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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 405 - Sister

Chapter 405: Sister

Lin Fengmian’s appearance stunned everyone.

The bullet screen went crazy.

[ Fengmian! Fengmian! ]

[ Hubby! I love you! Ahhhhh! ]

[ He’s so f*cking awesome! His face! His body! How can he be so handsome? He’s so beautiful! ]

[ Today is also a day of tears for my brother’s unrivaled beauty! My brother’s embroidered suit is killing me! Ahhhhh! ]

One could feel Lin Fengmian’s explosive popularity through the screen.

In just two minutes, the number of people in the live broadcast room had soared to 400,000.

Obviously, Lin Fengmian’s fans had all rushed over upon hearing the news.

By the time Lin Fengmian took his seat in the first row on the right side of the stage, the number of people in the live broadcast room reached an astonishing 610,000.

At this point, the big show still had yet to officially begin.

Because of Lin Fengmian’s arrival, countless fans had rushed over to support him, and the number of viewers doubled.

All the topics started to revolve around him.

“Oh my god! Is this really the first fashion show that my little brother is participating in? Why didn’t he reveal any information before?”

“A show! This is a show! You have to know that there are so many celebrities in the industry who don’t even have the qualifications. Not only is my little brother here, but he’s also in the first row!”

“My husband is so awesome!”

“Those in front, why did you steal my husband?!”

After Lin Fengmian had debuted, he had quickly gained a lot of popularity and fans, and gained a lot of traffic.

However, his exposure was actually not very high.

So far, he had only appeared in two variety shows, and both of them were singing performances on the stage.

He had also only signed two endorsements.

As for the first cover of the magazine, it had only been released three days ago.

Of course, it had been published in the top men’s magazine in the country. It was a commemorative magazine that had debuted for a month.

Even with just these, he had still exploded.

Apart from the easy slaughter of all the major music charts, his hit song stage had accumulated more than 30 million views on the Internet.

The products that he endorsed were sold out as soon as they were on the shelves.

The magazine’s cover had been released for 24 hours, breaking the magazine’s historical sales record.

The fans held onto that pitiful amount of material every day and flipped it over and over again. They were about to flip it over and over again.

Now that they had suddenly seen Lin Fengmian appear at G&S’ show, they were naturally overjoyed.

However, although the fans were happy, some people quickly voiced their doubts.

[ Lin Fengmian’s resource didn’t run away, right? He has only debuted for a little over a month, yet he can sit in the first row of the G & S Show and watch the show. Who would believe that there’s no one behind him? ]

[ Didn’t he say that he was a trainee who had come back from abroad? Yet, he’s become so successful as soon as he returned to China. ]

Similar remarks immediately set off a fierce war of words in the bullet-curtain area.

[ Don’t show off if you’re sick in the head. Do you know what real popularity is? ]

[ Does he even have real popularity? Take Fengmian away, we don’t need him! ]

[ I’m dying of laughter. I don’t think you can even enter the entrance of the G & S Show, right? Your envy is spilling out of the screen, okay? ]

A fight erupted between the fans and the trolls who each had their own reasons.

[ Pure passerby with no malicious intent. Just purely curious, how did Lin Fengmian get to sit in the first row of the G&S show? ]

Actually, Lin Fengmian’s fans were also very curious about this question.

Lin Fengmian was indeed very popular now, but G&S was a top luxury brand.

Countless artistes and celebrities in the circle might not even be able to form a relationship with G&S, let alone Lin Fengmian, who had just debuted for more than a month?

His qualifications were indeed not enough to qualify for him to sit in the first row.

Suddenly, someone sent a bullet screen.

[ Didn’t you guys notice that Lin Fengmian is wearing the matching menswear from the G&S Flower and Moon collection? ]

After the Flower and Moon collection had been released, G&S had taken the opportunity to release the corresponding male outfits.

The outfit that Lin Fengmian was wearing obviously had the same theme as the one that Tang Wei had worn at the opening.

[ This outfit seems to have been specially loaned to him by G&S. ]. According to internal news, G & S admired and thought highly of Lin Fengmian. It seemed that they had already started to discuss cooperation matters, but as to what exactly it was, it was still unclear. However, a friendly reminder. The man sitting on Lin Fengmian’s left is the director of G&S, Edmund. ]

Once this message had been posted, those who had still been doubting previously, all turned off their microphones.

The fans almost pulled out the flag to cry in celebration.

After all, to be able to attract the attention of G&S, it really made many people in the circle very envious.

No matter what kind of collaboration it was, as long as they could get on this line, it would greatly raise Lin Fengmian’s status.

He was sure to win.

In the venue, Lin Fengmian sat down.

Edmund saw him and walked over to greet him with a smile.

He had spotted Lin Fengmian by accident.

He had liked this young man from the first moment he had seen him.

Looks were not the most important thing. After all, he himself was not Chinese. His aesthetic standards for facial features were still different from here.

What he liked was Lin Fengmian’s temperament.

Therefore, he had taken the initiative to contact Lin Fengmian’s company and expressed his intention to have a collaboration.

When he saw Lin Fengmian wearing this outfit today, he knew that his decision was not wrong.

They had previously communicated through voice and video, and tonight was their first official meeting.

Edmund was very surprised to find that Lin Fengmian actually knew German.

“Lin, your German is very good. Have you stayed abroad before?”

Lin Fengmian shook his head gently.

“No, I taught myself.”

His voice was very clean.

Edmund was more and more surprised.

“You could learn it so well on your own? You’re really smart.”

German pronunciation was quite complicated, and he had reached this level just by learning on his own…

“I only know some relatively simple content. It’s not really that good.”

Lin Fengmian seemed to have thought of something. His red lips curled up slightly, and he gave an extremely shallow smile.

“To be precise, I didn’t learn it completely by myself. I learned most of it from my sister.”

Edmund was curious.


Lin Fengmian’s beautiful eyes curved.

“Yes, my sister.”

Lin Fengmian’s smile at this moment was captured accurately by the camera.

The director quickly switched to a close-up.

On the screen, the youth was right in front of him.

He had always been clean, aloof, and mysterious.

But suddenly, a smile broke out on his lips. There was warmth in his eyes, and he looked extremely obedient.

This smile gave countless people a heart attack.

[ Ah! Little Brother is so obedient! ]

[ I can’t take it anymore! Why is he smiling so beautifully! I need oxygen! ]

[ I’m finished, pure passerby. With this smile, I’ll lie down in the pit, and I won’t be able to get out. ]

[ What is little cub saying? Ahhhhhhhhh! What are we talking about? He’s so happy… Ahhhhhh! ]

[ Girlfriend fan turned into a mom fan on the spot. I’m convinced. No one can pull me today! Little cub, mommy loves you! ]

Countless fans were so bewitched by his smile that they were happy to die from it.

However, Lin Fengmian was completely unaware of all this.



The sound of the clock’s hands moving came from the pitch-black stage.

The stage quickly quieted down.

Everyone looked over there, including Lin Fengmian.


The last sound.

It was eight o’clock in the evening when the G&S Spring and Summer show officially began.