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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 422 - The Beginning of a Good Show

Chapter 422: The Beginning of a Good Show

She had originally thought that Ye Ming had merely been looking for a woman outside and had been discovered by Su Yuan. However, Ye Ci realized that the matter was much more serious than she had thought.

Ye Ming actually had an illegitimate child…

More importantly, his current attitude was clearly that he wanted this child.

In the Ye family, Ye Ming could be said to almost be like a dictator.

Once he had decided on something, no one could persuade him to do otherwise, let alone something like this?

This girl was already seven months pregnant, yet Ye Ming had kept this secret so tightly!

“Dad… How could he do this!?”

Ye Ci muttered, completely dumbfounded.

Although Ye Cheng and she had the same father but a different mother, she had always treated Su Yuan as her own mother all these years, so her relationship with Ye Cheng was also naturally deep.

She treated Ye Cheng as her own younger brother.

But now, what would happen with the illegitimate child from outside?

Su Yuan had said that the woman was only a 19-year-old sophomore. She was only two years older than her!

Su Yuan could not say anything and continued to cry.

She was angry, annoyed, and resentful. But other than crying, what else could she do?

Ye Ming’s words had already been very clear.

How could she stop him?

Recently, the Ye family had been in a mess because of Ye Ci’s matter. Ye Ci and Ye Cheng’s situation had been difficult. She had been kept busy comforting Ye Ci while keeping an eye on Ye Cheng’s movements at school. She was already exhausted.

Now, Ye Ming was having an illegitimate child. His mistress was so arrogant that she had almost come directly to the door!

Su Yuan was now on the verge of breaking down!

Ning Li watched this scene indifferently.

Ye Ming had never been a man who was loyal to his marriage.

He was rich and powerful. Naturally, he faced more temptations than the average person.

However, he was a person who also cared about his reputation. Thus, he had always been careful in this aspect.

Unfortunately, this time, he met someone with some tricks up her sleeve. Not only was she pregnant, but she was also having a son.

Ye Ming already had Ye Cheng, but this did not affect his desire to have a second son.

He was already forty-nine this year. This illegitimate child was also his true son.

Of course, it had hurt a lot.

So, in the end, he had left the child behind.

Now that the matter had been exposed, the Ye family would inevitably stir up a storm.

She turned around and went upstairs.

Hearing her footsteps, Ye Ci suddenly raised her head and looked over.

“Ning Li.”

Her voice was very cold, with a questioning tone,

“Can’t you see that mom is crying like this? How can you be so indifferent?! Don’t you even have a word of comfort for her?”

As soon as she said this, Su Yuan also looked over.

She looked at Ning Li with a look of extreme disappointment.

Ning Li turned around.

“Can my comfort solve this matter?”

Ye Ci choked.

Ning Li continued.

“In the end, this is your family’s business. It’s not appropriate for an outsider like me to interfere, right?”

Not one of the people in the Ye family had ever accepted her as one of their own, so why should she join in the fun?

Ye Ci pursed her lips and refuted.

“But you’re still mother’s daughter after all. Seeing her so sad, you’re just leaving without saying a word. Do you even take your mother to heart?”

Each one of her words was accusing Ning Li of being unqualified as a daughter.

Ning Li listened quietly without any emotion in her heart. She even felt like laughing.

Who was the one who didn’t care about who?

Who had left who first? Who had abandoned who?

She had cared about the woman who should have been called her mother for so many years. She had waited for so many years.

She had even compromised time and time again for her sake.

She had thought that as long as she did as she said and did it to her satisfaction, she would also keep her in her heart.

She had thought that her mother would come back.

However, in the end, she had already become someone else’s mother.

She no longer had a mother.

The corners of Ning Li’s lips curled up slightly.

“She has you and Ye Cheng. That should be enough, right?”

In Su Yuan’s place, she had always been a superfluous person.

She knew it very well.

Ye Ci was rendered speechless by her words. Just as she was about to retort, Ning Li had already turned around and left.

It was as if she could not even be bothered to hear another word.

Very quickly, only Ye Ci and Su Yuan were left in the living room.

Su Yuan stared blankly at Ning Li’s disappearing figure. Then, the corners of her mouth suddenly twitched. She slowly covered her face and muttered to herself,

“How could I have such a daughter…”

It was clear that Ning Li was her biological daughter.

However, even at a time like this, she could actually be so heartless!

Ye Ci gritted her teeth, sat down again, and hugged Su Yuan’s arm.

“Mom, don’t be sad. You still have me and Lil Cheng.”

Su Yuan hugged her.

“Lil Ci, Mom really doesn’t know what to do…”

Ye Ci patted her shoulder:

“Mommy, don’t worry. No matter what, this child will definitely not be able to enter our Ye family. I’ll go and talk to Daddy. You should rest well first. Also, this matter needs to be discussed properly. Losing your temper with Daddy won’t solve the problem.”

How could the Ye family’s assets be given to an illegitimate child who had just come out of nowhere!?

“Lil Cheng and I will stand on your side.”

Hearing Ye Ci’s words, Su Yuan’s emotions finally calmed down.

She wiped the tears from her face and took a deep breath.

“Then tomorrow, I’ll personally go and talk to that b*tch– That woman.”

Ning Li returned to her room and locked the door.

She could not hear Ye ci and Su Yuan’s voices from here.

She pulled out a chair and sat down. Then, she took out Lu Huaiyu’s book and read it at the table.

Ye Ming really wanted this illegitimate child.

Su Yuan could tolerate it, but in the end, she was dependent on the Ye family.

Ye Cheng was her only asset.

But now, someone else also had a son, and she wanted to compete with her for the position of Madam Ye.

If she could not compete with her, then it would be good if she could get the money.

There seemed to be only two options before Su Yuan: either divorce or continue to tolerate it.


That would benefit the outsider woman. Besides, in order to hold on to her position, Su Yuan had already swallowed a lot of grievances and put in a lot of effort over the years.

She would never opt for a divorce.

However, she did not have the ability to resist Ye Ming.

Still, she obviously could not accept this child.

However, there was nothing to worry about.

After all, there was still Ye Ci.

Ning Li turned a page.

When this had happened in her previous life, Ye Ci’s reaction had not been as big as it had been today.

This was only because her situation was now different.

At this time in her previous life, Ye Ci had been very proud, and Ye Ming had doted on her.

But now?

Her cheating and leaking of the exam questions had been exposed, and her reputation was completely tarnished. There was no hope for her to go to a university in the country, so she would have to flee abroad to study.

She still badly needed the Ye family’s assets.

Besides, how could Ye Ming not have any complaints against her at this point?

At this time, with an illegitimate child competing for the family’s assets, it was obvious who Ye Ming would favor.

Ye Ci would not sit still and wait for death.

This family’s show could be even more exciting.