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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 404 - On That Day, I’ll Pick You Up

Chapter 404: On That Day, I’ll Pick You Up

The night wind blew, blowing her soft hair, slightly covering her eyes and eyebrows.

However, she could still clearly see Lu Huaiyu’s expression.

His posture was always languid, his thin lips slightly raised, with a casual smile.

His remark seemed to be just another casual sentence.

However, his eyes were extremely deep, and when he looked over, it seemed to be intensely burning hot.

The moment they looked at each other, Ning Li could clearly hear her heart beating hard.

She almost subconsciously looked away.

For some reason, her face was a little hot.

Lu Huaiyu’s words seemed to be a straightforward explanation, but they also seemed to have some kind of deep meaning.

She subconsciously bit the straw and gently ground her teeth.

Thinking of how he said that this was originally what he wanted to drink, she loosened her grip a little.

“When do you plan to move out of the Ye family home?”

Lu Huaiyu asked.

This time, he asked very directly.

After this incident in the Ye family, a series of troubles followed.

Moreover, according to his understanding, Ye Ci and Ning Li had completely fallen out.

Ye Ci had taken a leave of absence from Yunzhou Second High School. Besides going to the hospital, she had been busy preparing to study abroad.

They lived together, and no one could guarantee what Ye Ci would do one day.

After all, there were too many lessons learned from the past.

Before Ning Li had offended her, she had deliberately set up an Internet storm to target Ning Li. She had even contacted the Zhang family, asking them to go to Ning Li’s home in Lincheng on New Year’s Day to cause trouble.

Not to mention now.

He was not at ease leaving Ning Li alone with the Ye family.

Ning Li thought for a moment and said, “Let’s wait for a while.”

Lu Huaiyu turned his head to look at her and suddenly said, “Have you already thought of a time?”

This was not a question, but an affirmation.

Ning Li wanted to deny it, but she did not want to lie in front of him on this matter.

So, she could only nod her head obediently.


It was the end of March now. The news of a large group of ancient tombs being excavated under Qinghe Bridge would break out at the beginning of May.

In other words, there were still two months left.

That was also the estimated time she would leave the Ye family.

“It should be… soon.”

She said.

Lu Huaiyu and his eyes narrowed slightly, and then he asked, “Before the college entrance exam?”

Ning Li sighed in her heart.

Lu Huaiyu’s mind and eyesight were really too good.

She did not say anything, but he had already guessed most of it.

“Oh, probably.”

Ning Li answered vaguely.

Lu Huaiyu paused and muttered softly, “Will it still take that long…?”

Ning Li looked at him strangely.

Was it very long?

She thought that it would be alright.

There were still two months before she moved out of the Ye family home, and only three months before the college entrance exam.

It sounded like it was still a long time away, but in fact, the days passed very quickly.

After hesitating for a moment, she said, “Second Brother, you don’t have to worry.”

Lu Huaiyu knew what Ye Ci had done to her. Even when the Zhang family had gone to her place to make trouble, he had only happened to stumble upon them.

Having seen the schemes and violent scenes, it seemed reasonable for him to be worried about her staying with the Ye family for the past two months.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her. After a while, he gently tapped her forehead with his finger and smiled, “I’m not worried.”

He was not worried at all, but his heart ached for her.

He knew that she was smart. For such a long time, she had avoided all the traps that those people had dug for her and successfully retaliated.

Since she had chosen to stay in the Ye family, she would definitely be able to ensure her own safety in all aspects.

However, knowing was one thing, feeling reluctant was another.

He said,

“On that day, I’ll pick you up.”

Saturday, 8 pm.

The Capital, International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The G&S Spring and Summer luxury collection press conference would be held here, and it would be broadcast live on the entire Internet.

There were still 15 minutes before the press conference started, and the staff were making final adjustments.

The screen was still black and there was no sound, but 300,000 people had already flooded into the live broadcast room, and the number was still increasing rapidly.

The bullet screens on the screen were flashing rapidly.

[ Ahhhhhh Ning, I’m coming! ]

[ I’m coming, I’m coming! Has the live broadcast started yet? ]

[ Fortunately, I made it in time! I quickly finished my dinner and came! ]

[ I wonder what style G&S’s big show will showcase this time? ]

[ I love all styles! Let’s go, little skirts! ]

[ … Shocking! Can you even afford G&S? ]

[ I can’t afford it, but it doesn’t affect my viewing! ]! To be honest, Ning’s design really touches me! It’s been a long time since the Flower and Moon series, and I’m finally getting to watch this show! I want to save up money and try my best to buy a high-quality set of Ning’s designs in this lifetime! ]

[ Weiwei will still walk the runway, right? I’m looking forward to Weiwei! ]

[ I’m looking forward to Weiwei! I’m looking forward to Ning! ]

Tang Wei’s fans greatly valued this big show, so they all called for it to increase their popularity.

In an instant, countless roses appeared on the bullet screen.

It was 7:50 pm.

Finally, the scene of the venue appeared on the screen.

However, the camera was quite far away, so the live audience could only see the entrance and the audience seats. The stage area in the middle was dark, so they could not see anything.

The people who were watching the show had already entered the venue and taken their seats.

Only then did the audience realize that something was off.

[ Eh? The seats seem to be very scattered this time! ]

[ I thought that I was the only one who thought so. Why are the first and second rows so far apart? ]

[ It’s probably specially arranged? I heard that the venue had been set up since yesterday, and it took two whole days to do it. Unfortunately, G&S had done a very good job of keeping it a secret and didn’t reveal anything. Everyone should just wait and watch the live broadcast ]

[ Tsk, the people sitting in the first row on both sides of the stage are all the most important of all the big shots… ]

[ Why don’t I know them? Please tell me more about them! ]

[ One sentence: The chief editors of the top fashion magazines in the country are all here. In addition, the ones sitting next to them have very long legs. Those are all top international models, the kind with six digits in one step. ]

[ Wow… So awesome? G&S is indeed in a class of its own. Look at the layout! ]

[ Not only is this a big show for G&S, but also because this is Ning’s first independent design press conference. This person is now a hot figure in the domestic fashion circle. ]

[ Ah! I also saw the best actor, Shen Qingzhou! ]

[ I have already seen two best actors, one best actress, and several popular young stars. I heard that the A-list students and starlets in the circle, except for those who have other competing brand contracts, have all come. ]

Suddenly, a thin and tall figure walked in from the entrance.

The youth looked to be about seventeen or eighteen years old. He wore a white shirt, a black G&S handmade suit, and a large piece of gorgeous peony embroidery on his left shoulder.

It contrasted with his beautiful and exquisite face. He was cold, flirtatious, pure, and charming.

He walked slowly with a unique rhythm and aura around him.

This easily distinguished him from the others in the arena, attracting everyone’s attention.

After a short period of silence, the bullet comments went crazy.

“Ahhh! It’s Lin Fengmian!”