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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 398 - : What Does It Have to Do With You

Chapter 398: What Does It Have to Do With You

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Why did she go to the administrative building?”

Everyone looked surprised.

The girl who had spoken looked around before she lowered her voice.

“I went there to deliver some materials and accidentally bumped into her. In addition to Ye Ci, her mother had also come. I heard that… Ye Ci is going to take a leave of absence.”

Hearing this, everyone was shocked.

“A leave of absence?”


“Then, does that mean she won’t come to school anymore?”

“Why do I feel that she took a leave of absence just because she didn’t want to come to school?”

The group of people were discussing animatedly.

This speculation quickly received a lot of agreement.

“I think so too!”

“Me too–”

“Tsk, if I were her, I would indeed be too ashamed to continue staying in Second High School. But no, I’m not her. After all, I don’t have the ability to get the original questions for the finals of the national competition…”

“Speaking of which, the Ye family is really amazing. Even in this state, they still managed to keep Ye CI’s academic status? I thought she would be expelled, no matter what.”

“Even if she’s not expelled, then she should be suspended from school. That stain would then forever remain in her file. Which university would still accept her then?”

As they spoke, several people occasionally looked in Ning Li’s direction.

However, Ning Li’s expression remained very calm. She had been sitting in her seat answering questions and could not see anything.

Someone could not help but mutter.

“They’e all family. The difference between both sisters is too big…”

The person next to her smiled and said, “Sigh, Ning Li and the Ye family aren’t related by blood, right? She can’t be considered a sister to Ye Ci. If only she had been half as good as Ning Li, she wouldn’t have reached this stage, right?”

Lin Zhouyang could not take it anymore. He turned around and said to Ren Qian, “Ren Qian, I’m going out first. When the teacher asks about it later, just say that I went to the toilet.”

Ren Qian glanced at him.

“Are you going to the administrative building?”

Lin Zhouyang felt a little awkward after his worries were exposed.

“I’ll be back soon. I’m leaving.”

After saying that, he did not bother with Ren Qian and got up to leave.

Ren Qian shook his head.

“I really don’t know what is going on.”

A boy in front called out to Ren Qian.

“Ren Qian! You haven’t cleaned the blackboard yet!”

Ren Qian, “…”

Ever since he had gotten his guaranteed acceptance, everyone in the class had automatically given him these miscellaneous chores.

Now, he came to school every day to clean the blackboard and sweep the floor.

He leaned back on his chair and picked up a book and spun it out of boredom.

“Why are you treating me like some kind of free labor every day? If I don’t do it today, whose turn is it to be on duty?”

The boy looked at the duty schedule.

“It should be He Xiaochen today.”

Ren Qian was stunned and turned his head to look to the side.

He Xiaochen was leaning over to Ning Li’s side, as if she was asking about a biological genetic problem.

“Mm-hmm… mm-hmm… so the ratio of black rabbits and white rabbits crossing each other after ten generations of gray rabbits…”

She supported her face with one hand without reading the paper. She stared at Ning Li the whole time, and the infatuation on her face almost overflowing.

Ren Qian, “…”

The boy shouted at He Xiaochen.


Ren Qian sighed, put down the book, stood up, and muttered.

“What kind of tiring life is this?”

Lin Zhouyang went to the administrative building.

Since he did not know which office Ye Ci had gone to, he waited beside the small flower bed on the first floor.

The bell rang and the second class began.

The students on the campus all returned to their classrooms, and the surroundings became quiet and empty.

After waiting for about half an hour, he finally saw Ye Ci coming down from upstairs.

He was just about to go over when he saw Su Yuan following beside Ye Ci.

Lin Zhouyang hesitated for a moment but did not go over.

Su Yuan was holding a file bag in her hand while Ye Ci was carrying her schoolbag. Her head was lowered slightly and she looked very tired.

“Lil Ci, do you need mommy to go with you?”

Su Yuan asked.

Ye Ci shook her head.

“I can go alone. Please wait for me in the car first.”

The suspension procedures had been completed, but she still had some things left in the classroom.

She had originally wanted to ask Cheng Xiangxiang to help her take them back, but she had sent several messages to Cheng Xiangxiang and received no reply.

In fact, she already had a clear feeling that Cheng Xiangxiang had been deliberately reducing her contact with her recently.

Whether it was due to her own initiative or because she had been reminded by her family, it could be expected that they really could not be the same as before.

This matter made Ye Ci feel very disappointed.

So after thinking about it, she decided to go and get the things back herself.

She looked at her phone. The second class was almost over. She just had to wait until the break between classes to go to the classroom.

Su Yuan saw her firm attitude, so she nodded.

“Okay, then mom will leave first.”

With that, she took the file bag and left.

When she was far away, Ye Ci turned around and was about to walk in the direction of the teaching building.

However, she bumped into Lin Zhouyang after taking only a few steps.

“Ye Ci.”

Looking at Lin Zhouyang who had suddenly walked out from behind the small flower bed, Ye Ci was shocked.

After she came back to her senses, she frowned.

“Why are you here?”

She did not want to see any familiar faces now, but Lin Zhouyang had obviously waiting for her here.

Realizing this, she felt a little disgusted, and her tone became impatient.

Lin Zhouyang was stunned.

Initially, he felt very uncomfortable when he saw Ye Ci’s haggard appearance.

But before he could say anything, the disgust in Ye Ci’s eyes was clearly displayed.

The words that he had prepared were suddenly stuck in his throat and could not be said.

After a moment, he said nervously,

“I… I didn’t have anything to do, so I just wanted to see how you were…”

Ye Ci looked at him coldly and suddenly sneered.

“Why do you care what happens to me?”