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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 410 - I Like You, I Want the Whole World to Know

Chapter 410: I Like You, I Want the Whole World to Know

The April sunshine shone brightly, while the wind was pleasant.

However, it could not stand out as well as him at this time.

The crowd was packed and lively, but his temperament remained cool and noble, like the kaolin flower.

It was not the first time that Lu Huaiyu had come to Second High, but there were too many people on campus today.

As soon as he had appeared, he had easily become the focus of everyone’s attention.

Many girls around him blushed and looked at him nervously and shyly.

However, it was probably because of the aura around him that very few people dared to approach him.

Lu Huaiyu seemed to sense something and looked over at Ning Li.

The two of them looked at each other.

He walked over to her.

“Why are you still here?” Lu Huaiyu came to stand in front of her and said with a smile, “Were you worried that I wouldn’t be able to find your class?”

Ning Li shook her head.

“No, it’s just that today’s school sports meet is a bit chaotic.”

Lu Huaiyu nodded his head in understanding.

It was no wonder.

He raised his chin.

“Let’s go.”

The two of them walked towards the senior year teaching building.

The parasol trees on both sides of the road had already grown new leaves. The afternoon sun shone brightly, scattering spots of light on the ground.

A burst of enthusiastic cheers came from the sports field at the side. It seemed that the men’s 5000-meter final was in its final stage.

Ning Li looked over through the fence and saw a few figures running on the track.

On the inner and outer sides of the track, a large group of people had gathered and were cheering excitedly.

Just as the two were about to walk across the sports field, a burst of enthusiastic cheers suddenly erupted at the finish line.

It seemed that the finals had ended.

Ning Li casually glanced at the boy who had charged to the front. His figure seemed a little familiar.

However, she did not care and quickly retracted her gaze.

As a result, she did not see the boy who had won first place. After rushing to the finish line, he had wiped his sweat and glanced over.

When he saw Ning Li, he was stunned for a moment. Then, he smiled and turned around to walk towards the podium.

There were a few people sitting on the podium. They were all from the broadcasting station. They were responsible for reading the cheering scripts or announcing the progress of various projects and the status of the awards.

Seeing the boy come up, a girl seemed to recognize him and asked, “Hey, Zhou Cheng, what are you doing here?”

Zhou Cheng walked over with a smile.

“It’s a bit troublesome, but I have a friend whose project is about to start. I’m here to cheer for him and read out a script.”

Seeing that he had just won the men’s 5,000-meter race, the girl did not think too much about it and gave up her seat.

“Alright, go ahead and read it. Hurry up and go down later. The awards are about to be given out.”

“Got it.”

Zhou Cheng thanked her and took the microphone.

He tapped it lightly with his hand, and a muffled voice came from the broadcast.

Then, he opened his mouth and said, “Senior Class, First Class, Senior Sister Ning Li.”

He said this clearly.

The clear voice came from the broadcast and echoed throughout the entire field.

Even many people outside the field area heard it, including Ning Li.

So did Lu Huaiyu.

Ning Li frowned slightly and turned her head to look. Only then did she vaguely see that the person seemed to be…

“Sophomore Class, Zhou Cheng?”

Lu Huaiyu had actually reacted faster than her. He looked over in that direction and raised his eyebrows slightly.

Ning Li glanced at him and quickly reacted– Oh right, when Zhou Cheng had made his confession to her yesterday, Lu Huaiyu had also heard it on the phone.

It did not seem strange for him to recognize it.

From the moment she heard her name, Ning Li had a bad feeling.

Then, she heard Zhou Cheng’s voice continue to be heard.

“Senior Ning Li, I’m Zhou Cheng, First Class, Second Year. I meant what I said to you yesterday. I really like you a lot.”

The entire sports field fell into dead silence.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Zhou Cheng was too bold! He actually dared to publicly make a confession on the podium during the sports meet!

Soon, however, the silent crowd erupted into violent cheers and jeers, until the entire sports field was almost boiling over!

There were so many people who admired Ning Li, yet this was the first person who had ever dared to do so!

The girl on the podium who had given Zhou Cheng a seat and handed him the microphone was stunned.

She had been kind enough to help him, but he had cheated her!

She came back to her senses and quickly pulled him back.

“Zhou Cheng, what are you doing!”

Zhou Cheng quickly evaded her.

He was now in a higher position, so he could easily see the slender figure standing outside the field.

He smiled and said, “Senior Sister Ning Li, I like you. Not only do I want you to know, but I want the whole world to know as well. In short, please consider me.”

This confession could be said to be very direct and passionate.

Screams and whistles could be heard at the same time!

Almost everyone’s attention was focused on his end as they all cheered in unison.

Those with sharp eyes had already noticed Ning Li standing at the side of the field.

All sorts of discussions broke out.

“F*ck! Zhou Cheng is too fierce! This confession is so grand!”

“Tsk. Ren Ning Li is the belle of the school. There are countless people who like her. Zhou Cheng is really not afraid of trouble!”

“Do you think the belle of the school will agree to it? To be honest, Zhou Cheng is handsome, his grades are good, and his running and basketball skills are also excellent. If it were me, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle this.”

“No way? Didn’t her family forbid puppy love? Previously, when she was rumored to be in a puppy love relationship with Pei Song, her parents had to be called in. Hey, the person next to her is her Second Brother, right? Zhou Cheng is really brave. He dares to get up to antics like this in front of her Second Brother?”

“Haha! If that’s the person that Ning Li really likes, then no one can stop her. Who knows, they might even have a private conversation about it later!”

Ning Li’s first reaction was: It’s over. Lu Huaiyu was still by her side.

All kinds of voices came one after another. For some reason, she felt so guilty that she did not dare to look at his current expression.

The liveliness around her seemed to be separated by an invisible barrier.

Lu Huaiyu looked at the field, his eyes cold and dark.

After a while, the tip of his tongue touched his cheek. He raised his eyebrows and smiled, then said without much emotion, “He has a lot of guts.”