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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 455 - He Was Different

Chapter 455: He Was Different

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Huaiyu sucked the fragrant milk between her lips and tongue cleanly before he released her in satisfaction.

Ning Li’s face was red, and her peach blossom eyes were moist.

She wanted to defend herself, but she could not bring herself to say a word. Her chest rose and fell, as she found herself a little short of breath.

She could not do anything to him.

Lu Huaiyu liked the way she looked at him, but he did not dare to look at her for too long. He smiled and caressed the corner of her lips with his finger to comfort her.

“It’s fine. Isn’t everything fine here?”

He knew that she was about to go out, so he kept his thoughts to himself and restrained himself.

Looking at her lips, they seemed a little rosier than usual, but nothing else could be seen.

Hearing what he said, Ning Li felt that this man was even more unreliable. She turned around, picked up her bag, and went out of the door.

Yunzhou Second High School had achieved a complete victory in this college entrance exam.

Ning Li had obtained the first place in the province’s science subjects with an astonishingly high score of 746, while Pei Song had obtained the second place in the province’s science subjects with a score of 741, which was only five points away.

At the same time, the two of them were the only two examinees in the province who had obtained a score above 740.

The third place in the province was 728, which was more than ten points away from the two of them.

He Xiaochen was ranked third in Yunzhou City with 721 points and was ranked seventh in the province.

Such results were enough to make Yunzhou Second High School stand out among the rest.

The good news and banners had been posted up long ago, and the leaders and teachers of the entire Second High School were delighted.

Previously, Ning Li and Pei Song had given up their university contracts in the national competition. Many people had felt that it was a pity and had secretly ridiculed them, hoping that they would fail.

However, now that the results of the college entrance examination were out, everyone was finally convinced.

These two people indeed had the right to be arrogant if they wanted to be.

Other than Ning Li, Pei Song and He Xiaochen were also at Second High School. They were also being interviewed at the same time.

These three people were the top three in Yunzhou City. They were also classmates in the same class. It would be quite interesting to publicize them.

It was already noon when the relevant activities ended.

He Xiaochen pulled Ning Li’s arm.

“Ning Li, would you like to go to the food street for lunch?”

In the future, when she went to university, she would not have many opportunities to come back here for lunch.

Ning Li nodded.

He Xiaochen glanced to the side.

Pei Song was not far away, as cold and distant as usual.

They had met today, and apart from greeting each other normally, they had barely spoken.

He Xiaochen sighed in her heart.

Her hunch had indeed been correct. Ning Li really had no romantic feelings for the class monitor.

She looked at Ning Li.

“I still want to eat ice cream today! Since you were the one who treated me before, this time, it’ll be my turn to treat you!”

The two of them came to the small restaurant where they had had their first meal together.

It was already the end of June. The students were on holiday, so there were fewer people on the food street.

As He Xiaochen unwrapped her chopsticks, she asked, “Ning Li, you’ll be applying for university soon. Are you sure that the University of Xijing is your choice?

Ning Li nodded.

The admissions teachers of Xijing University and Haicheng Hua University had been calling her frequently these past few days.

However, her mind had been set from the beginning, so she would not be changing it.

“Then, what major are you going to apply for?”

Ning Li replied, “The Astronomy Department.”

When He Xiaochen heard this answer, her eyes widened.

“What?! Not the Physics Department?”

She had thought that Ning Li would definitely apply for the Physics Department after having participated in the physics competition and going all the way to the top in the country.

In the end… she was choosing the Astronomy Department?

“Actually, it’s more or less the same,” Ning Li said. “Astrophysics can be considered an intersecting subject between astronomy and physics.”

The content of the subject was also quite similar.

“Astrophysics… No wonder!”

He Xiaochen recalled the various “extra-curricular books” that Ning Li had often had in her hands.

She had unintentionally glanced at them a few times. Indeed, they had all been related to astrophysics.

At that time, she had only thought that she was reading them for fun. She had not expected her to actually apply for this major in the end.

“What about you?” Ning Li asked.

He Xiaochen chuckled.

“The Foreign Language Department.”

Ning Li understood.

He Xiaochen’s talent for languages was very good. It was also within her expectations that she would choose this major.

“I heard that the class monitor is going to apply for the Law Department–”

Just as He Xiaochen said this, she suddenly remembered that Ning Li had already rejected Pei Song. She hurriedly covered her mouth.

Ning Li’s expression remained the same.

“Is that so?”

In his previous life, Pei Song had indeed signed up for the Law Department of Xijing University.

At that time, his decision had shocked many people.

That was because at that time, he had signed the contract as the number one student in the national competition.

Even if he did not choose the Physics Department, he should have chosen a similar or similar science and technology major.

Ultimately, he had surprised everyone by choosing the Law Department.

Seeing that Ning Li did not seem to mind, He Xiaochen asked carefully, “… Ning Li, between you and the class monitor…”

“There’s nothing between us.” Ning Li’s answer was simple and straightforward.

He Xiaochen had already thought of this answer, so she was not surprised to hear Ning Li say it herself.

However, she felt a little emotional.

Everyone was in the same class, and even their seats were next to each other. The class monitor liked Ning Li, yet she had not noticed it at all!

Her phone suddenly rang.

He Xiaochen glanced at it, and her expression suddenly became a little conflicted. She stared at the message that had popped up on her phone, as if she was having a headache over how to reply.

In the end, she simply flipped her phone back onto the table. Out of sight, out of mind.

Ning Li raised her eyebrows slightly.

She had seen the name of the person who had sent the message.

“Ren Qian?”


He Xiaochen snapped back to her senses,


Ning Li smiled.

Even though she did not say anything, He Xiaochen’s face still turned red.

She gently scratched her ears as if she had a headache.

She had already told Ning Li about Ren Qian confessing his feelings to her.

But now that it had suddenly been brought up, she still felt embarrassed.

Seeing her like this, Ning Li had already guessed the situation.

“It looks like you haven’t agreed yet.”

He Xiaochen bit her chopsticks and nodded.

She had no idea about such things before. Although she had occasionally received love letters or confessions in school, at that time, her heart had been filled with studying and chasing after celebrities, so she had rejected all of them.

However, this time the situation was a little different.

That was because she had never thought that Ren Qian would actually like her.

After Ren Qian had finished speaking that day, she had been flustered and nervous. All she said was that she needed to think about it.

However, up until now, she still had not thought it through yet.

Ren Qian did not seem to be in a hurry and did not pursue her regarding that matter anymore. It seemed that they had returned to the normal way of getting along with each other as classmates.

Even during this period of time, they did not have much contact.

Just now, Ren Qian had sent a message to ask her about her application.

He Xiaochen let out a long sigh.

“Sigh! It’s really troublesome to fall in love! Is our Weiwei’s movie not good, or is my brother’s album not good?”

Ning Li lowered her head as she ate.

He Xiaochen could not help but ask, “Ning Li, what do you think would be considered as liking someone?”

She did not know if she liked Ren Qian in that way, which was why she was taking so long to reply.

Ning Li’s hand paused for a while before she said, “It’s hard to say, but…. if you like someone, they should be very different in your eyes.”