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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 411 - Thank You to Your School, for Broadening My Horizons

Chapter 411: Thank You to Your School, for Broadening My Horizons

He was obviously smiling, but Ning Li somehow sensed a hint of coldness in his clear and indifferent words.

She coughed lightly.

“Second Brother, let’s go. The parent-teacher meeting is about to begin.”

Her intuition told her that it was best to leave this place as soon as possible.

As for Zhou Cheng, she just had to ignore him–

“Has such a thing happened before?”

Lu Huaiyu had suddenly looked over and asked this question casually.

Ning Li could clearly feel his gaze on her.

She could not quite understand his current emotions.

“… No.”

Ning Li spoke stiffly and quickly pulled out an excuse.

“Our school has always been quite strict in this area.”

She had thought that Zhou Cheng would give up after she had rejected him yesterday.

Who would have known that he would actually do such a thing today!

Also, it just so happened that Lu Huaiyu was here to encounter him as well!

Lu Huaiyu chuckled.

“Is that so? Why do I feel that this isn’t the case?”

Ning Li, “…”

She really could not clear her name even if she jumped into the Yellow River.

“Second Brother, it’s true. In the past, most of them sent love letters–”


Lu Huaiyu had quickly caught on to the main point. The word had come out of his mouth in his typical low and lazy tone. He had dragged out the ending tone a little giving it an indescribable meaning.


Ning Li tactfully shut her mouth.

She really regretted coming out to pick Lu Huaiyu up.

No, she should not have even asked him to help her with the parent-teacher conference.

If that were the case, she would not have run into such a scene of social death.

Helpless, she could only reach out to grab his sleeve.

“Second Brother.”

She pulled him gently.

All the words converged on this gentle pull.

Lu Huaiyu lowered his eyes and his gaze fell on her hand that was clutching his shirt.

Her fingers were slender and fair, soft and beautiful.

He patted her head.

“Let’s go to the parent-teacher conference first.”

The tense atmosphere finally dissipated.

Ning Li heaved a sigh of relief in her heart and followed him to the teaching building.

She let go of his hand, but when she saw the cool profile of the man beside her, she tugged on the corner of his jacket on his arm.

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows.

Zhou Cheng’s public confession had not only been heard by the many students on the field, but also by the senior year teaching building.

Therefore, the entire Second High School was in an uproar.

“D*mn! What was that just now? Did I hear wrongly? Did someone make a confession to Ning Li through some kind of broadcast?”

“I heard it too! I think it was a sophomore student who did it?

“Kids nowadays are really fierce… Do they even dare to do that in their sophomore year? Today’s sports meet is also the senior high school parent-teacher meeting. All the teachers and leaders in the school are here, right?”

“Tsk, he must be very hard-headed.”

“I just don’t know about Ning Li…”

Up and down the several floors of the senior year’s teaching building, all the students were discussing this matter in groups of three or five.

As they were speaking, someone saw Ning Li return and immediately shot a look at the person next to her.

–The main character is here!

The originally noisy teaching building quickly fell into a strange silence.

Everyone looked at Ning Li and the young man beside her.

Everyone gasped in unison.

Oh no, Zhou Cheng’s confession seems to have been heard by Ning Li’s family!

“What’s wrong with Zhou Cheng’s brain?” Ren Qian stood in the corridor outside First Class and could not help but snicker. “Which girl’s family could possibly accept this? He’s really not afraid of death!”

He Xiaochen nodded in agreement when she heard this.

“The junior students nowadays are so unaware of themselves. Does he think that he’ll be able to impress our great beauty Ning Li just by making such a confession?”

She simply had no strength to retort.

“Not to mention other things, even that face doesn’t deserve it!”

Zhou Cheng was indeed considered handsome among ordinary people.

However, when placed together with Ning Li’s divine face, he was instantly set off.

Pei Song stood beside the two of them, his expression remaining indifferent.

Actually, he did not care about what Zhou Cheng had done.

Even if he made such a big show today, Ning Li might still not even bother to remember his name later on.

His gaze fell on Ning Li.

She was walking beside Lu Huaiyu. The distance between the two of them was neither too far nor too close, but when she came nearer, her hand could be seen holding on to the sleeve of his coat.

Her head was lowered slightly and she remained quiet, like a child who had done something wrong. She looked like she was holding onto an adult’s hand and was refusing to let go.

Pei Song pursed his lips slightly.

Perhaps even she herself did not realize that she was different when she faced Lu Huaiyu as opposed to when she faced other people.

If it was with anyone else, she would not be like this…

This girl was precious.

Anyone who knew that their own girl was being pursued so passionately in school would definitely not be happy.

Moreover, this was Lu Huaiyu.

Ning Li followed Lu Huaiyu to the stairs.

She bumped into Geng Haifan and immediately released her hand from the jacket.

“Teacher Geng.”

Lu Huaiyu lowered his eyes before looking up again at Geng Haifan.

Geng Haifan had come out to look for Ning Li.

God only knew how much he had wanted to flip the table on the spot when he had heard the confession on the radio in the office!

The school had clearly banned puppy love and had always been very strict with related issues. Who would have known that Zhou Cheng would be so impudent!

Most importantly, if it had been anyone else, it would have been fine, but it had to be Ning Li!

The leaders of Second High School and the teachers of various subjects all attached great importance to Ning Li. During the period after the Ye family’s accident, all they had wanted to do was to try their best to stabilize her emotions and state, they had wanted to ensure that she could perform normally in the college entrance examination.

In the end, everything was messed up by Zhou Cheng!

Seeing Lu Huaiyu, Geng Haifan’s heart was filled with guilt.

“Mr. Lu, I’m really sorry about what happened today…”

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“You’re too kind, Teacher Geng. It’s my turn to thank your school for letting me broaden my horizons.”