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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 401 - Lin Fengmian

Chapter 401: Lin Fengmian

This time, Ye Ci’s illness came suddenly and violently.

The doctor said that it had been caused by anxiety, stress, and a drop in the body’s immune system.

When she was in the hospital, her fever kept coming off and on and she lost a lot of weight.

The most important thing was that her mental state had deteriorated very badly.

Ye Ming followed the doctor’s advice and took her to a psychologist.

The problem was not big, but it was not small either.

Ye Ci’s depression was too heavy, and she needed to seek help from a psychologist regularly.

However, Ye Ming kept these things a secret.

Other than the Ye family, no one else knew.

Ning Li’s life was no different from before. She went to and from school every day.

In the blink of an eye, two weeks had passed, and the weather gradually warmed up.

On the Internet, the popularity of the news about Ye Ci cheating had finally dropped bit by bit.

At Second High School, everyone had put their focus back into their studies, especially the senior class.

As the college entrance exam was getting closer and closer, their curriculum arrangements were getting more and more tense.

There was a countdown sign posted in the corridor, and the number was decreasing every day.

It was Friday night.

Ning Li was writing an English paper. He Xiaochen sneakily took out her phone, covered it with a book, plugged it into her headphones, and started reading.

Ning Li finished answering the last question, and found that she had just used up her pen.

She took out a new one from her stationery bag to use.

Just then, she saw Kong Rou coming over from outside.

Today was English evening self-study, and Kong Rou was the teacher on duty.

However, First Class was different from the other classes. There were basically no evening self-study sessions. If the students had any questions, they could just go over and ask the teacher themselves. They would have more freedom.

Ning Li gently bumped He Xiaochen’s elbow. He Xiaochen immediately put the phone back into the belly of the table silently. Then, she quietly pulled the earphone out of her sleeve.

Ning Li, “…”

Kong Rou sat down at the podium, and a few students walked over one after another.

After that, He Xiaochen did not touch her phone again and she concentrated on studying seriously.

The bell rang.

Kong Rou left the classroom.

Some students began to pack their things and leave, while others still sat in their seats.

It was close to the college entrance exam, so everyone was under a lot of pressure.

Many students began to stay in the classroom for a longer period of time to study.

He Xiaochen then carefully took out her phone.

Ning Li turned her head to look at her.

From her position, she could see half of He Xiaochen’s phone screen.

After getting a bettew view, she was stunned.

He Xiaochen was watching a video.

In the center of the screen, there was a youth in white.

As if sensing that Ning Li was also looking over, he Xiaochen handed her phone over:

“Oooooooooooh, Ning Li, quick, look! Isn’t he a good-looker! This solo is really amazing!”

As she said this, she handed over an earpiece.

Ning Li could not resist and had no choice but to put the earpiece on.

He Xiaochen pulled the progress bar to the beginning:

“You should watch it from the beginning!”

This was a three-minute and thirty-second solo stage dance.

At the beginning, the scene was pitch black.

Then, a slight sound of wind entered their ears, accompanied by the faint sound of flowing water.

It was quiet, spacious, and far away, unconsciously calming their hearts.

A bright moon slowly rose, the light like water sprinkling down.

Beneath the moon, the white-clothed youth stood quietly.

His head was slightly lowered, his black hair half covering his eyes and brows. Only his skin was fair and clear, his nose was tall and straight, his cheeks were thin and smooth, and his lips were a touch of crimson.

He wore a silk white shirt, his collar was half open, and one could vaguely see his exquisite collarbone.

The loose cuffs were tied tightly with white ribbons, making them look like elegant tassels.


A drum beat sounded.

As if guided, he raised his arm.

A thin layer of light surrounded his body.

Following that, a series of drum beats were heard.

Dong Dong Dong!

He followed the rhythm and every movement was precise.

The silk shirt followed his movements and outlined the perfect lines of the young man’s body.

The young man was tall and slim. When he danced, his body was unbelievably light. However, every movement contained vigorous and tough strength.

The rhythm of the music became more and more rapid, like a sudden shower in the middle of summer. The music entered his ears, fell on the dark green eaves and the jade-colored banana leaves, and then flowed down.


As his toes landed, a string of crystal clear water droplets flew up, while the rest rippled under his feet.

The dark night and the bright moon intertwined, and the water reflected the young man’s reflection, forming a picture.

The water splashed onto his body, and the white silk shirt became translucent, sticking close to the young man’s lean and perfect body.

The shoulder line was straight, the abdominal muscles were well-defined, and the waist line was smooth and thin.

Gradually, the music began to ease up again, and his movements slowed down.

Like the beginning of a shower, the moon was bright and clear.

The young man’s raised head slowly lowered as he embraced himself.

The camera zoomed in slowly.

A few strands of hair on his forehead were already wet. The young man’s face was beautiful and exquisite.

He had his eyes closed. His eyelashes were unbelievably long and there was even a drop of water on them. They were sparkling and brilliant.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

His light brown pupils were like glass balls. They were clean, bright, and pure.

He carried a sense of fragility that was unique to the young man. It was as if with just a slight touch, this touching beauty would shatter.

The water droplet fell down and merged into his eyes, dyeing them with a layer of light.

The color of his eyes gradually blurred, and the corners of his eyes were suffused with a faint redness. It was as if there was a deep desire and temptation hidden in them, tempting people to fall in.

There was a mole at the left end of his eye, complementing each other. It brought out a kind of indolent beauty that was difficult to describe but still moving people’s hearts.

The picture froze.

He slept in the wind, woke up in the rain, and seemed to have come from a distant mountain forest to dance alone under the moonlight.

He became the only moving color in the picture.

He was–

Lin Fengmian.