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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 432 - Farewell

Chapter 432: Farewell

That night, Ye Ci was left at the police station.

Su Yuan did not return to the Ye family home either.

Ye Cheng was taken away by Ye Yiming.

In the huge villa, only Ning Li was left.

However, she slept well.

The next morning, she turned on her phone. The photo of Ye Ming being taken to a police car by the police from the company headquarters had already spread all over the Internet.

At the same time, a gossip forum post also caused a huge stir on the Internet.

“Digging up a sensational drama of the top wealthy families in Yunzhou!”

The first picture of this post was a picture of a pregnant woman being carried to an ambulance.

In the photo, one could still vaguely see the back of a middle-aged man. Beside him stood a middle-aged woman and a young girl who were both dressed exquisitely.

The distance was a little far, but one could still make out the shape of the figures and the outline of the faces.

A wealthy family, a mistress, an official, an illegitimate child, a forced miscarriage…

Every label was full of passionate gossip. In addition, one of the main characters in this was the recently infamous Ye Ci, and this wealthy family was also the developer of the Qinghe Bridge project. This quickly ignited the enthusiasm of the onlookers.

This post started with talking about Ye Ming having an affair with a female college student and even having an illegitimate child. In the end, his daughter had hit her and caused the woman to have a miscarriage. Everything was detailed about the Ye family.

It included the case of Ye Ci cheating, the excavation of the cemetery under the Qinghe Bridge, which had caused work on the entire project to stop, and the newly exposed Ye Ming being detained by the police because he was suspected of bribery.

Everyone had originally thought that the part about the illegitimate child of the mistress was the most exciting. However, they soon found that the more they looked into it, the more exciting the plot became.

The female university student that Ye Ming had kept was actually the lover of an important leader in Yunzhou city.

Moreover, it was Ye Ming who had taken the initiative to send the girl over.

In addition, the two villa properties under the name of the leader were also found to have been sent by Ye Ming.

Ye Ming had used pornography and money to bribe the leader to give the Ye family the green light and make countless illegal profits.

The Ye family had been developing so rapidly these past few years, and this leader had helped a lot.

Originally, they had covered these things up very well, but recently, they had suddenly been reported by someone with their real names.

The person who reported it was that female university student… Liu Ying.

The reason the police had acted so quickly was because she had extremely detailed evidence in her hands.

As for why she was being so ruthless…

According to the nurses in her hospital, after she had miscarried, she lost her fertility forever. Also, apart from the first two days, Ye Ming had never gone to see her again.

It was obvious that he had abandoned her completely.

Liu Ying’s reputation was ruined, and her body was in poor health. Seeing Ye Ming’s attitude, how could she bear it?

Therefore, in a fit of anger, she had chosen to fight to the death.

After Ning Li had finished reading this post, she saw that the number of reposts had already exceeded 30,000 in a short period of time.

The comments soared, and there were all kinds of comments.

[ Wonderful! It’s really wonderful! ]

[ What a great show! I’m so full of gossip today. Squinty smile. jpg. ]

[ Good guy, what a good guy. I thought that the cheating incident was it. However, in the end, it was nothing compared to other things! That Ye Ci was really amazing. She forced a pregnant woman to miscarry her baby? ]

[ Her father is not a good guy. It’s not surprising that he gave birth to such a daughter. ]

[ Tsk, good and evil will always be rewarded accordingly. Who will heaven forgive? This Ye family will be completely finished from now on, right? ]

Although this post was a gossip post, the content was detailed and logical. Everyone could see it. Even if it was not 100% true, it was not far from the truth.

Therefore, the audience was very excited and it quickly turned into a hot post.

Ning Li looked at it for a while, then turned off her phone and got up to wash up.

Then, she applied for leave from her class teacher, Geng Haifan.

Geng Haifan obviously knew that something had happened to the Ye family. Not only did he allow her leave, but he also asked Ning Li twice if she needed help.

Ning Li said no.

Geng Haifan listened to her calm tone as usual, then he was slightly relieved and hung up the phone.

Ning Li started to pack her luggage.

She did not have many things in the Ye family. She only had a few sets of clothes, shoes, and a few books and papers.

It did not take her much time to pack.

When she was done, she saw that she had received a lot of messages on her phone. There were still a few missed calls.

She called Yu Pingchuan back first.

“Teacher Yu.”

Yu Pingchuan had recently been out of town for a gathering. It was only after Lin Yaohui had told him about the matter that he had found out that such a big incident had happened to the Ye family.

“Ah Li, how are you doing now?”

Yu Pingchuan asked worriedly.

As the college entrance examination was approaching, he was still very worried that these matters would affect Ning Li.

“I’ve already asked Lil Lin to book a plane ticket. I’ll return to Yunzhou in the afternoon.”

Ning Li rubbed the space between her eyebrows.

“I’m fine. You don’t have to worry. I heard from Uncle Lin that your body has been recovering quite well recently. Don’t go back and forth like this.”

Yu Pingchuan disagreed.

“How can that be? How can you handle the situation in Yunzhou by yourself?”

Ning Li sighed lightly.

“I’m really fine. I’m not a member of the Ye family. Whatever happens to them won’t implicate me. Besides, there’s nothing you can do now even if you came back, right? You should take good care of your body. That’s more important.”

These words were not without reason.

The police were investigating the Ye family now, and no one else could interfere.

After a long period of persuasion by Ning Li and repeatedly assuring herself that she would not be affected, Yu Pingchuan finally gave up on his idea.

Thereafter, Ning Li replied to Ji Shu and the messages from the other people separately.

After dealing with these, Ning Li went downstairs and waited quietly in the living room.

At 10:30, Su Yuan finally returned.

She seemed to have not slept the whole night. She had not removed her makeup or changed her clothes. She also seemed to have cried for a long time, as evidenced by her red and swollen eyes.

She seemed to have aged ten years in an instant.

Ye Ci was being detained, and Ye Ming had also been taken away. The company was in complete chaos.

She had made countless calls yesterday, wanting to get information and ask for help.

However, all of them had been in vain.

Now that the Ye family was in trouble, almost the entire Yunzhou officialdom and business world had changed. Everyone was now eager to be rid of the Ye family completely. Who would want to be involved with them in this kind of crisis?

There were quite a number of people who had canceled their cooperations with them and had even come to collect money from them.

The Ye family probably could not hold on this time. Once they went bankrupt, they would definitely leave behind a mess of bad debts.

Could they not act quickly and try to recover some of the losses?

She walked in and saw Ning Li sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Their eyes met.

Ning Li’s gaze was extremely calm, but for some reason, Su Yuan suddenly felt a strong sense of shame and embarrassment.

She could not help but ask, “Why didn’t you go to class?”

Upon hearing this, Ning Li gave a faint smile.

She said, “I took a leave of absence.

“Today, I specifically wanted to say goodbye to you.”