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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 397 - Second High School

Chapter 397: Second High School

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Ming was livid.

“Ye Ci, go back to your room right now and reflect on yourself!”

Ye Ci wiped away the tears on her face and stared at Ning Li with bloodshot eyes.

At this point, she knew that it was useless to say anything more.

Everything had already been set in stone.

Ning Li had boundless glory, and countless praises and glory greeted her.

While she…

As if sensing her gaze, Ning Li suddenly turned around and looked over at her.

Their eyes met.

Then, she heard Ning Li say softly,

“In that case, I’ll go back and rest first. I still have class tomorrow.”

As she spoke, she started to walk towards her room.

When she passed by Ye Ci again, she paused.

“Good night, everyone.”

Ye Ci was so angry that her vision went black.

However, Ning Li had already returned to her room.

With a click, the door was locked, easily blocking out all the chaos and disputes.

That night, the Ye family was in a state of chaos.

Apart from Ning Li, no one else had slept well.

The next morning, Ning Li packed her backpack and went out. Coincidentally, she encountered Ye Ci.

She had probably not slept well the whole night. The dark circles under her eyes were very heavy, and her eyes were bloodshot. She also looked very listless.

When she looked at Ning Li, she looked particularly gloomy and cold.

Ning Li turned a blind eye and went downstairs.

Ye Ming was not at home, and Ye Sheng did not seem to be up yet.

Only Su Yuan stood alone in the living room.

Her makeup today was a little heavier than usual, but it still could not hide her haggard and tired face.

“Lil Ci, you should go to school today too.”

She was going to Second High to help Ye Ci apply for a suspension, so naturally, Ye Ci naturally had to go as well.

Ye Ci’s face was very cold.

“I don’t want to go with her.”

She was obviously referring to Ning Li.

After last night, she and Ning Li had completely fallen out.

So now, she really could not be bothered to put on any pretense.

Su Yuan frowned.

“Since we’re all going to the school anyway, it’s more convenient for us to go together.”

Last night, Ye Ming had specifically told her that at this time, she should try her best to take care of Ning Li.

He did not want to hear any more messy rumors.

Of course, Su Yuan understood what he meant.

So now, she could only refuse Ye Ci’s request.

Ye Ci’s expression stiffened.

Ning Li said lightly, “Since Ye Ci doesn’t want to go with me, I can take a taxi to school myself.”

Ye Ci sneered.

At this time, Ning Li was still putting on an act.

“Then, let’s listen to Mom.”

Wasn’t it just taking a car together? What was such a big deal about it?

As she spoke, she took the lead to out of the door.

The car stopped outside the villa’s main entrance. Zhou Hua was already waiting in the car.

Ye Ci went straight to the front passenger seat.

Ning Li followed at a leisurely pace. Su Yuan sighed and walked to the back to sit in the back seat with Ning Li.

The car started.

There was silence all the way.

Twenty minutes later, Zhou Hua parked the car at the intersection not far from the entrance of Second High School.

Ning Li pushed the door open and got out.

Ye Ci’s hand was on the car door. She looked up at the window, but she suddenly stopped.

It was the morning rush hour, and the students who came and went on the road were all wearing Second High school uniforms.

The crowd was surging.

Ye Ci felt an unspeakable deep fear in her heart.

“Lil Ci?”

Su Yuan was actually not willing to come, but it was impossible not to do this.

Ye Ci said, “Mom, it’s still early. The teacher is probably not here yet. Let’s go over later.”

Su Yuan hesitated for a moment before agreeing.

Ye Ci heaved a sigh of relief. She leaned against the back of her seat and looked out of the car window. Ning Li had already walked towards the school gate. Her figure quickly disappeared among the large group of students.

At this moment, Ye Ci felt like a mouse that could not be seen in the light. She could only hide like a coward here, feeling extremely humiliated.

However, at the same time, she knew clearly that this time was indeed not the best choice.

Once she had impulsively gotten out of the car, what kind of looks would those people give her? What would they say about her?

She did not dare to take a gamble.

“Ning Li!”

When she reached the school gate, Ning Li just happened to bump into He Xiaochen.

She happily greeted Ning Li, then subconsciously looked behind her and asked in a strange manner,

“Hey, Ning Li, why isn’t that car leaving yet?”

She knew that it was the Ye family’s car. It had been responsible for picking up and dropping off Ye Ci and Ning Li.

Logically speaking, they should have gone back after dropping them off.

Before Ning Li could say anything, a few discussions came from behind them.

“Is it true that Ye Ci came to school?”

“I saw it with my own eyes! Are you serious? ! Hey, did you see that car over there? Ye Ci is sitting inside!”

“Where… I can’t see anything…”

“The window was opened just now. I saw it. It’s Ye Ci. Wasn’t that Ning Li in front? They came together.”

“Together? Then why did only Ning Li get out of the car?”

“Hahaha! Are you stupid? There are so many people now. Does Ye Ci have the nerve to come over? She probably wants to wait until there’s no one else.”

“She actually still dares to come to school…”

The person who spoke clicked his tongue.

The rest of the words did not need to be said. Everyone naturally understood.

He Xiaochen winked at Ning Li and whispered,

“Ning Li, did Ye Ci really come with you?”


Hearing her affirmative answer, He Xiaochen could not hide her shock.

She looked over there again before following Ning Li into the school.

In fact, she had the same thoughts as those people.

However, she did not want to gossip in front of Ning Li, so she rarely talked about related topics.

Seeing that Ning Li looked calm and did not seem to take it to heart, she thought about it and decided to suppress her words and talk about something else.

“By the way, are we going to do a random recitation in Chinese class today?”

He Xiaochen did not gossip, but it did not mean that other people were the same.

After the morning of self-study had ended, the news of Ye Ci returning to school had spread throughout Second High School.

In the classroom and in the corridor, almost all the students were discussing this matter.

Some of the braver ones had even come directly to First Class.

They probably wanted to wait for Ye Ci to appear.

The people in First Class restrained themselves a lot, but the atmosphere in the classroom was still obviously different from usual.

The air was filled with an inexplicable restlessness.

Lin Zhouyang looked at the empty seat in front of him, feeling as if he was in a daze for a long time.

However, even until the first class had begun, Ye Ci still had not shown up.

Many people started to discuss in whispers.

“Didn’t they say that ye Ci came to school today? Why hasn’t she shown up until now?”

“Isn’t that simple? Just ask Ning Li directly!”

“You’re so toxic! You know her relationship with the Ye family. How could I still ask her these questions? Would I not be just making things difficult for myself?”

Probably because Ning Li’s usual indifferent attitude towards Ye Ci and the Ye family had long been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, no one really went to talk to her about this.

However, this question was finally answered after the first class had ended.

Ye Ci had not come to the classroom, but had gone to the administrative building instead.