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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 440 - College Entrance Examination

Chapter 440: College Entrance Examination

Cheng Xiyue, “…”

How careless!

Seeing the others’ reactions, Gu Siyang became even more proud. He immediately took off his jacket, turned around, and pointed his thumb at his back.

“Ning Li, behind here are Ji Shu, Ron, and the others’ signatures as well! Don’t think that I’m the only one here today. Actually, all our hearts are with you!”

Ning Li looked at the pile of garish signatures behind him and inhaled slightly.

“… Thanks a lot.”

“What’s there to thank?”

Gu Siyang felt that he had regained the upper hand and felt completely at ease now.

“They’ve started preparing for a competition recently. So since they couldn’t come, let me be their representative.”

As he spoke, he patted the car.

“Look! I even changed the color of the paint on this car to red! It’ll give you a good fortune!”

Cheng Xiyue was in disbelief.

“Gu Siyang, you’re not planning to accompany Sister Ning Li to the examination venue just like this, right?”

“Why? What’s wrong? Is there a problem?” Gu Siyang looked at Ning Li with a fervent expression. “Ning Li, don’t tell me you don’t want me to go?”

As her future boss, she must have felt the full force of his heartfelt sincerity!

“We can go together, but I have a request.” Ning Li closed her eyes and said seriously, “Gu Siyang, you’ll have to drive and follow behind.”

She really did not want to see his T-shirt when she looked up.

Gu Siyang had originally planned to drive her there, but since this was what she had said, it would not be a problem.


Ning Li’s examination venue was in Second High School.

Two cars arrived near the examination venue. Afraid of causing traffic congestion, they did not continue to go inside.

Ning Li pushed the car door open and got out.

Lu Huaiyu accompanied her to the school gate.

The examinees were entering the examination hall one after another.

Ning Li fixed her gaze on this scene. Countless images seemed to flash in her mind.

This time, she would finally be able to finish all the papers that she needed to write and all the exams that she needed to complete.

She looked at Lu Huaiyu and said, “Second Brother, I’ll be going in now.”

Lu Huaiyu nodded with a smile.

“Relax and take your exams well.”

With a determined heart, Ning Li nodded. Then, she walked into the gate.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her back until she was out of sight. Then he turned around.

It was already quite hot in June in Yunzhou. The temperature had reached 35 degrees Celcius.

The entire Second High School seemed to be filled with a tense atmosphere that was inexplicably hot and restless.

Many students had an obvious look of nervousness on their faces.

Ning Li found her examination room.

She checked the admission ticket and fingerprint verification.

Everything was going smoothly.

Her seat was at the last position in the third row.

Some of the students in the classroom were also from Second High School. When they saw her, they were all excited and happy.

The top students were in the same examination room as them! Maybe they could benefit from it and perform better!

Ning Li went to her seat and sat down, quietly waiting for the exam to start.

Finally, when all the examinees had entered the venue, the bell rang.

The first round was the Chinese paper.

The invigilator began to hand out the papers one after another.

Ning Li took the papers and gently exhaled. Then she picked up the pen and seriously wrote down her name and admission card number.

The exam seemed to pass very slowly and very quickly at the same time.

The morning exam ended very quickly.

Ning Li walked out of the exam room with the crowd and saw Lu Huaiyu waiting for her outside.

He was very tall and well-born. Wherever he stood, he was very eye-catching and could easily attract everyone’s attention.

Ning Li walked over.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her.

“How was the exam? Did it go smoothly?”

Ning Li nodded.

“It was alright.”

Lu Huaiyu took her to have lunch. He had already booked a suite in a nearby hotel and accompanied her for lunch.

“Take a rest first. I’ll call you when it’s time.”

Ning Li obediently went to the bedroom inside to rest.

Lu Huaiyu waited quietly in the living room outside.

When it was almost time, he knocked on the door and called for her.

It was the math paper in the afternoon.

Ning Li took an hour to finish the exam. After checking it twice, she lay on the table to rest.

She had already had a good nap in the afternoon and was not sleepy at the moment. So, she just sat there quietly.

Halfway through the exam, there was a girl in the exam room who began to sob, perhaps because the exam paper was too difficult.

The invigilator quickly went to comfort her, but it was not easy to calm the girl down.

Ning Li glanced over and saw that the girl’s shoulders were still trembling slightly. She was wiping her tears as she wrote on the exam paper.

The college entrance examination had been the most important thing in the lives of countless people for the past eighteen years.

Countless hard days and nights, incomparably heavy textbooks, and seemingly endless papers…

Everything was just for these two days.

It was extremely normal for one to feel great psychological pressure.

Ning Li sighed softly in her heart.

After the mathematics examination had ended, Ning Li walked out of the examination room and saw that many people had dejected expressions. There were even some who could not help but cry.

The math exam this time had been very difficult.

After this exam, it was estimated that it had dealt a great blow to many people.

Half an hour after she had come out of the exam room, # National Math Exam # was on the hot searches.

Ning Li casually refreshed it and saw that countless people in the topic square were lamenting that the math exam this time had been extremely abnormal.

She took a few glances and put away her phone.

Sure enough, the next day, two people in Ning Li’s exam room were missing.

She stared at the two empty seats for a while, then put away her thoughts and started to write on her paper.

One stroke by one stroke, extremely seriously.

English was the last paper.

This time, she had finally successfully entered the exam room and completed the last exam.

After answering the last question, Ning Li put down her pen and looked out of the window.

In the afternoon of June, the sun was still bright and warm.

Everything in the past seemed to have become a distant dream.

The bell rang.

Ning Li walked out of the examination room.

Countless cheers and screams resounded throughout the entire campus.

Some people were happy, some were sad.

Some laughed, some cried.

Some ran wildly, some hugged.

After all those years, the endless emotions and emotions that had been suppressed in youth were finally released at this moment.

Ning Li walked towards the school gate. From afar, she spotted the familiar tall and clear figure.

The crowd around her was turbulent and noisy.

The sun shone on her face and body, bringing with it a scorching heat.

At this moment, her nightmare had finally been torn apart, and she could now say goodbye to it completely.

She looked at him, and the corners of her lips slowly raised into a smile. Her peach blossom eyes curved, as if there was a shimmering light, and the dimples at the corners of her lips were shallow.

It was sweet as hell..