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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 429 - Work Suspended Indefinitely

Chapter 429: Work Suspended Indefinitely

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Cheng’s gaze was a little evasive, but his tone was relaxed.

“I’m buying equipment in a game I’m playing.”

Ye Ming looked unhappy.

Seeing this, Su Yuan could not help but ask, “You spent all that money on the game?”

The Ye family was rich, and Ye Cheng was Ye Ming’s only son. Of course, he was doted on.

At the very least, when it came to money, Ye Cheng had never been lacking.

Apart from the five-figure allowance he received every month, he also received a lot of New Year’s money during the Chinese New Year holidays.

All of that was kept in his own small treasury.

Now that he was asking for money, it was easy to imagine how much he had already spent on the game.

Ye Cheng was unhappy after being reprimanded.

“I just bought some things while I was playing the game. It didn’t cost much.”

Ye Ming rubbed the space between his eyebrows.

“I’ll give it to you later, but I won’t give it to you again within this month.”

The Ye family did not lack this bit of money, but it was really not a good idea for Ye Cheng to be taught like this.

Only then did Ye Cheng laugh.

“Thank you, Dad!”

Ye Ming’s phone rang. It was his secretary’s call.

He picked up the call.


Su Yuan served some food to Ye Ci.

Ye Cheng took his phone out, looked at it, and then put it back.

Everything seemed so peaceful, as if everything was back to normal.

Ning Li was calm as she ate her porridge.

Suddenly, Ye Ming stood up.

“What did you say?!”

His action was so sudden that his hand knocked over his porridge bowl.


The exquisite porcelain bowl fell to the ground. The porridge that was still steaming spilled all over the ground, leaving a mess.

The rest of them were stunned.

Ye Ming’s face turned from white to red, and finally, it completely lost its color.

Sensing that the atmosphere was not right, the people at the dining table all quieted down.

Dead silence.

After a long while, Ye Ming hung up the phone in a daze.

Su Yuan asked worriedly, “What happened?”

“What’s wrong? What’s happened?”

She saw that the phone call seemed to be from Ye Ming’s secretary.

“Is… Is it about the company?”

Ye Ming’s eyes were blank, as if he had not recovered from the huge shock.

He muttered.

“… Under the Qinghe Bridge, it isn’t an ancient tomb…”

Su Yuan was stunned. “What?”

Ye Ming’s throat was dry, and his mind was blank. His hoarse voice was filled with disbelief and deep despair.

“… It’s… an entire cemetery…”


The spoon in Su Yuan’s hand instantly fell with a crisp sound.

Ye Ci suddenly realized something and her eyes widened.

“How is this possible?! Dad, has there been some kind of mistake?!”

Hadn’t they said that it was just an ancient tomb?

How did it suddenly become a cemetery?

Ye Ming’s lips moved.

How could he have been wrong about something like this?

He closed his eyes.

“The expert group in the Capital has basically been confirmed, and… They all agree that the owner of that group of tombs had an extremely high status when he was alive. This group of tombs is extremely valuable for related historical research.”

With every word he said, Su Yuan and Ye Ci’s faces turned paler.

They knew very well what this meant.

Only Ye Cheng did not understand anything, but he also sensed that something was wrong. He put down the chopsticks in his hand and looked at the few of them with some unease.

Ye Ci could not help but ask, “So? About the situation now–”

Ye Ming took a deep breath, and his voice was trembling.

“The higher-ups have already decided that the Qinghe Bridge project… will be suspended indefinitely.”

The air froze.

For such a large project, even a day of suspension would be a huge loss, let alone an indefinite period!

This cemetery was so important that it was uncertain if the Qinghe Bridge Holiday Resort could ever be successfully built!

This was currently the Ye family’s biggest project!

Looking at the current situation, forget about making a profit, everything that had already been invested would probably go down the drain!

How could the current Ye family withstand such a blow?

Ning Li slowly finished the last mouthful of porridge, her peach blossom eyes curved.


It seemed that the Ye family was very satisfied with her return gift.

The news that an entire cemetery had been excavated under Qinghe Bridge was quickly reported on.

This was a major discovery for the archaeological world, and many scholars and researchers were very excited.


# Yunzhou Underground Cemetery #

# Qinghe Bridge #

A few entries were connected to the trending search. The front page was full of historical and archaeological analysis of the significance of the excavation of this cemetery, as well as the related history of science.

Professionals looked at the door, while the laymen watched the fun.

In short, everyone was jubilant.

[ As expected of historical Yunzhou, even a shovel can dig out a few cultural relics. ]

[ Experts estimate that the area of this cemetery is likely larger than all the ancient tombs that have been excavated so far. The identity of the owner of this tomb must be extraordinary, right? ]

[ The appearance of the history profession. There are very few records of this period in history. The appearance of this cemetery has filled in the blanks of the relevant era! I heard that several top archaeological bigwigs in the country have gone over. This stance– There’s really nothing to say! ]

[ Hey, I heard that this Qinghe Bridge was supposed to be a resort tourism development. Which developer is that unlucky? ]

[ Person above, speaking of this, there is a piece of gossip. Do you remember that girl Ye Ci who cheated in the national competition some time ago? Their family was responsible for the Qinghe Bridge project. ]

As soon as this comment was posted, it was quickly pushed up. The number of replies was astonishing.

[ F*ck! Is this for real? What a coincidence! ]

[ Yunzhou? Yunzhou! Ah, I remember that someone said that Ye Ci’s family was very rich. Thinking about it, I guess it really must be their family? ]

[ Amazing! Hahahahahaha! What kind of luck is this? When the protection and excavation work of the burial group is carried out, who knows how long it will take? I don’t think their family can build this resort, right? With such a thing happening, the developer will surely lose everything. ]

[ Tsk tsk, so this is karma? I love it! ]

The Internet had memories. Once the news of Qinghe Bridge was out, the netizens quickly followed the clues and dug up the Ye family. When they thought of the incident that had caused a commotion a while ago, everyone became furious, they dragged Ye Ci out for another whipping.

This kind of person, who relied on their wealth and power, wanted to use illegal means to seize other people’s educational resources.

Now that they were faced with this matter, it seemed that justice had really fallen from the sky!

The Internet was in a commotion.

Meanwhile, the Ye family’s company was in complete chaos.

When Ning Li arrived at school, she found that even the students here had already found out about this matter.

Everyone was talking about it.

Many people were also secretly watching her.

However, probably through experience, no one bothered her with news about the Ye family anymore.

Instead, Ji Shu excitedly sent her a message.

Thinking back to the time when the Ye family had taken over this piece of land, many people had been jealous. Who knew that in the end, not only was it not a juicy fat piece of meat, it was actually a sinkhole!

He could not help but feel lucky that the Qinghe Bridge had not fallen on their heads.

[ Sister Li, the Ye family is in big trouble this time. ]