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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 428 - Nightmare

Chapter 428: Nightmare

Ye Ming did not expect that he would receive another piece of news instead of the notice to resume work.

The few people in charge of exploring and archaeological work on the ancient tomb under Qinghe Bridge had stopped after only one day and reported on it overnight, inviting relevant experts from Beijing to come over.

Among them were even researchers from the national museum and professors from the Department of Archaeology at Xijing University.

This was insider information, but the Ye family was the developer of the Qinghe Bridge Project. Ye Ming was the president of the company, so naturally, he knew this as soon as possible.

The moment he heard this news, a strong sense of unease rose in Ye Ming’s heart.

Anyone with a brain knew what this meant!

The city-level experts did not dare to act rashly. They stopped and waited for the higher-ups to send people.

This could only mean that the value of the ancient tomb had far exceeded their previous expectations!

If that was the case, the project on Qinghe Bridge would definitely have to be delayed.

Ye Ming became more and more anxious.

However, no matter how anxious he was, it was useless. Everything could only follow the decision of the higher-ups.

On the afternoon of the next day, several top archaeologists from the country had rushed to Yunzhou and gathered on Qinghe Bridge for further exploration.

Ye Ming could barely sit still in his office.

The site of the ancient tomb and even the surrounding area had been cordoned off. The entire Qinghe Bridge area could not be moved.

Time passed slowly, and Ye Ming felt worse and worse.

Ye family, early morning.

Ye Ci lay on the bed with her eyes closed and her brows furrowed.

She was caught in a terrible nightmare.

She was alone in the vast expanse of whiteness.

She looked around and shouted a few times, but no one answered.

The space around her seemed to be constantly squeezing and contracting around her, making her feel suffocated and her whole body faintly aching.

She panicked and began to walk forward quickly, her footsteps getting faster and faster.

Finally, after an unknown amount of time, a person appeared in front of her.

It was a blurry figure.

She did not care about anything else and immediately started to chase after him.

After she arrived behind that person, she reached out and patted his shoulder.

“Hello, may I ask what–”

Before she could finish her sentence, the person in front turned around.

It was the face of a purple baby!

Ye Ci’s heart suddenly tightened!

She took a step back in a panic and subconsciously looked at her own hand. She saw that the palm of her hand that had just used to touch the other person’s shoulder was covered in blood!

The baby’s face was expressionless. It suddenly crawled towards her–


Ye Ci cried out in shock and suddenly woke up!

She opened her eyes and panted heavily. Other than cold sweat all over her body, her heart was beating so fast that it almost jumped out of her chest!

There was the sound of hurried footsteps coming from outside.

Knock, knock.

Su Yuan knocked on the door and asked worriedly, “Lil Ci, what’s wrong?”

She was about to call for Ye Ci to wake up when she had heard a scream from inside the room, which had frightened her.

Ye Ci was still in shock. She pressed her heart with one hand and forced herself to calm down.

“… Mom, I’m fine. I just… I just had a nightmare.”

Su Yuan heaved a sigh of relief, but her voice still seemed to have a little tremor in it, so she said, “It was just a dream. Don’t be afraid. Come on down and have something to eat.”

Ye Ci closed her eyes.

“I’ve got it, Mom. I’ll go down right away.”

Su Yuan went downstairs.

In the room, Ye Ci’s bloodless lips were tightly pursed.


She had actually had such a nightmare!

After Liu Ying had been sent to the hospital, she had not gone to see her. However, she knew that Liu Ying had had a miscarriage. Moreover, Liu Ying’s own body was also greatly damaged. Even now, she was still lying in the hospital.

The fetus had already reached seven months.

If that was the case..? Was that not the equivalent of her killing someone?

Even though she had not done it on purpose, she had indeed given her that slap.

Every time Ye Ci thought about it, she felt her heart palpitate.

Now, she had even begun to have this kind of nightmare…

She took a deep breath and continued to reassure herself.

“It’s nothing… It’s nothing…”

She was the only daughter of the Ye family. Half of the Ye family’s assets belonged to her.

No one could snatch what belonged to her!


Liu Ying’s child could never have been born!

Although Ye Ming had been furious, he had not pursued her responsibility.

The loss of the child had finally solved a huge hidden problem.

Initially, she had been worried that Liu Ying would make an issue out of this matter.

However, Ye Ming had said that he would take care of things over there and that it would not affect her studying abroad.

Ye Ci sat on the bed for a while. After she calmed down, she went downstairs.

When she arrived at the dining room, Ye Ci realized that Ye Ming was home today.

He looked tired and listless. Compared to before, his condition was much worse.

It was no wonder. The Ye family had been in constant trouble recently, and he had not stopped working.

Since the construction of Qinghe Bridge had stopped, he had especially not gotten a night of good sleep for the past few days.

Yesterday, he had really not been able to take it anymore. He had only come back to rest at two o’clock in the morning.


Ye Ci called out to him.

Ye Ming pressed the space between his eyebrows and looked up.

“Sit down.”

Only then did Ye Ci sit down at the dining table.

Today’s breakfast was very sumptuous. Everything had been personally cooked by Su Yuan.

After Aunt Zhao had been fired, the Ye family had never found a suitable candidate.

Moreover, Su Yuan had done this to try and compromise with Ye Ming.

Previously, she had made a fuss purely because the woman outside had been pregnant with Ye Ming’s illegitimate child and had threatened her interests.

However, the child was now gone, and to a certain extent, it had been caused by her and Ye Ci.

So she was now taking the initiative to show her vulnerability and show that she still wanted to continue this marriage.

“This is yam and lily congee, to nourish the qi.”

As she spoke, she scooped a bowl of congee for Ye Ming first.

The expression on Ye Ming’s face was not good, but he did not want to quarrel with Su Yuan anymore.

The matter at Qinghe Bridge was still not settled, so how could he have any other thoughts?

He did not say anything and merely accepted the bowl of porridge.

Su Yuan calmed down a little and served Ye Ci some porridge.

“Lil Ci, I see that you haven’t rested well these past two days. Do you want to see a doctor and get some pills to calm your nerves?”

Ye Ci felt uncomfortable when she heard the word “doctor”.

She said, “There’s no need.”

At this moment, Ning Li also went downstairs.

She walked over and pulled out a chair to sit down.

The atmosphere at the dining table froze for a moment.

However, Ning Li did not seem to notice.

After a long while, Ye Cheng yawned and arrived late.

Su Yuan could not help but reprimand him.

“Lil Cheng, did you play games all night again yesterday?”

Ye Cheng did not even raise his head.

“Just for a little while.”

Su Yuan could tell that he was lying just by looking at him, but she could not reprimand him directly at the dining table.

Recently, Ye Cheng had become more and more addicted to playing games. He refused to listen, no matter what she said.

Ye Cheng took a few bites of his rice and suddenly looked up at Ye Ming.

“Dad, could you give me some more pocket money?”

Ye Ming frowned.

“Didn’t I just give it to you last week? Why do you want it again?”