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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 451 - I Stole Someone Else’s Treasure

Chapter 451: I Stole Someone Else’s Treasure

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A chicken leg was neatly chopped off by Yu Pingchuan.

Lu Huaiyu’s eyebrows jumped.

Lin Yaohui quietly put down the spatula he was holding and made a silent exit.



Bang Bang Bang!

Yu Pingchuan raised the knife and swung it down. The kitchen knife was thrown into the air and landed on the chopping board with a bang.

The chicken was quickly chopped into eight pieces.

Lin Yaohui glanced over.


How bloody.

Ning Li was sitting outside, so she could clearly hear the commotion.

She hesitantly stood up, but Lin Yaohui had already walked over to stop her. He gestured to her and lowered his voice.

“Ah Li, it’s better if you don’t go in yet.”

Ning Li said hesitantly, “But… I see that Teacher Yu is very angry…”

Lin Yaohui sighed.

“It doesn’t matter if you eat the chestnut chicken or not, but I really don’t want to eat the chicken mince. You’d better just sit here!”

Ning Li, “…”

She thought his words over for a long time before finally sitting back down.

Looking over there, she saw Yu Pingchuan expressionlessly pointing at the chopped chicken and ordering Lu Huaiyu, “Wash these.

“Remember to wash them clean.”

Lu Huaiyu coughed lightly and rolled up his sleeves.


Capital City, Lu family.

Old Master Lu put down his phone.

Fang Qingyun glanced at him and finally could not help but say, “Old Master, please put your smile away.”

It was so wide that the two ends almost reached the back of his head. It was quite scary.

Only then did Old Master Lu realize that he had lost his composure. He tried but failed. Instead, his smile became even brighter.

Fang Qingyun, “…”

Old Master Lu straightened his collar and picked up his chopsticks again. He raised his voice and said, “Chunlan? Add another dish!”

I’m happy today! I have a good appetite too!

Fang Qingyun recalled Yu Pingchuan’s tone on the other end of the line. It was not difficult for him to imagine what was happening on the other end right now.

He sighed and gave a reminder, “That… Old Master, Second Master is still at Elder Yu’s side…”

He would probably have to do a lot to clean up that situation.

Old Master Lu waved his hand casually.

“Well, he did do something wrong, isn’t that right? Don’t worry about him!”

Besides, where would he have the time now?

“Oh right, later, make a list of the suitable venues in Capital City and Yunzhou for the engagement banquet. I’ll choose first.”

Fang Qingyun was silent for a moment. “Old Master, isn’t it a little early for that?”

“Aiya, you don’t know. There are still so many things to do here. Flowers, alcohol, and so on. All these things take a lot of time and energy to pick and choose. So, shouldn’t we hurry up first?”

As he said this, he could not help but click his tongue.

“The rascal has finally done something beautiful.”

Ning Li had never felt time pass so slowly before.

Yu Pingchuan and Lu Huaiyu had been in the kitchen for quite some time, and all sorts of never-ending clanging noises could be heard.

After a long time, Yu Pingchuan called Ning Li to eat.

Ning Li stood up and was about to go over to serve the dishes when Yu Pingchuan blocked her hand.

“How can you do this kind of work?”

The corners of Lu Huaiyu’s lips curled up slightly, and he walked over very consciously.

“Let me do it.”

Yu Pingchuan nudged Ning Li.

“Just go and sit down.”

Ning Li, “… Oh.”

She slowly sat down at the dining table.

Lu Huaiyu walked back and forth, even helping to set the table.

When all the dishes were served, all of them finally sat down.

Lu Huaiyu pulled out the chair next to Ning Li and was about to sit down when Yu Pingchuan looked up at him.

Lu Huaiyu paused and smiled. He tactfully walked around the table and went to the opposite side.

Yu Pingchuan raised his chin and pointed at the plate of unknown objects on the dining table.

“I haven’t thanked you for ‘taking care’ of Ah Li during this period of time. This dish was specially prepared for you. Please enjoy it.”

Ning Li looked over and raised her eyelids slightly.

Chestnut chicken.

The chestnut was burnt. As for the chicken…

She had never seen such a minced chestnut chicken…

Lu Huaiyu smiled and agreed.

“Thank you, Elder Yu.”

After saying that, he really placed the plate right in front of his view and started eating without a change in expression.

Lu Huaiyu was from a noble family in the Capital City, and he was arrogant and picky.

Normally, he would never touch these things.

Now, however, he did not seem to care.

Yu Pingchuan snorted.

Ning Li withdrew her gaze.

Yu Pingchuan narrowed his eyes and emphasized, “Ah Li’s hands are precious. She can never do these things.”

It was as if he had forgotten about how he had praised Ning Li’s skilled hands in front of Lu Huaiyu before.

Lu Huaiyu did not seem to remember that either. He smiled and replied, “Yes, I happen to know how to do these things. I can do them in the future.”

Yu Pingchuan choked.

He had wanted to show Lu Huaiyu his might, but he had unexpectedly found a loophole for him.

He snorted.

“Ah Li, you have been busy with classes in the past and have not gone out to meet many people. When you arrive in the Capital City, you’ll be able to go around more.”

Lu Huaiyu was calm and composed. He smiled warmly and said, “It just so happens that my work focus has shifted back to the Capital City. Whenever Ah Li wants to go somewhere, I can accompany her.”

Yu Pingchuan, “…”

His original intention was to say that it would be good for Ning Li to see more people, but then he remembered that this person was Lu Huaiyu. In the entire Capital City, there were not many people in the younger generation who could compare to him, so he could only swallow his words back down.

He looked at Ning Li.

“Ah Li, when it comes to dating, you must remember one thing: if the person makes you feel wronged, you must immediately break up. Don’t give them even the slightest chance, understand?”


Lu Huaiyu continued.

“Thank you for your guidance, Elder Yu. I will definitely pay more attention in the future. I won’t let Ah Li be unhappy, and I won’t let her feel wronged either.”

Yu Pingchuan, “…”

This meal was extremely torturous. Ning Li could not get a single word in, so she could only eat in silence.

After eating with great difficulty, Yu Pingchuan stood up and looked at Ning Li.

“Ah Li, come with me.”

Ning Li obediently stood up and glanced back at Lu Huaiyu again.

Lu Huaiyu gave her a reassuring look.

Only then did Ning Li follow Yu Pingchuan to his room.

After the door had closed, Ning Li looked at Yu Pingchuan.

“Teacher Yu.”

Yu Pingchuan looked at her with a complicated expression and asked, “Do you really like Lu Huaiyu?”

Ning Li nodded her head lightly.

Yu Pingchuan’s hand tapped on the table for a long while before he sighed.

“It’s fine as long as you like him. But remember to inform the Jinse Bay side later.”

Ning Li nodded.

“Yes, I know.”

Yu Pingchuan knew her well. After what had happened today, how could he not see that Ning Li really liked Lu Huaiyu?

He said, “Go and call Lu Huaiyu over.”

Lu Huaiyu and Yu Pingchuan talked in the room for a full half an hour.

It was not known what they were talking about. After Yu Pingchuan came out, his expression looked better than before.

In the end, he had even agreed to let Ning Li and Lu Huaiyu return to Yunding Fenghua.

The two of them went downstairs.

The sky was already dark, and the street lamps were lit up.

Ning Li couldn’t help but ask, “Second Brother, about that meal… Are you okay?”

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“Why, are you feeling sad?”

Ning Li did not say anything.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her before taking her into his arms and stroking her hair.

“You should be.”

He chuckled softly,

“I stole someone’s treasure.”