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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 438 - He Likes You So Much!

Chapter 438: He Likes You So Much!

After having not seen her for some time, Su Yuan seemed to have changed into a different person.

Madam Ye, who used to be well-maintained, had always been exquisitely made up and had always been fastidious about everything, now had a haggard look on her face. She looked as if she had aged ten years.

The thick layer of powder could not cover the dark circles under her eyes. The pride between her brows had disappeared and had been replaced by cowardice and inferiority.

Although the clothes and bags she used were brand-name goods, they were obviously out of season. They had clearly been bought in the past.

Ning Li’s expression was indifferent. She did not want to talk to her. She merely took a glance at her, then retracted her gaze and planned to leave.

Seeing this, Su Yuan immediately panicked. She quickly quickened her pace and walked in front of Ning Li, blocking her way.

“Ning Li, you… Please wait first! Mommy has something to say to you!”

Many people around looked over.

Ning Li frowned slightly.

She really did not want to have anything to do with the Ye family, including Su Yuan.

“Madam Ye, if you have something to say, just say it. I don’t have much time.”

However, Su Yuan hesitated.

“This… This place isn’t very convenient. Why don’t we go somewhere else?”

Ning Li lifted her foot and moved to leave.

Su Yuan panicked and immediately went to pull her back.


Ning Li easily avoided her movements.

Su Yuan saw the impatience on her face and withdrew her hand in embarrassment.

“Then, let’s talk about it here. I won’t take up much of your time.”

She gripped her handbag tightly and her tone was unprecedentedly low.

“Ning Li, you should know the current situation of the Ye family. In the past, I know mom let you down, so mom is apologizing to you! But now, mom really has no other way. Can you… Can you help mom?”

Ning Li felt as if she had just heard a joke.

She slowly asked, “What did you say?”

Su Yuan looked at her pleadingly.

“Aren’t you on good terms with Second Master Lu? Could you go and beg him for help? This should be a piece of cake for him. He treats you so well. If you ask him personally, he won’t refuse, right?”

Su Yuan had not thought of this at first. She had only remembered it after she had called Ye Ting.

Lu Huaiyu had always taken care of her. Everyone knew that he treated her extremely well, especially now that Ning Li was living in Lu Huaiyu’s house.

Ning Li’s relationship with him was not ordinary.

Who was Lu Huaiyu?

He was the second son of the Lu family in the Capital. He had been born into a noble background and was very tough. He could shake half of the Capital with a single stomp.

If he was willing to help, the Ye family’s mess could be easily settled.

All these years, because Ye Ting had married into the Su family in the Capital, she had always been a head taller than Su Yuan. Even Ye Ming had to give in to this younger sister of his.

However, compared to the Lu family, the Su family was nothing.

After Ye Ming’s incident, Ye Ting had tried to get help from her many connections, but nothing had been effective.

She had also asked her husband for help. Unfortunately, he wanted nothing more than to get rid of the Ye family, so why would he help her?

In the end, Ye Ting had finally thought of Lu Huaiyu.

She usually stayed in the Capital and did not know much about the situation in Yunzhou. It was only because she had accidentally found out that Ning Li was living with Lu Huaiyu that she had gotten this idea.

Perhaps Ning Li could persuade Lu Huaiyu.

As for the one who could persuade Ning Li…

No one was more suitable than Su Yuan.

Therefore, Su Yuan had come looking for her now.

“… Ning Li, just think of it as doing a favor for the sake of our mother-and-daughter relationship, okay?”

In front of Ning Li, Su Yuan put on an unprecedentedly humble attitude.

Ning Li looked at her and suddenly felt that it was a little ridiculous.

She had fantasized that Su Yuan might one day apologize to her, but she had not expected that this day would come only because she was desperate and would come to her to ask for help.

She was so sorrowful and sad, yet it was always for the Ye family and not her own daughter.

Ning Li said lightly, “Are you done?”

Su Yuan’s eyes were still filled with tears. “Ning Li, you…”

“I can’t help you with this. Madam Ye, I think it’s better if you look for someone else.”

Ning Li dryly refused her. After saying that, she walked past her and walked forward.

Su Yuan became anxious. She turned around and cried out to her.

“Ning Li! Do you really want to see Mommy being forced to death?!”

Ning Li’s footsteps stopped. She closed her eyes and suddenly laughed.

“Madam Ye, first of all, our relationship isn’t that good. Secondly, Ye Ming knows that he broke the law. He deserves all of this. No one can help him. Finally, the Ye family and Lu Huaiyu have nothing to do with each other. What makes you so sure that he will help?”

Su Yuan was speechless by her words.

Ning Li turned to leave.

Seeing that she was about to leave, Su Yuan finally could not help but blurt out, “He likes you so much! As long as you request it, why would he refuse?!”

Ning Li’s back stiffened.

She lowered her head slightly, and a few strands of hair fell down from her forehead, covering her brows and eyes. The expression in her eyes could not be seen clearly at this moment.

After a moment, she straightened her shoulders and continued to walk forward.

Seeing her firm refusal, Su Yuan finally could not hold it in any longer. She leaned against the wall and collapsed, covering her face and crying.

Ning Li did not look back.

At ten o’clock in the evening, Ning Li returned to Yunding Fenghua.

It was quiet on the first floor.

Ning Li looked upstairs and saw that the light in the study room was on.

Lu Huaiyu was gradually shifting his focus to the Capital, so he had been busy until late at night recently.

She withdrew her gaze and planned to go back to her room.

However, the door of the study room upstairs suddenly opened.

Lu Huaiyu came down the stairs.

“You’re back?”

Ning Li looked up and saw him walking over step by step. Su Yuan’s words suddenly echoed in her ears.

He likes you so much.. As long as you request it, why would he refuse?!