clear that he did not think much of Ning Li and was just casually brushing her off.

Ning Li said, “There’s no need.”

After saying that, she turned around and was about to leave when a voice suddenly came from behind.

“Miss, please wait a moment.”

Ning Li’s footsteps stopped and she turned around.

A man who looked about 24 or 25 years old was standing there looking at her.

He was wearing a white riding outfit, a helmet, and he was leading a horse beside him.

However, it was obvious that he was not a horse trainer here, nor was he an ordinary racing rider.

This was because the horse trainer, who had been disdainful of Ning Li, immediately changed his attitude when he saw him.

“Young Master Zhong, you’re back?”

His words were full of eagerness and flattery.

Upon hearing the young man being addressed as such, Ning Li looked at the man in front of her again and finally remembered who he was.

Zhong Haoqi.

Among the prominent families in Hong Kong City, the Gu family was the most dominant one. The Zhong family could not be compared to them, but they could still be considered a famous family in Hong Kong City.

Zhong Haoqi was the only son of the Zhong family.

Others liked to watch the horse races or bet on the horses while in the stands, but Zhong Haoqi preferred to go on the field himself.

It seemed that he had just returned from training.

Zhong Haoqi was not bad-looking. He was from a good background and was a well-known playboy in Hong Kong City.

Earlier, when he had looked from afar, he had thought that the girl was quite good-looking. She had long legs and a slim waist. Now that he looked at her face closely, he realized that she was even more beautiful than he had expected.

Her temperament was clean and cool, which made her even more outstanding.

The look in his eyes became even more unconcealed, but his face still maintained the demeanor of a gentleman.

“Miss, are you interested in this horse? It just so happens that I thought it was pretty good before too. I just asked the price and it’s starting at six million. If you are really interested, I can take you for a trial ride first. What do you think?”

He was an S-rank member of the Datian Racecourse, so of course, he had this privilege.

Ning Li’s expression was cold, and a hint of impatience appeared between her brows.

However, before she could refuse, another person came from behind.

“Brother Qi, if you really like someone, you can just buy the horse and gift it away. How much meaning would there be in just a trial ride?”

A teasing female voice sounded.

Then, a girl in her early twenties walked over with a horse.

She was also wearing a riding outfit, but her helmet was in her arms, revealing a heart-shaped face.

She looked very sweet, but her smile held a hint of sarcasm.

She walked over and sized up Ning Li from her feet to the top of her head. Finally, her gaze stopped on Ning Li’s face for a moment, and a hint of jealousy flashed across her eyes.

This girl looked very young, but even without makeup, she was still extremely beautiful.

Just by standing there, she could easily attract people’s attention.

It was no wonder that Zhong Haoqi was so interested.

Zhong Haoqi was a little annoyed.

“Yan Zhen, what nonsense are you talking about?”

The Yan family was almost on par with the Zhong family, and the two of them could be considered childhood sweethearts.

Yan Zhen had always liked Zhong Haoqi. Even though Zhong Haoqi was quite a playboy, she still liked him.

Whenever he was looking for women, she had always interfered and dealt with each one that he met.

Zhong Haoqi was quite annoyed by her behavior, but because of the reputation of the two families, they had never fallen out before.

Yan Zhen secretly sneered, but her smile became even sweeter.

“Is what I said unreasonable? Or is Young Master Zhong unwilling to give up the six million?”

As she spoke, she took a step forward and raised her chin at Ning Li.

“Little sister, if you really like this horse, I can teach you a way. Just smile at Young Master Zhong and he’ll be happy. Who knows, maybe this horse will be given to you.”

Every year at the horse races, celebrities gathered together. She had seen too many women who wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to climb up the social ladder.

Some of them would make use of all sorts of connections to enter this place and pretend to “meet” rich people from all walks of life.

If they were lucky, they would be able to hook up with one.

Even if they were unlucky, they would still be able to earn some money just by selling their smiles.

It was obvious that she regarded Ning Li as such a person.

She crossed her arms and said in a light tone, “You know, Young Master Zhong has never offered to take someone for a trial ride on a horse. You’re the first one.”

These words could not be more unpleasant.

Ning Li’s eyes were cold.

Zhong Haoqi immediately said, “Miss, please don’t listen to her nonsense. I was just thinking that since we both think that this horse is not bad, it’s also fate–”

“Are you done?”

Ning Li suddenly spoke, interrupting him.

She looked at the two of them coldly.

“If the two of you really have a lot of energy to vent, or if you’re just too idle, why don’t you go for two more laps? I still have other things to do, so I won’t accompany you.”

After saying that, she turned around and left, disregarding the change in their expressions.


When had Yan Zhen ever been rebuked like that in front of others? She immediately wanted to go after her.

Zhong Haoqi pulled her back.

“Are you done yet?”

Everything had originally been fine, but Yan Zhen just had to come and ruin his plans!

What kind of person would be able to endure her words just now?

Yan Zhen could not break free and sneered.

“Zhong Haoqi, are you getting less and less picky now? How could you be interested in someone so poor?”

Zhong Haoqi was so angry that his face turned red.

“Can you stop behaving so crazy?”

Yan Zhen shook his hand off and looked in the direction where Ning Li had gone.

“She’d better not let me see her again!”

When Ning Li returned, Yu Pingchuan had almost finalized his bid for the horse.

By now, her expression had returned to normal, so Yu Pingchuan did not notice anything.

“Ah Li, is there any horse that you like?”

Ning Li paused.

“I haven’t decided yet.”

Yu Pingchuan knew that she had high standards, so he did not rush her.

“Then we’ll see. This stables is very big anyway.”

Ning Li nodded.


They both walked in another direction and soon arrived outside the stable.

Ning Li did not intend to look up. Suddenly, her gaze focused and she asked curiously,

“Why is this row of horse stalls empty?”

Not only were there no horses, but there was also no fodder.

It looked like it had been purposefully built, but it was currently useless.

Yu Pingchuan followed her line of sight and smiled.

“You mean this? It’s specially reserved for the Fourth Miss Gu.”

Ning Li was stunned.

“The Fourth Miss Gu?”


Yu Pingchuan pointed.

“I heard that the Dutian Racecourse was built because the Fourth Miss Gu likes horse racing.”