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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 454 - I Drink Milk

Chapter 454: I Drink Milk

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was rare to get a response from him.

However, most of the people present did not pay too much attention to it. They naturally felt that he should also be proud of this achievement.

Everyone was very happy. They were in a state of great joy.

No one noticed how different the youth’s joy was from theirs.

Lin Fengmian stood up.

“I’ll be going back first.”

Wu Yuanfan nodded.

“The flight leaves for Beijing at 5 am tomorrow. You should rest well today.”

Lin Fengmian had a lot of work coming up.

These were some things that they had already rejected several times.

He was not doing any acting, and he rarely appeared in variety shows.

However, these job offers happened to coincide with the release of his new album, so he had added more to the list, one after another.

His schedule was very full every day.

Hearing Wu Yuanfan’s words, a female staff member beside him quietly glanced at Lin Fengmian and asked in a low voice, “Brother Fan, Fengmian’s workload has been really heavy recently. Would you like to make some adjustments?”

She was a big sister fan herself. Seeing that Lin Fengmian could not even maintain his normal sleep every day, her heart ached.

Wu Yuanfan looked at the computer and pondered for a moment. He felt that what she said made sense, so he asked, “Fengmian, what do you think?”

Lin Fengmian put on his mask and looked at him quietly with his light brown eyes that were like crystal beads.

He shook his head.

“There’s no need. Let’s stick to the previous schedule.”

Since Wu Yuanfan saw that he insisted, he did not pursue the subject.

After spending a few months together, he had already understood Lin Fengmian’s temper.

Although he did not talk much and was a quiet person, he was also stubborn.

He would not change his mind easily.


Lin Fengmian went out, accompanied by his bodyguards and assistant.

No matter where he went, the paparazzi would keep an eye on him. Sometimes, he would even encounter an extremely crazy fan.

Therefore, the company had assigned more staff members to accompany him.

Lin Fengmian took the elevator down to the underground garage and got into the nanny van.

After he left, the rest of the people in the conference room continued to work overtime.

The female staff member who had spoken up earlier could not help but ask, “Brother Fan, why has Fengmian been in such a rush recently? Is there something else?”

Wu Yuanfan waved his hand:

“He asked for a leave of absence. So before that, he has to finish all this work first.”

With Lin Fengmian’s current situation, it was almost impossible for him to get a personal vacation.

However, he had been particularly insistent, and Wu Yuanfan could not refuse. After consulting with the company’s upper management, he had finally agreed.

The price was that Lin Fengmian had to work continuously during this period of time.

“Forget it. If he wants to do this, then let him do it.”

The next morning, Ning Li looked at herself in the mirror for a long time.

Some of the lighter traces had already basically gone. Some of the deeper ones were still a little obvious.

Fortunately, it was better than before. She tried to cover it up more, the result being that she could just barely pass the test.

She had a lot of things to do in the next few days.

There were some media interviews and some publicity events for Second High School.

She packed up her things and went outside. She saw Lu Huaiyu making breakfast.

Other than her birthday, he had tormented her for too long. He went home late and got up late. But other than that, he was always earlier than her.

She had helped with cooking before, but since she had moved into Yunding Fenghua, she had almost never cooked.

“Second Brother.”

She put her backpack aside and sat down at the dining table.

Lu Huaiyu handed her a glass of milk.

“Is there an interview today?”

Ning Li held the glass and took a sip.

“The last two.”

She was not interested in these things, but the fame of holding the title of provincial champion was too big, and all the media flocked to her.

Even if she could reject one, she still could not reject all of them.

Lu Huaiyu nodded, and casually lifted her shoulder-length hair.

“It seems to have almost faded?”

Ning Li nodded, and then complained in a low voice, with a little feeling of dissatisfaction.

“I covered it up. There are still a few places which will probably take a few days to go down.”

Lu Huaiyu chuckled, and his slightly calloused fingers gently stroked her delicate neck a few times.

“Still angry? Why don’t I let you bite me back?”

As he spoke, he really bent down and leaned over, waiting patiently.

Ning Li refused and turned away to drink her milk.

Lu Huaiyu asked with a smile, “You really don’t want to?”

Ning Li put down the cup and turned to look at him.

As he spoke, a smile could be seen teasing at the corner of his lips, and his Adam’s apple moved up and down. He looked extremely lazy and sexy.

There was a hint of teasing between his brows, as if he had already expected her answer. It was as if he was merely watching a child play.

A surge of energy suddenly surged in her heart.

This man seemed to always have victory in his grasp. Nothing could make him flustered.

Even this kind of thing was the same.

She suddenly grabbed the shirt on his chest and leaned over with her head held high.

Lu Huaiyu noticed her movements and his smile deepened. He tilted his head slightly in cooperation, as if he really wanted to allow her to leave a few marks to vent her anger.

However, in the next moment, his body suddenly froze.

Ning Li did not kiss his neck. Instead, she bit his Adam’s apple.

Her lips and tongue were warm, wet, and smooth, as soft and sweet as he had tasted before.

Even with just a slight touch, all the hot and passionate memories of the other night were quickly brought back to him.

He held her waist with one hand, and his throat was dry. His Adam’s apple could not help but move up and down.

Ning Li was a little dissatisfied. She frowned slightly and muttered, “Don’t move.”

As she spoke, she imitated his action that day and clumsily sucked and bit on his Adam’s apple.

Her teeth carelessly brushed against his Adam’s apple, bringing with them a slight pain.

After the pain, it became even more scalding and lingering.

Lu Huaiyu tightened his arms. He wanted to kiss her, but he could not bear to detach himself from this moment.

Ning Li bit down and then backed away. She saw that there was only a faint trace left on it.

It could not be compared to hers at all.

She stared at it, feeling a little annoyed.

–Was her method wrong?

“Forget it, let’s just leave it at that.”

She said.

After saying that, she picked up the cup again, intending to drink the last mouthful of milk.

Lu Huaiyu’s temples jumped. He ground his teeth and smiled.

“Forget it?”

How could he forget it just like this?

He held her chin and kissed her lips without any hesitation.

Ning Li raised her hand to block him.

“Lu Huaiyu, what are you doing?”

Lu Huaiyu sipped the milk from between her lips and teeth, replying in a very perfunctory manner.

“I’m drinking milk. What’s wrong?”