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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 402 - : Liking My Younger Brother

Chapter 402: Liking My Younger Brother

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was not the first time He Xiaochen had seen this solo stage dance, but every time she watched it, she would still be mesmerized.

She held her face and whimpered, completely intoxicated with her infatuation.

“He’s really good-looking! Ning Li, he’s really good-looking!”

This face!

This posture!

This dance!

Other than perfection, there was no other word to describe it.

Ning Li came back to her senses and stared at the frozen image of the young man on the screen for a long time before she smiled.


It was indeed very beautiful and impeccable.

He Xiaochen rambled on and on:

“His name is Lin Fengmian. He just debuted a month ago, but he’s already extremely popular! He made his debut on this solo stage and became famous overnight! He has garnered countless fans! He’s now a well-deserved top-notch celebrity!”

She took back her phone with great care,

“Ooooooooh! He’s such a beautiful boy, why am I only seeing him now? Oooooooh!”

If one had to use a word to describe Lin Fengmian, the only way to describe him was that he was beautiful.

His facial features were extremely delicate, and he had a naturally unique sense of fragile beauty and youth.

The entertainment industry did not lack people who were good-looking, but his temperament was truly unique.

Therefore, once he had debuted, he had quickly became popular. He had quickly shaken off other popular young men of his age and became the real king of popularity.

“I heard that he’s a trainee who came back from abroad. His dancing strength and rhythm are really far ahead of those so-called idols in the industry!”

He Xiaochen sighed,

“Even if he only relied on his face, he would still win for sure. But his standard is so high, it’s really killing me!”

Ning Li, “…”

“He’s so pure and sexy, a real pure-hearted cat-like teenager! This little brother is really cute!”

Ning Li, “…”

It was no wonder that He Xiaochen had been secretly looking at her phone. It turned out that she was busy admiring what was on the screen.

“Little brother?”


He Xiaochen counted on her fingers,

“Little brother is only seventeen this year! His birthday is on July 7th, and he’s one year younger than me. Doesn’t that make him a little brother? He has many older sister type of fans!”

That was true. For such a young man, other than fans around his age, it was indeed easiest for him to attract older sister fans.

Ning Li was silent for a moment.

What she said was not wrong.

“Didn’t you chase Tang Wei before? Now it’s his turn?”

At the mention of this, He Xiaochen immediately raised her finger and pressed it against her lips.

“Shh… Tang Wei is my life, and my younger brother is my wall. Neither will interfere with each other! Neither will interfere with each other. Hahahaha!”

She gestured.

“My love for Weiwei will never change. But, who asked my little brother to be so adorable?”


People who were idolized good-looking stars while completely blind to their flaws were really just like that. They had no principles at all!

Ning Li, “… Alright.”

It had to be said that Lin Fengmian’s debut was indeed one-of-a-kind.

In his previous life, after his grandmother passed away, he had rushed back without caring about the obstacles and missed this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to debut.

By the time he had finished arranging everything, it was already too late.

Sometimes, missing out just meant missing out.

Later on, Lin Fengmian had delayed his debut for almost a year.

Unfortunately, the general environment of the entertainment industry had already undergone a great change. More importantly, at that time, his company just happened to have a new leader.

Because he refused the unspoken rules, he was severely suppressed.

Although he had debuted, his publicity was almost zero. Everyone in the company knew that he had offended a big shot, so they did not dare to help him. They even began to work together to isolate him.

In the entertainment industry, the people with the least visibility were the easiest to bully and suppress. The more it was like this, the harder it was for him to stand out.

Such a vicious cycle ended with him losing his popularity.

Later, a series of negative news broke out on him, and he was forced to retreat from the industry.

After that–

Ning Li closed her eyes and collected her thoughts.

He Xiaochen muttered.

“On the day my younger brother debuted, he even released a single called ‘Sleep in the Wind’, which went online 24 hours a day and directly slaughtered the charts! It occupied first place on the 13 music charts! Oh my god, he’s a true powerhouse! That song is super good! Ning Li, you must listen to it when you’re free!”

There were many idols in the entertainment industry, but most of them were produced on the production line. They were exactly the same without any special characteristics.

The most important thing was that they did not have the strength yet.

For someone like Lin Fengmian, he would be directly dropped onto the list as soon as he debuted. He was a person who truly walked the path of strength.

After he became famous, all of his data wasn’t diluted. He was truly popular.

Therefore, although he had only debuted for a month, his momentum was very strong, and he quickly gained a foothold in the industry.

Ning Li nodded.


She had been busy with the competition and the Ye family’s matters recently, so she had naturally paid less attention to Lin Fengmian.

He had become popular faster and more fiercely than she had thought.

She packed her backpack and walked out.

He Xiaochen was with her:

“Oh right, my little brother seems to be preparing his first album! It’s going to be released in June, right after the college entrance exam. I can buy my brother’s album and play it repeatedly! Haha! Perfect!”

Most of the new idols nowadays chose singles, and very few released albums.

Firstly, the music market was in a slump, and secondly, it required a lot of time, energy, and money to make an album. Most importantly, if it was not at that standard, not only would it not sell, but it would also attract a lot of criticism.

No one liked to do such a thankless task.

Lin Fengmian had only debuted for a month. There were several reasons why he was able to arrange this matter so quickly.

It was popular enough.

And, it was powerful enough.

Both were indispensable.

Ning Li’s lips curved slightly.

“That’s good.”

This was the goal that Lin Fengmian had been striving for all this time.

If it could be achieved, it would indeed be very good.

He Xiaochen nodded her head like a chick pecking on rice. Then, she suddenly thought of something and her eyes widened slightly.

“Eh? Ning Li, I remember that you’re not very interested in these celebrity idols in the entertainment industry. Why are you–”

She came over with a smile.

“Do you also like Little Brother Fengmian a lot?”

This was a matter of experience.

As an experienced admirer of beauty, He Xiaochen had a very picky eye.

There were so many handsome men and beautiful women in the entertainment industry, but very few of them could catch her eye.

In other words, those who could catch her eye and be recognized by her were definitely top-notch beauties.

Previously, she had tried to draw Ning Li’s attention to a few people before, but Ning Li had always maintained an indifferent attitude and did not seem to be very interested.

This was the first time she had asked her to watch the stage performance and listen to a single. She had even nodded!

At this moment, the two of them had already reached the school gate.

Ning Li paused for a moment.

However, before she could speak, she heard a familiar low and lazy voice behind her.

“Who is it that you like?”