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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 442 - Alcohol Tolerance

Chapter 442: Alcohol Tolerance

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The corners of Ning Li’s lips curled up.

“Really? That’s quite a coincidence.”

He Xiaochen sighed.

“Sigh, it’s my mom’s fault for giving birth to me early!”

Ning Li’s phone lit up.

She looked down and saw that it was actually a WeChat message from Old Master Lu.

He congratulated her on reaching the end of her college entrance exam and he asked her to have fun during this period of time. Finally, he had even sent a red packet as well.

Ning Li pursed her lips into a smile and opened the red packet.

Two hundred dollars.

[ Thank you, Grandpa Lu. ]

Capital City, Lu family.

Old Master Lu held his phone and felt a headache coming on.

“Qingyun, how come this red packet can only send out two hundred dollars?”

He had studied it for a long time, but in the end… this was it?

Fang Qingyun did not know whether to laugh or cry:

“Old Master, it’s the same for everyone. If you really want to give more, you can transfer the money, but I don’t think Ah Li will accept it.”

Old Master Lu thought about it and felt that it was probably true.

The last time he had given Ah Li a big red packet, it had been under the pretext of giving her money for the New Year celebrations.

How could this be counted now?

Giving a small red packet was a kind gesture. If it was too much, that child probably would not accept it.


Old Master Lu sighed.

“It’s all because Huaiyu didn’t live up to expectations!”

If he gave this to his granddaughter-in-law, wouldn’t he be able to give her as much as he wanted?

Fang Qingyun, “…”

He coughed and said, “This… Old Master, Ah Li has already finished her college entrance exam and her birthday is not far away. Don’t worry. Second Master likes Ah Li so much.”

Old Master Lu snorted.

“Even if he likes Ah Li, it’ll only work if Ah Li likes him too!”

He said wistfully, “I wonder if that kid is that fortunate…”

Food Monk.

This restaurant was famous for its good taste and good service. Although the price was a little high, business had always been good for them.

When Ning Li and the others entered, the waiting area at the door was almost full.

Fortunately, Ren Qian had already booked a private room, so they could go in straight away.

Everyone took their seats and shouted for Ning Li to order.

Ning Li took the menu, ordered a few signature dishes, and handed it to He Xiaochen.

Messages kept coming from her phone, basically congratulating her on the end of her college entrance exam.

Wei Songzhe had gone out for a barbecue with his underlings and sent her a few photos.

Gu Siyang had warmly invited her to Ignite. However, Ning Li thought of the painful lesson Lu Huaiyu had taught her the last time she had been there and firmly refused.

Besides that, there was another very important reason.

Gu Siyang was still wearing that t-shirt today.

That’s right, he had ordered more than one.

He had ordered it for the entire LY racing team.

Ning Li valued her eyes too much to want to suffer seeing something like this.

Gu Siyang was extremely disappointed. He kept on pestering her until Ning Li agreed to have dinner with him on another day. Only then did he finally give up.

George sent her a congratulatory message.

[ Ning, since the college entrance exam is over, you’ll be able to come to the show next time, right? ]

Half a minute later, Ning Li received a message notifying her of a money transfer from G&S.

Looking at the string of numbers, Ning Li finally felt the sincerity of the crown prince of G&S.

[ I’ll consider it. ]

“Hey, why didn’t anyone order wine?”

At the dining table, Lin Zhouyang looked at the list and asked.

It had not been easy to endure until the end of the college entrance examination. Why didn’t they celebrate a little?

As soon as this suggestion was made, it immediately received a response from the other people.

“That’s right! Let’s order some!”

“Beer? White wine?”

Ren Qian patted the back of his head.

“There are girls here. What should we drink?”

Lin Zhouyang hissed.

“The girls can drink and the men can drink!”

Ren Qian thought for a moment and looked at Pei Song.

“Brother Pei?”

Pei Song said calmly,


Ren Qian ordered a beer.

“Me! I want to drink too!”

He Xiaochen raised her hand excitedly.

“I haven’t had a drink before!”

Ren Qian glanced at her.

“If you haven’t had a drink before, then what’s the point of joining in the fun? I’ll give you a drink later, just to let you have a taste.”

He Xiaochen was unconvinced.

“What if I’m born with a huge capacity? Maybe none of you can drink better than me!”

As she spoke, she patted Ning Li.

“Ning Li, don’t you agree?”

Ning Li, “…”

She did not know what capacity He Xiaochen had for drinking. In any case, she knew that she wasn’t qualified to say that.

“Do you want to drink?”

Pei Song suddenly turned his head to look over to ask her.

Ning Li shook her head.

“I’ll just drink fruit juice.”

Pei Song nodded.

When He Xiaochen heard Ning Li’s words, she came over with a smile.

“Ning Li, you’re so obedient! Is it because your Second Brother doesn’t want you to drink?”

The college entrance examination was like a line. On the other side of the line, there were countless rules that needed to be followed.

Once one crossed this line, those restrictions seemed to disappear naturally.

Therefore, even she became excited and wanted to test the taste of the wine.

However, she had not expected Ning Li to not want to drink.

Pei Song’s gaze fell on Ning Li’s face. Behind the lenses of his glasses, the emotions in his eyes could not be seen clearly.

Ning Li smiled.

“I get drunk just from drinking a little, so I can’t drink.”

He Xiaochen was stunned.

“Eh? Doesn’t that mean that you’ve been drunk before?”

Ning Li picked up the glass of water and answered vaguely.


She could not bear to look back on the past.

She still did not have the courage to ask Lu Huaiyu what had happened that night when she had gotten drunk.

Pei Song looked away.

The dishes were served very quickly.

Lin Zhouyang used his chopsticks to open the bottle cap which then flew up.

The group of boys started to cheer each other on as they drank.

He Xiaochen, who was watching from the side, was also extremely curious.

She called out to Ren Qian.

“Ren Qian, please help me get a bottle too!”

Ren Qian had a bottle that had just been opened. When he heard this, he took her cup and poured her a glass.

He Xiaochen was very disappointed.

“So stingy?”

Ren Qian smiled and said, “If you can finish drinking this, then we can talk about it further. Besides, you don’t even have a share in it in the first place yet I still gave some to you, so why aren’t you grateful?”

He Xiaochen took a sip from the glass, and her face immediately wrinkled.

“It tastes terrible!”

She swallowed the mouthful with difficulty and refused to drink any more.

The alcohol taste was really strong. What was so good about it?

Someone at the side called Ren Qian to drink, and Ren Qian took the bottle.

“Hey, hey! Qianzi, you can’t do this! You’re lacking something!”

Ren Qian looked at Lin Zhouyang.

“Lin, you dog, open another bottle for me.”

How could Lin Zhouyang miss this opportunity? He immediately did as he was told.

Ren Qian pointed at the two bottles in front of him and said to the boy, “I have these two bottles compared to your one bottle. That’s enough, right?”

The boys in front of him laughed in unison.

“Sure! Why not?”

Ren Qian raised his chin at He Xiaochen.

“Big boss, you owe me a drink. Now, I have to drink the whole bottle.”

He Xiaochen felt guilty and gave him a thumbs up.

“You’re awesome!”

Ren Qian picked up the bottle of wine.

“It’s good that you know.”

The two boys started drinking at the same time, and the people around them joined in the fun.

The atmosphere in the private room was very lively.

Pei Song observed quietly from the side.

Someone suddenly suggested, “Hey, it’s no fun drinking like this. Why don’t we play Truth or Dare?”