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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 427 - Qinghe Bridge

Chapter 427: Qinghe Bridge

For some reason, Ning Li’s face turned hot.

Lu Huaiyu must have found out about what had happened at Qinghe Bridge.

Picking toothpaste…

Of course, his family did not lack this kind of thing.

She raised her foot and kicked away a small stone on the road. The sweet smell of caramel lingered on her tongue.

After a while, she replied:

[ The one on the left of the second row. ]

Lu Huaiyu saw her message and raised his eyebrows. He took the tube of toothpaste from the shelf and put it in the cart.

There were already a lot of things in it.

When the news from Qinghe Bridge had come in the morning, he knew that this was the opportunity for her to move out of the Ye family home.

The Ye family had been in a lot of trouble recently, so it was better if she moved out as soon as possible.

In fact, he had wanted to wait for her to come over before picking things out together. However, after thinking about it, he decided to do it first.

How could he wait until that time came?

He walked forward for a while and swept his gaze across the shelves. Then, he chose several powder-blue and white bath towels.

The discovery of an ancient tomb under the Qinghe bridge plot was quickly reported.

Ning Li scrolled through the news with a picture of a few experts and scholars standing next to a pit, looking very cautious.

There were also a few workers standing behind them.

Once this news had been released, it quickly spread and caused quite a stir.

The Qinghe Bridge project was jointly developed by Yunzhou City and two other neighboring cities. It was definitely a key project.

It had been receiving a lot of attention since the start of the bidding.

Now that such a thing had suddenly happened, it naturally attracted the attention of everyone very quickly.

An ancient tomb had been dug out under the construction site. Anyone who had anything to do with the relevant work knew what it meant.

She was browsing the web when she received a call from Ji Shu.

Ning Li left the classroom and found a remote corner before she picked up the call.

“Hello? Sister Li? Have you seen the news about Qinghe Bridge?”

Ji Shu went straight to the point, not able to hide his excitement in his voice.

Ning Li replied with a “Hmm”.

“I saw it.”

“There’s an ancient tomb down there!”

Ji Shu clicked his tongue.

“Now their entire project will have to be temporarily suspended, right?”

Although he was not very concerned about his family’s business, he was still aware of the impact of this matter.

The Ye family’s company was the developer of this project. Anything that happened on this plot of land would affect the interests of the Ye family.

Ji Shu remembered very clearly that when they had bid for this project, the Ye family had bid a little higher than their bid price. In the end, they had successfully won this project.

At that time, his parents had been very unhappy about this for some time.

Who would have known that there would be such trouble now?

At that time, everyone had thought that Qinghe bridge was a juicy piece of fatty meat. However, looking at it now, it was not necessarily so.

“To begin with, the Ye family’s recent situation has not been good. This time, it’s even worse. Tsk, how pitiful.”

Through the phone, Ning Li could already imagine how happily Ji Shu was smiling.

The corners of her lips curved.

“The Ye family’s luck doesn’t seem too good.”

The Ji family and the Ye family were both famous families in Yunzhou. The two families were polite on the surface, but in fact, they did not have a good relationship in private.

Firstly, the two families had a competitive business relationship. The Qinghe Bridge project was an example. Secondly, the two families had different temperaments and did not like each other very much.

The Ye family felt that the Ji family was pedantic and stubborn and did not know how to change.

The Ji family felt that the Ye family was shrewd and cunning, and lacked sincerity.

They disliked each other, so naturally, their relationship was estranged.

This was especially true for Ji Shu.

He felt that every time he saw the Ye family, it was like they were wearing a mask which made him very annoyed.

Moreover, their attitude towards Ning Li really made him feel disgusted.

Ye Ming aside, Su Yuan had left Lincheng and had not even gone back to see Ning Li for ten years.

He was doted on by the Ji family. Although Father and Mother Ji occasionally scolded him for being willful and constantly tried to control him, they were really good to him.

Therefore, he could not understand how such a mother could be so cruel to such an extent.

In addition, everyone knew that the Ye family had been involved in the exam cheating scandal. He felt that those people were not good.

Now that the Qinghe Bridge project was in trouble, he was naturally happy to watch the show.

“Fortunately, our family was not the one who had taken the Qinghe Bridge project back then.”

Ji Shu laughed carelessly,

“Otherwise, my parents would have a few more white hairs.”

Ning Li took a light breath and said softly, “Yeah, it’s a good thing it wasn’t you guys.”

It was better to leave this trouble to the Ye family to deal with.

Ji Shu did not notice the strange tone in her voice and continued.

“By the way, Sister Li, I also heard that Ye Ming had an illegitimate child outside, but it seems that he didn’t manage to keep that child. The Ye family’s recent troubles have been happening one after another. If you continue to stay there, will it affect your college entrance exam?”

This was the purpose of his call.

Although Ning Li’s results were very good, surely she could not handle so many troublesome things.

The environment for preparing for the exam was not good. What if it affected her performance?

He knew very well how much Ning Li valued this college entrance exam.

The corners of Ning Li’s lips curved up.

“I know what you mean. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

Hearing her say this, Ji Shu finally felt a little relieved.

“Alright then, Sister Li, if you need help, feel free to look for me.”

In Yunzhou, the Ji family still had quite a bit of power and capital.

Ning Li smiled and nodded.

“I know.”

On this day, Ye Ming held two emergency meetings at the company. He had been discussing how to deal with this matter.

However, even after some discussion, he still had not come up with any good plans.

No matter how powerful the Ye family was, in this matter, they could only listen to the authorities.

Once an order had been given, they would stop work immediately.

The experts said that they wanted to protect the ancient tomb. What else could they do?

They could only do as they were told.

When Ye Ming returned home, he decided to smoke alone in the living room. He was extremely agitated.

It had already not been easy for him to settle the matter with Liu Ying. Who would have known that the company would encounter trouble like this again?

When Su Yuan came out of her room, this was what she saw.

She walked over and asked worriedly, “What’s the situation at Qinghe Bridge?”

Since this involved the Ye family, she put the other matters aside first.

Ye Ming smoked silently.

Su Yuan said hesitantly, “An ancient tomb… When those experts finish their investigation, the project should be able to resume as soon as possible, right?”

Ye Ming frowned. “I don’t know.”

It was not that he was anxious, but he really had no choice!

After the news of Ye Ci’s exam leak scandal had been exposed, the Ye family’s reputation had been affected, and many partners had canceled their cooperation with them. The Qinghe Bridge project was now their company’s largest project.

Ye Ming had put almost all his energy and effort into this project, waiting to rely on this to support the Ye family.

However, with this mess now, he did not know when the construction site would start.

If he dragged it out for too long, the money in his account would not be able to hold on.

Once there was a problem with the liquidity, it would be troublesome.

He put out his cigarette.

“This project is huge. If it’s just an ancient tomb, it shouldn’t drag on for too long. Let’s wait.”