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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 430 - Studying Abroad

Chapter 430: Studying Abroad

Almost at the same time, Null also sent a message.

It was a thumbs-up emoji.

Back then, when Ning Li had asked him to interfere in the bidding, he still had not known what was going on.

Only now did he finally understand that Ning Li had been waiting for the Ye family.

[ Did you know that there was a problem at Qinghe Bridge? ]

Ning Li smiled.

[ Qinghe Bridge is at the junction of the three cities. It is an ancient city. Thirteen years ago, an artifact was unearthed fifty miles southwest of that place. Such land is definitely not easy for an ordinary person to take. ]

Null stared at this answer for a long time.

An artifact from thirteen years ago was in such a remote location. Who would care about it?

She was really…

[ Were you that sure that something would happen to Qinghe Bridge? ]

Ning Li replied: [ I just treated it as a gamble. The Ji family didn’t need to take such a risk. It was better to give it to the Ye family. ]

Null shrugged and smiled.

[ It seems that you made the right bet. Congratulations. ]

The news of Qinghe Bridge having excavated a large group of tombs quickly spread throughout Yunzhou.

Liu Ying naturally knew about it.

At the same time, she also saw the notice of the project being suspended indefinitely.

Almost as soon as she had seen the news, Liu Ying called Ye Ming.

However, Ye Ming did not pick up.

She did not know if he was busy dealing with this matter, but Liu Ying could not care less.

She only knew that this matter would most likely drag the Ye family down with it!

She had to take advantage of the fact that the Ye family still had money on their books so that she could make a quick buck.

Otherwise, who knew what would happen if the Ye family’s funds were to be cut off in the future?

After dozens of calls, Ye Ming finally picked up.

His voice could not hide the exhaustion and impatience in it.

“What’s wrong now?”

Liu Ying’s child was gone. Other than the first few days when he had been in pain, the feeling had already faded a lot.

He had paid for Liu Ying’s medical fees and hired a professional nurse to take care of her. He did not know why she had so many things on her mind that she had to look for him at this time.

Liu Ying heard his tone and was also filled with anger.

For whom had she ended up like this?!

She had not even been discharged from the hospital yet, and Ye Ming’s attitude was already like this!

What else could she have expected?

Men were indeed unreliable.

She gritted her teeth and could not be bothered to say a lot to him. She went straight to the point.

“I want 30 million in compensation.”

When Ye Ming heard this amount, he almost laughed out of anger.

“Liu Ying, is there something wrong with your brain?”

30 million.

The Ye family’s company was currently being delayed by the Qinghe Bridge incident. Now she was asking for 30 million. She was really asking for too much. She had not even considered him at all!

Liu Ying asked in return.

“Are you not willing to pay?”

She still felt that she was going to be short!

If it had not been for the child…

Ye Ming sneered.

“Are you worth this kind of money?”

Liu Ying gritted her teeth.

“If you’re not willing to pay, don’t blame me for being impolite! Ye Ming, I know about all your matters very well!”

Ye Ming hung up the phone directly.

He knew what Liu Ying was thinking, but he was not a pushover either.

Without evidence and no backer, so how could she do anything?

If she wanted to fight with him, she should at least take a look at herself.

Liu Ying listened to the busy tone on the phone and was extremely angry.

She opened her email.

This was an anonymous email that she had received last night.

It was also because of this that she had called Ye Ming and asked for 30 million.

Ultimately, this was the attitude that Ye Ming had shown her.

Since he was unkind, he could not blame her for being unkind!

For that whole day, Ye Ming did not go home.

Ye Ci was reading in her room, but she could not get into it.

For some reason, she was very uneasy, as if something bad was about to happen.

Knock, knock.

Su Yuan came in, bringing her some fruits.

She looked Ye Ci up and down and knew that she was also worried about their family matters, so she comforted her.

“Lil Ci, don’t worry about the family matters for now. You’ll be able to get rid of these things once you’ve completed the procedures for studying abroad.”

“Don’t worry, your father dotes on you the most. No matter what, he won’t let these things affect you.”

Ye Ci’s mood was somewhat better when she heard this.

Originally, she had been very reluctant to go abroad to study, but with the current situation of the Ye family, she felt that going abroad was a better choice.

“I know. Thank you, Mom.”

As Ye Ci spoke, she hugged her waist again.

“Mom, I’ll miss you very much when the time comes.”

She rarely left home. Previously, when she had participated in the Winter Camp of the competition, she had already felt very uncomfortable even though it had only been two weeks long.

What more would it be like to go abroad to study?

Su Yuan stroked Ye Ci’s head.

“Mom can’t bear to part with you either.”

Familiar footsteps came from outside. It was Ning Li.

Ye Ci’s eyes flashed. She withdrew from Su Yuan’s embrace and went over to open the door.

“Sister Ning Li.”

Ning Li stopped in her tracks and looked back.

Ever since the Winter Camp, they had completely fallen out, and Ye Ci had never called her that again.

Ye Ci looked at her and said, “Don’t misunderstand. I called you ‘sister’ for no other reason except for one. After I go abroad, please take good care of mom at home.”

Ning Li’s expression was calm.

Ye Ci continued, “The jasmine in mom’s room needs to be changed once a week. The fragrance helps her to sleep. In addition, she goes to the spa on the fifth floor of HG every two weeks. I used to accompany her to the spa.”

Every word was a condescending “instruction.”

It was the affection and pampering that Su Yuan had spent ten years on her.

In comparison, Ning Li was indeed an outsider.


Before Ye Ci could finish her sentence, her phone suddenly rang.

It was a call from the agent of the organization for studying abroad.