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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 406 - Ning! Second Ascension

Chapter 406: Ning! Second Ascension

On the pitch-black stage, a poster quietly appeared.

It was the theme poster that the G&S official blog had originally released.

–When the snow melts, it becomes spring.

The poster was already aesthetically pleasing, so just looking at the small picture was already good enough. Now that it was enlarged on the stage and spread out, it was even more stunning.

The forest, the stream, the branches, the snow, the flower bud.

And… Ning.

Lin Fengmian’s gaze fell onto the name in the middle. His expression was calm, and there was a hint of longing in the depths of his eyes.

The details on the poster were all done very well. After zooming in, one could even see the pebbles under the stream, and the hexagonal snowflakes on the branches.

In the silence, the white snow on the black branches began to melt and gradually turned into spring water. It hung on the tender green flower bud and swayed gently.

Then, it dripped down… plop.

The melted snow fell into the stream and gradually formed circles of ripples.

The ripples spread out on the surface of the water and spread in all directions.

Soon, the stream that had originally been still, began to flow.

The ice and snow melted, merging vitality and liveliness into the scenery, making it come to life completely.

The flower bud slowly bloomed.

Then, the entire poster moved.

The line that the stream meandered out from suddenly swayed.

Beneath the branches of the mountain, it was like a skirt that was dancing in the wind.


The sound of footsteps sounded.

Then, the lights shone down.

A tall and slender young girl’s figure appeared on the stage.

In an instant, light and shadow flowed.

Everyone was surprised to find that the stream of water spread and shook, and transformed into the young girl’s dress.

No, it should be said that the entire poster was reflected on her dress.

The blooming flower bud suddenly fell from the branches.

The young girl raised her hand, showing off her slender and fair arm. She caught the flower bud and gently pinned it to her head.

Suddenly, the spotlight fell onto her body and face and everyone finally saw her appearance clearly.

Tang Wei.

The opening of this big show still featured her.

She was wearing an ankle-length strapless dress. The snow and branches, as well as the tender cyan flower bud, turned into the background color of her dress. It was pure and warm, elegant and lively.

She did not wear any jewelry from head to toe. One single blooming flower in her hair became the only embellishment.

She walked forward.



The left leg of the dress was split open and embroidered with layers of lotus leaves.

As she walked, her slender left leg was faintly discernible. It was sexy but noble and untouchable.

It was as if she had lifted a handful of snow from the multiple piles of snow and her eyes were sparkling.

As she walked, the lights on the stage gradually lit up.

The poster gradually disappeared, and in its place was a forest.

It was green and refreshing.

It was as if she had walked out of a snowy mountain forest, and with a hint of spring, she drifted over.

After Tang Wei officially opened the show, the screen was temporarily blank.

However, immediately after, countless bullet screens crowded over and quickly dominated the screen!

[ Wow wow wow! It’s so beautiful that I’m crying! Ahhhhhh! ]

[ Tang Wei is so beautiful! I announce that God Ning is the best! There’s no one like him! ]

[ Oh my god, if only I could wear this dress at least once in my life. Then, I wouldn’t even regret dying, would I? ]

[ What a god! It’s not in vain that I’ve waited so long for the live broadcast! Sob sob sob sob! ]

[ Tang Wei is really, really lucky. She doesn’t need anything else. Just these two big shows alone will be enough to provide for her for many years, right? ]

[ Weiwei has slayed again today! An absolutely beautiful star! So good! ]

[ For the 1000th time, when will Ning open his Weibo account? I want to go worship him! ]

[ Ah, speaking of which, Ning is the only main designer for this show. He should be making an appearance, right? Surely he will! ]

The live broadcast of the show started ten minutes ago, and the hot searches were quickly wiped out.

# G&S Spring and summer series. #

# Lin Fengmian smiled. #

# Tang Wei’s flower bud. #

# Tang Wei is absolutely beautiful. #

# When the snow melts, it becomes spring. #

# Ning is forever a god. #

A few words quickly made it onto the hot searches and dominated the list.

This was the long-prepared press conference of G&S. The publicity had always been strong, and the show tonight was truly stunning. The heat instantly increased.

Fifteen minutes into the live broadcast, the number of real-time viewers exceeded a million.

Apart from Tang Wei and Lin Fengmian’s fans, countless passersby were also attracted by the hot searches.

The bullet screen was filled with screams.

“Absolutely beautiful! Really! Absolutely Beautiful!”

“G&S’s aesthetic judgment this time is too high-level. It’s really stunning!”

“It’s no wonder that G&S made Ning the only main designer for this press conference. With such standards, no one else can compare!”

[ I’m tired of saying the word ‘beautiful’! ]

[ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ]

The last “Flowers and the Moon” collection made Ning famous.

However, the theme of that time had originally been the G&S’ Autumn and Winter press conference.

Later, George had insisted on setting up a separate theme for Ning without caring about any discouragement from other parties, and the two themes had gone side by side that night.

Although it was very successful, strictly speaking, it was not a show that Ning had completed alone.

This time, Ning was the only main designer.

Countless people in the industry were waiting to see how Ning would perform this time.

It was not uncommon for a person to only succeed once.

Many people were stunned when these kinds of people appeared, but they soon lost their strength and gradually disappeared into the crowd.

Only through continuous success could they gain the recognition of the crowd.

This time, the Spring and Summer show of G&S had undoubtedly completely stabilized Ning’s position within the fashion circle.

Being a top designer, G&S’s new favorite, and a fashion big shot that countless people were eager to chase after.

All this showed that Ning’s success was well-deserved.