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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 445 - Ning Li, Lu Huaiyu Is Yours

Chapter 445: Ning Li, Lu Huaiyu Is Yours

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There was no light on in the room. Only the faint moonlight flowed in through the window, coating the room with a layer of faint silver frost.


The air seemed to be filled with a subtle atmosphere.

Ning Li stared blankly at Lu Huaiyu.

At the moment, his appearance was clear and handsome. His posture was languid, but inexplicably… different.

Half his face was lit up while the other half was in darkness. His Phoenix eyes were as thick as the sea. He looked at her quietly, giving off a suppressed and dangerous aura.

Ning Li rarely saw him like this, and her heart tightened slightly.

“Second Brother?”

Lu Huaiyu walked toward her.

His steps were slow but rhythmic, like a beast gradually approaching its prey, with a silent and cold greed.

Ning Li instinctively took half a step back, her calves touching the foot of the bed.

Behind her was the bed, and there was no way to retreat.

Lu Huaiyu stood in front of her, very close to her.

Ning Li raised her head slightly, her peach blossom eyes clear and clean, with a hint of confusion and helplessness.

In the next moment, Lu Huaiyu leaned closer.

His gaze fell on her face, sizing her up carefully. He swept his gaze past her brows, eyes, and the tip of her nose, and finally fixed his gaze on her full, red lips.

With one hand in his pocket, he leaned over slightly. Not a single part of his body was truly touching her.

However, his gaze was burning and very invasive making his touch feel almost tangible. He caressed her face as if he could see her entire body, both inside and out as well as clearly and thoroughly.

Beneath his gaze, Ning Li’s face instantly turned red.

She did not dare to look at him again and subconsciously lowered her head.

Then, she heard his deep and pleasant voice.

“Ning Li.”

His tone was always lazy and noble. There was a casual smile on his face as he spoke each word carefully.

“Do you still not understand how much I like you?”

The moment he finished speaking, the room fell silent.

Ning Li’s mind suddenly went blank. Only her heart was beating rapidly in her chest. The noise kept echoing in her ears like a roar.

‘Ning Li, do you still not understand how much I like you?’

She was stunned and did not know how to answer for a moment.

The next moment, Lu Huaiyu’s hand touched her face.

His palm was very hot and slightly calloused. When it fell on her soft and fair cheeks, it carried a rough and scalding slight pain.

Ning Li could not help but tremble slightly.

She had just opened her mouth to speak when Lu Huaiyu’s thumb pressed against her lips.

He looked at her with deep eyes, his fingertips rubbing against her soft and unbelievably soft lips.

Very gently, with a vague joy and desire that had never been announced, but was already obvious.

His voice was slightly hoarse.

“As long as you want it, Lu Huaiyu is yours.”

All the voices and images were blurred and disappeared at this moment.

Only his face, voice, color, and breathing occupied everything.

He asked, “Ning Li, do you want me?”

In an instant, countless images seemed to flash through her mind.

The watch he had smashed for her.

The umbrella he had held for her.

The porridge he had cooked for her.

The candy he had given her, the wish he had given her, and the half of a strawberry…

After a long time, she raised her eyes and looked straight into his eyes, nodding her head gently.



Her voice was sweet and soft, her cheeks were red, and her eyelashes were thick and curly. There seemed to be ripples in her eyes, moist and bright, drawing him into her gaze like a hook wrapping around him, making him unable to move.

As she spoke, her lips moved slightly under his finger.

Lu Huaiyu’s eyes looked into hers deeply. After hearing this answer that he had been waiting for for too long, he finally smiled slowly.

His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. He gently rubbed the tip of her nose and said in a hoarse voice, “Good girl, how much longer until midnight?”

Ning Li instantly understood what he meant.

She opened her eyes, as if sparks were falling from the bottom of her heart.

She did not say anything, but slowly reached into her pocket and took out a peach-flavored milk candy.

Then, she tore off the candy wrapper, rolled up the tip of her tongue, and put the candy into her mouth.

The sweet peach mixed with the milk-flavored flavor spread out.

She raised her head slightly and looked straight at Lu Huaiyu.

Her face was so red that even the ends of her eyes seemed to be suffused with a faint crimson color.

“Lu Huaiyu.”

Her fingers gently grasped his shirt and called out his name. She asked softly, “Do you want some candy?”

Lu Huaiyu and all the self-control and endurance that he was so proud of, easily collapsed at this moment.

All of his calmness turned into desire, and all of his rationality turned into greed.

He pinched her chin and tilted his head to kiss her.

The young girl’s lips were soft and warm. The moment they touched, an indescribable numbness spread throughout his body.

Lu Huaiyu’s entire body was tense and boiling hot.

Almost at the same time, his other arm wrapped around her slender and soft waist, pulling her into his embrace.

His body was close to hers, and the boiling temperature of the man’s body could be felt through his thin clothes.

Ning Li was held in his embrace, feeling as if her body temperature seemed to have risen too much.

Her slender white fingers gripped his shirt tightly, as she was forced to raise her head to receive his kiss.

At first, his kiss was very gentle, but soon, he held her lips and bit them gently.

Ning Li felt a slight pain, so she subconsciously opened her lips.

Lu Huaiyu took advantage of her weakness and rolled the milk candy between her lips and teeth.

Ning Li was almost unable to breathe after being bitten by him, and she let out a low whimper.

His chest shook, as if he was laughing.

The next moment, he returned the milk candy to her. Then, he licked and bit her lips as if he was comforting her.

Ning Li was completely conquered by him, and her mind was in a daze. All that was left was the boiling temperature and the sweet milk fragrance, which seemed to be carved into her bones.

After an unknown amount of time, she heard her cell phone ring.

It seemed that someone was calling.

She managed to regain some of her rationality to withdraw slightly, as she nudged him gently.

“… phone, phone…”

The syllables were vague and broken, and her voice was extremely sweet and soft.

Ning Li immediately shut up, feeling extremely embarrassed.

Lu Huaiyu chuckled and finally let go of her lips. He tilted his head slightly, and the hot kiss landed on her fair and delicate neck.

He nibbled on her tender flesh and his hot and heavy breath landed on her neck and ears. He smiled casually and said, “Well, answer it.”

His voice was low and hoarse to the extreme.

Ning Li’s face seemed to be on fire. She was almost driven to tears by him.

How could she answer like this?

The phone quieted down.

Lu Huaiyu grabbed her waist, as if he was going to crush her and melt her into his body.

He moved closer to her ear, looked at her delicate and fair earlobe, and gently bit her.

Ning Li could not help but arch her back at the waist, and a low gasp escaped from her red lips.

Lu Huaiyu’s teeth slowly dragged against her, and he smiled.

“I waited for you for so long, but in the end, all my efforts fell through in your hands. Think about how I should make it up to you.”

Hearing this, Ning Li suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck.

Her voice was so low and soft.

“It’s okay, Lu Huaiyu.”


“The seventeen-year-old me likes you too.”