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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 439 - : You Can Forgive Them, But I Can’t

Chapter 439: You Can Forgive Them, But I Can’t

She looked at him in a daze without saying anything.

Lu Huaiyu approached her and realized that there was something wrong with her expression.

He bent down slightly and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Ning Li paused and said, “Su Yuan went to school to look for me today.”

Lu Huaiyu’s eyes turned cold.


“After the evening self-study.”

Ning Li said, hesitating for a moment, but still said, “She came to me for help.”

The expression on Lu Huaiyu’s face was calm, but there was a hint of coldness in his eyes.

“What kind of help?”

Ning Li pursed her lips.

“She… wants me to beg you to help the Ye family.”

Lu Huaiyu’s eyes narrowed before he then started to chuckle.

He had not expected that Su Yuan would have the face to come to Ning Li at this time.

However, upon thinking about it carefully, he felt that this was indeed something that she would do.

He looked at Ning Li and said in a low and unhurried voice, “So, are you helping her to approach me now?”

Ning Li shook her head.

“The Ye family’s matter has nothing to do with me.”

Lu Huaiyu looked into her eyes to make sure that she meant what she said and that she was not affected by it. Then, he smiled.

“That’s good.”

He did not want to see the young girl’s heart soften.

Those people from the Ye family were really not worth it.

Ning Li was stunned when she heard what he said.

Then, she could not help but ask, “Second Brother, what if I had really come to ask for your help? Would you agree?”

When she asked this question, her heart beat faster.

She did not know why she had asked this question. She had clearly not intended on pleading for the Ye family from the beginning.

There was really no need for her to ask.

However, she had still asked this question, with a thought that even she herself did not understand.

Lu Huaiyu said casually, “I wouldn’t.”

Ning Li was stunned and looked at him in a daze.

That was true.

No one was willing to touch the Ye family’s matters.

If Lu Huaiyu were to help, he would probably dirty his hands.

He was an honorable man and had nothing to do with the Ye family to begin with, so there was no need for him to bother.

She lowered her eyes.

In the next moment, she heard him say lazily, “Perhaps you can forgive them for what they did, but I can’t.”

Ning Li was slightly stunned. She raised her eyes to look at him and saw the lips of the man who had always been aloof and noble. His eyes were clear, and his smile was undisciplined.

“I already restrained myself by not destroying the Ye family myself.”

If it were not for the fact that the young girl had been enjoying herself, the Ye family would not have survived until today.

Ning Li heard the sound of her heart beating, and she was stunned and did not say anything.

Lu Huaiyu gently tapped her smooth and full forehead with his fingers.

“Ning Li, do I look like someone with such a good temper? Hmm?”

After that day, Ning Li had originally thought that Su Yuan would come again.

However, she had not.

Everything that happened that night seemed to have been a hasty dream that had passed by quickly.

The Ye family could not take care of themselves, and the situation was getting worse and worse.

However, those things did not affect Ning Li anymore.

All the waves seemed to have been blocked by an invisible hand.

On her end, everything was calm and peaceful.

Three days before the college entrance examination, the senior year students had a collective holiday.

All the senior year students went home separately to prepare for the college entrance examination.

Ning Li moved all the books back to the Yunding Fenghua.

Lu Huaiyu pushed all his work aside and focused on accompanying her to prepare for the examination.

June 7th, National College Entrance Examination.

Early in the morning, Cheng Xiyue’s car stopped at the entrance of the Yunding Fenghua.

Lu Huaiyu was reminding Ning Li about the things she needed to bring.

“You’ve brought your admission ticket and your ID card, right?”

“Where’s your eraser?

“Ruler, and a pen.

“Where’s the water tumbler?”

Ning Li raised the transparent stationery bag in her hand a little helplessly.

“Second Brother, haven’t you already checked it several times? Besides, the College Entrance Examination Hall doesn’t allow people to bring water tumblers.”

Lu Huaiyu rubbed her head.

“Just bring everything.”

Cheng Xiyue was speechless as he watched from the car.

“I say, can it still be cured?”

Couldn’t Lu Huaiyu pick another time to show off?

“Lu Er, you don’t really have to go. I’ll send Sister Ning Li over myself. Seriously, even you yourself didn’t put that much effort into the college entrance examination, right?”

Lu Huaiyu, “I never participated in the college entrance examination.”

Cheng Xiyue, “…”

He looked indignantly at Ning Li.

“Sister Ning Li, let’s go!”

Ning Li walked over and was just about to get on the car when her gaze suddenly focused.

She hesitated for a moment and opened her mouth to ask, “Brother Xiyue, this tie of yours…”

Cheng Xiyue was wearing a red tie.

This was really extremely incompatible with his usual style of clothing.

Cheng Xiyue laughed heartily.

“It’s for good luck!”

For Little Sister Ning Li, what was a red tie?

Ning Li, “…”

Lu Huaiyu pulled open the car door.

Ning Li was just about to get into the car when she suddenly heard a familiar engine roar.

She looked up along the sound and saw a red supercar driving over.

Sitting in the driver’s seat was none other than Gu Siyang.

“Ning Li!”

Gu Siyang parked the car at the side. He had originally been very happy, but when he saw Cheng Xiyue’s car, his face was full of regret.

“Ah, I’m late?”

Ning Li, “…”

She really had no interest in riding such a flashy supercar to the examination venue.

Cheng Xiyue glanced at him and snorted.

“Gu Siyang, you move too slowly.”

Gu Siyang had specifically come back from his trip for Ning Li’s college entrance exam.

What a joke!

How long had he waited for this day?

Now that the day had arrived, he naturally had to come!

Gu Siyang glanced at the red tie and suddenly snorted. He had inadvertently unfastened his studded denim jacket, revealing the red t-shirt inside.

He said slowly, “D*mn, I was just changing my clothes. I guess I was delayed?”

Ning Li stared at his bright-colored t-shirt and the huge words “College entrance exam: VICTORY!” and fell into silence..