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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 393 - See You When You Look Up

Chapter 393: See You When You Look Up

“You’re right.”

Wei Songze rubbed his chin,

“But it’s hard to imagine that the Ye family went to all these lengths. It’s just a competition, how did it end up like this?”

Ning Li smiled without saying anything.

They had come this far not just for a competition, but more for their reputation.

The Ye family was a famous family in Yunzhou, and they were very particular about their appearance.

If Ye Ci had not signed up for the competition, it would have been fine. With her normal results, she could have taken the college entrance examination and entered one of the top universities in the country.

However, she had insisted on signing up for it.

Now, everyone was speculating that she had signed up to get that guaranteed spot.

Only Ning Li knew that Ye Ci had signed up to beat her.

From the day she had stepped into the Ye family, no, perhaps from the day she had known about her existence, Ye Ci had already treated her as her imaginary enemy.

Ning Li had taken many years in her previous life to figure this out.

Ye Ci’s hostility toward her had mostly been because of Su Yuan.

Her biological mother had passed away so early, so she had no memory of her at all.

However, since she had been seven years old, Su Yuan had come into the Ye family.

Su Yuan seemed to have endless patience and smiles for her.

For ten years, all her concepts about motherhood had come from Su Yuan.

So, when she found out that Su Yuan actually had a biological daughter, she had been unwilling to accept it.

She did not want Ning Li to take away what belonged to her.

This included Su Yuan, the attention of others, and all the glory.

The more outstanding Ning Li was, the difficult it had been for her to accept.

Therefore, when Ning Li had participated in the physics competition, she also had to participate.

She had to prove that she was not inferior to Ning Li.

Since she was young, she had always been the most dazzling one in the crowd. Why should she be relegated to becoming the foil when Ning Li came?

She looked down on Ning Li from the bottom of her heart.

Many emotions had interweaved. Ye Ci had made one wrong step and then another, and another, until she got to where she was today.

“There’s something wrong with the spatial structure here.”

Ning Li held a pen and pointed.

Wei Songze put away those thoughts and focused on looking over.

An hour later, Ning Li and Wei Songze left the studio together.

It was already completely dark, and the street lamps were lit up.

Wei Songze asked,”Sister Li, where are you going back to later?”

Ning Li looked at the time.

“The Ye family home.”

“You’re going back to the Ye family home?”

Wei Songze was a little surprised,

“Ye Ci and the others should be going back soon, right? Don’t tell me you’re going to continue staying at the Ye family home in the future?”

After this incident, when Ye Ci came back, she would definitely shed all pretense of cordiality with Ning Li.

How Could Ning Li continue to stay in the Ye family then?

Wei Songze felt that it was not very good situation.

“Sister Li, why don’t you go to the rented house? There are only three months left until the college entrance exam. It will be over soon.”

After the college entrance exam was over, with her ability, wouldn’t she be able to go wherever she wanted to go?

Moreover, after she had become an adult, no one would have the right to control her anymore.

When that time came, she would be able to fly freely in the sky. How great would that be?

Ning Li raised her eyebrows slightly.

“Why not?”

Wei Songze saw that she was not joking, and his expression cracked.

“No, Sister Li, surely it’ll be too uncomfortable to have to constantly stay alert!”

After all, that was someone else’s territory. She would be at a disadvantage.

“Yeah, it will be interesting to see them every day.”

Ning Li smiled slightly, and her clear peach blossom eyes curved into a moving arc,

“Who would be more uncomfortable? That’s hard to say.”

At ten o’clock in the evening, Ning Li returned to the Ye family home.

Su Yuan was still awake. She was sitting in the living room, talking on the phone with someone.

When she saw that Ning Li had returned, her expression changed.

Ning Li went upstairs.

Aunt Zhao had already been fired, so she could not find a suitable replacement for a while, so Su Yuan could only hire a part-time worker.

The rich and powerful families were always looking for good workers. Also, with the current situation of the Ye family, they had to be even more cautious.

The villa was extremely quiet.

Seeing that Ning Li was about to go up, Su Yuan hurriedly hung up the phone and shouted,

“Ning Li!”

Ning Li stood still and turned around.

“What’s the matter?”

Her expression was as calm as usual, and her tone was light, no different from usual.

It was as if she was not affected by these things at all.

This caused Su Yuan to not know where to start.

After a long while, she said, “Where did you go yesterday? After such a big incident at home, how could you still be running around?”

Ning Li’s expression was indifferent.

“My room was turned upside down yesterday so I couldn’t stay there. Thus, I went out to find another place to sleep. Besides, the Ye family is currently facing other troubles… do you think that I can solve the problem by being anxious?”

Su Yuan was speechless.

She had read the official report which had confirmed Ye Ci’s involvement in the matter. Moreover, even Ye Ming had been invited to cooperate with the investigation today.

She had been busy taking care of Ye Cheng and also with having to deal with several matters in Yunzhou. Thus, she was also exhausted.

She had become even more annoyed when Ning Li had not come back yesterday. When she had seen her, she had spoken without thinking.

However, after thinking about it carefully, what Ning Li had said was not unreasonable.

She was just a senior high school student. With the Ye family’s matter being so big, how could she help with anything?

Ning Li sized her up.

It had only been a few days, yet Su Yuan looked like she had aged by several years.

After living a luxurious life as part of the Ye family for the past ten years, she had always looked delicate refined.

However, the moment she faced a storm, she found that she was unable cope and quickly became haggard.

She was like the dodder flower that had clung to the Ye family. Without the Ye family, she would only be crushed into the mud.

That was why she was so anxious and worried.

In fact, from the beginning to the end, the person she cared about the most, was herself.

The corner of Ning Li’s lips curved slightly as she turned around and returned to her room.

Su Yuan wanted to stop her, but her phone had lit up again.

After Ning Li had called the police, she had got someone to clean up the room again.

The glass candy jar on the table, and the balloons that Lu Huaiyu had given her that had been tied to the corner of the room had already been taken away the day before and placed in the rented house.

Right now, there was really nothing else left here.

She put down her backpack, read some books, washed up, and went to bed to rest.

This was the most peaceful night’s sleep she had had since she had come to the Ye family.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Ning Li went to and from school as per normal every day. Su Yuan left early and returned late, probably busy with matters concerning the Ye family.

After the announcement of the leak, many of the Ye family’s collaborations had been affected.

Some of the troubles that could have been solved by relying on connections were now at the center of the storm, and they were no longer useful.

In the midst of that, there had also been a small incident.

Ye Cheng must have heard some bad rumors in school and had gotten into a fight with a classmate, directly breaking the bridge of his nose.

This was another matter that Su Yuan had been forced to deal with again.

He went to a private noble primary school, and his classmates were all rich and noble.

In the past, if he had caused trouble, the school would have been reconciled and would have turned a blind eye to it.

But now, with the Ye family’s situation, of course, they could not be bothered to give face to them.

As a result, Ye Cheng had been suspended from classes for a week and ordered to go home to reflect on his behavior.

On the afternoon of the third day, Ye Ming and Ye Ci finally returned to Yunzhou.