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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 424 - Confrontation

Chapter 424: Confrontation

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Yuan and Ye Ci went upstairs and found door number 903.

Su Yuan suppressed the surging emotions in her heart and said to Ye Ci, “Lil Ci, when you go in later, just let Mommy talk to her.”

Ye Ci nodded.

“I know, Mommy. Don’t worry, I won’t let her bully you.”

Su Yuan adjusted her breathing and felt a little more confident. Then, she knocked on the door.

The first time, no one answered. The second time, a sweet young woman’s voice came from inside.

“Who is it?”

Su Yuan was annoyed when she heard this voice.

She did not sound like a decent person!

She did not say anything but continued to knock on the door.

Footsteps could be heard.


The woman walked over to open the door. As she opened the door, she smiled and acted coquettishly.

“Honey, why are you here so early today–”

The door opened and both parties looked at each other. Her voice suddenly stopped.

Looking at that young and charming face and her bulging belly, Su Yuan’s blood rushed to her head.

“You’re Liu Ying, right?”

The moment Liu Ying saw Su Yuan, she knew that something was wrong.

Her expression changed and she immediately tried to close the door!

However, since Su Yuan had finally found her way here. How could she just let it go?

She raised her feet and walked in.

“It seems that you know me, but I still have to introduce myself. I’m Su Yuan, Ye Ming’s wife.”

Liu Ying took a few steps back, seeming a little flustered.

“You, what do you want to do!?”

She touched her stomach and tried to act tough again.

“Let me tell you, the one inside is Ye Ming’s son! Don’t you dare touch me!”

Perhaps having this son gave her a lot of confidence, enough to directly threaten Su Yuan.

Su Yuan was almost crazy with anger, but she still held it in.

She sneered.

“At such a young age, you only know how to seduce men. Who knows whose b*stard child you are carrying? Speaking of children… Lil Ci is the pearl of the Ye family. What are you and this b*stard child?”

Liu Ying looked at Ye Ci and bit her lip.

Of course, she knew that this was the eldest daughter of the Ye family, Ye Ci.

Su Yuan motioned for Ye Ci to close the door.

Liu Ying was even more afraid.

She was alone and pregnant. How could she be a match for the other party?

She immediately went to the living room to get her phone, intending on calling Ye Ming.

Su Yuan beat her to it and took her phone instead.

Liu Ying shouted, “Give me back my phone!”

Su Yuan sneered.

“I’ll give it back to you when we’re done talking.”

Liu Ying gradually realized that the matter today would not be easily resolved.

“What do you mean? I have nothing to talk about with you!”

Su Yuan crossed her arms and sized her up. Her eyes were full of ridicule and contempt.

“Isn’t it money that you want? I’ll give it to you then. But you have to induce this child into labor. After you take the money, you’ll have to immediately drop out of school and get out of Yunzhou. You’re not to ever come back here again.”

Liu Ying looked as if she had just heard a joke.

“What kind of joke is this? Why should I listen to you?”

Su Yuan said, “Name your price.”

Liu Ying was pregnant. She wasn’t able to teach her a lesson like those people who had caught and fought mistresses on the streets. Besides, that would be too embarrassing.

The most important problem that needed to be solved was the child.

At this point, Liu Ying did not panic.

She leaned against the sofa and sat down, grinning.

“I have feelings for him. No matter how much money you give me, it’s useless. I won’t leave him.”

She touched her belly, the corners of her eyes and brows filled with pride.

“Besides, he really likes this child. He even has a nickname for him.”

This was a son. With this one child, her entire life would be changed.

She was not stupid. Of course, she knew what to do to maximize her own benefits.

Su Yuan was already full of anger. Seeing Liu Ying behaving so arrogantly, she was so angry that her whole body trembled.

“Are you that shameless?!”

Liu Ying’s expression turned ugly when she was scolded. She looked at her and sneered.

“Aunt Su, what right do you have to scold me? You are not his first wife, right? Oh, right, you seem to have been divorced once before. You even have a daughter with your ex-husband, right? At least I am better than you in that aspect.”


Liu Ying had sharp teeth, and every word she said felt like it was stabbing into Su Yuan’s lungs.

Ye Ci looked at her coldly.

“You have to get rid of this child. I won’t admit that an illegitimate child such as this is my younger brother.”

Liu Ying looked at her, but she was not afraid at all.

“Ye Ci, right? Is it that important whether you admit it or not?”

She smiled with a hint of mockery.

“Don’t you know how much trouble you’ve caused your father?”

Ye Ci’s face turned red.

These were the words that she could not listen to right now.

However, Liu Ying did not care at all.

She shrugged.

“Your father raised you for so many years, and now everything has gone to waste. Why was he so happy when he found out that I’m pregnant? It’s all because of you and your brother who can’t be relied upon.”

Ye Ci’s eyelids twitched, and the tense string in her brain almost snapped.

Just then, the door was opened.

It was Ye Ming.

When he saw the situation in the room, his face immediately darkened.

“Why are you guys here!?”

He had hidden Liu Ying well enough, yet who knew that Su Yuan would still be able to find her? She had even brought Ye Ci with her!

When Liu Ying saw him, she stood up and shouted aggrievedly, “Hubby–”

Su Yuan almost died.

This b*tch still dared to shout like this in front of her!

However, Liu Ying was the first to cry and complain.

“Hubby, they asked me to abort the child…”

Ye Ming’s temples were throbbing.

“Su Yuan! Go home immediately! And Ye Ci, why did you come here instead of preparing for your overseas studies?! Is this all you’ve got to think about now?!”

Liu Ying let out an “Ah” and looked Ye Ci up and down.

“She’s going abroad to study? Where is she going?”

These words completely snapped the string in Ye CI’s mind.

Was this Ye Ming’s goal?

To send her away and completely get rid of her as if she was some kind of problem, leaving all the remaining assets to this precious illegitimate child of his?!

She suddenly raised her hand and slapped Liu Ying hard!


Liu Ying had never expected Ye Ci to suddenly make such a move. Caught off guard, she staggered and fell to the side.

She did not know how, but her feet slipped, and her stomach hit the sharp corner of the coffee table!