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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 390 - Death by Hammer!

Chapter 390: Death by Hammer!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Li took her phone and looked at the screen. It was a notice issued by the National Physics Competition Organizing Committee on the official website.

[ Notice: According to our investigation, Qin Guang, a member of the National Physics Competition Organizing Committee, leaked the final exam paper to Ye Ci, a Yunzhou Second High School examinee, on the eve of the final competition. This kind of behavior is bad in nature and has seriously damaged the fairness of the competition, causing a great negative impact on society. After some consideration from the organizing committee, it has been decided that Qin Guang will be removed from his position as a member of the National Organizing Committee for the competition. His title as an Associate Professor in the Physics Department of Xijing University of Technology will be revoked, and he will be transferred to the relevant departments for punishment according to law. We will release the follow-up results to the public in a timely manner. ]

The announcement had been released 10 minutes ago.

This announcement obviously had a huge impact on He Xiaochen.

Her eyes were wide open, and there was a deep sense of shock in them as she muttered, “So, it’s true! This is actually true! With this official announcement, this has now been confirmed!”

It wasn’t her fault for having such a big reaction. This matter was just too unbelievable.

Although there had been rumors about it on the Internet before, there had been no clear investigation notice. Many people still had some doubts.

Besides, how bold did one have to be to do something like this during the national competition?

Now that everything had been confirmed, it would be established as a fact. Even without thinking too much about it, one would know how big a storm this would cause!

Ning Li nodded and returned the phone to her.

He Xiaochen looked at her and carefully asked,

“Ning Li, are you okay?”

The leak incident had been confirmed to be related to Ye Ci. She was completely ruined this time.

Although the notice had not mentioned the Ye family, it was obvious that Ye Ci could not have done this on her own.

It was likely that the Ye family would not be able to clear their reputation now.

Although Ning Li’s relationship with the Ye family had never been good, she was still living with the Ye family. How could she not be affected?

Ning Li shook her head.

“It’s fine.”

As an outsider, what did she have to do with the Ye family’s turmoil?

On the basketball court, Ren Qian passed the ball out and allowed another player to replace him.

He walked to the side of the court, opened a bottle of water, and looked at Lin Zhouyang who was beside him.

“Brother Lin, you old dog, if you ask me, you’re boring.”

This whole day, Lin Zhouyang had been listless. He did not move even when he had been roped in to play basketball.

Was there a need to go so far just for Ye Ci?

Lin Zhouyang was silent for a long time.

“Qianzi, she’s really not that kind of person.”

Ren Qian glanced at him.

“What’s the point of telling me that?”

The school’s disciplinary results had already been sent out a few days ago. What else could he say?

Lin Zhouyang was filled with frustration.

In his opinion, Ye Ci had always been excellent and outstanding. She had always been good in her studies, good in dancing, and good in painting.

In school, she had never had any conflicts with anyone and often blushed. She was always soft and gentle.

It was really difficult for him to relate the matter of cheating to her.

He was silent for a long time before he said, “The results of the investigation haven’t come out yet. There might be a mistake.”

After the incident, he had sent a message to Ye Ci, but she had not replied.

However, he also knew that Ye Ci’s condition in the Capital for the past few days had to be very bad. He did not dare to disturb her too much, so he had not contacted her any more after that.

It was because he had been thinking about this matter that he could not eat or sleep well.

Even he could not stand those abusive words, so how could Ye Ci?

Ren Qian finished the bottle of mineral water and took out his phone.

Suddenly, he was stunned.

“It’s out.”

Lin Zhouyang did not react.


Ren Qian handed the phone over.

“Yes, the results from the organizing committee for the competition are out.”

He opened the Weibo page.

The official blog of the National Physics Competition Organizing Committee had released this notice at the same time.

Lin Zhouyang took over the phone and clicked on the bigger picture.

When he saw the familiar name on it, he was instantly stunned.

Subconsciously, he said, “This is fake, right?”

Ren Qian crushed the empty water bottle in his hand into a ball and tossed it away. It landed accurately in the trash can not far away.

“Lin Zhouyang.

He said, “Your f*cking brain must have been kicked by a donkey.”

A stone created a thousand ripples.

After the official announcement had been released, countless Big V1‘s quickly followed up. In just half an hour, the official Weibo had forwarded over 50,000 posts, and the number of comments quickly exceeded 100,000.

[ All the sordid details! Ye Ci is confirmed to have bought the final exam paper! ]

[ I told you, if she didn’t do it, then where had the original question cheat sheet come from? Now that the official announcement is out, it can be considered as a fact now, right? ]

[ Puke! Disgusting! This is really disgusting! Isn’t it terrible for the student who had been robbed of the final spot by her?! ]

[ With this level of skill, how could she be guaranteed a place? She should be disqualified from all exams! ]

[ This Ye family is really awesome. They even managed to get their hands on the final exam papers? ]

[ Didn’t you see what it said? The insider leaked the questions, so they must have been bribed, right? I wonder how much this exam paper was sold for? ]

[ It’s different when you have money and power. We’ve worked so hard to study, yet they spent money to ensure that someone entered the national competition. If this matter had not been exposed, Ye Ci would have already signed with Xijing University by now, right? How ridiculous. ]

Very soon, # Ye Ci bought the exam paper #, # Ye Ci leaked the questions #, # National Competition Qin Guang #, and other entries were all on the hot searches and directly occupied the top three.

The two top articles were all ‘exploding’.

Not only Weibo, but other major media platforms were also popping up to promote the news.

[ Explosive! Official confirmation of the national competition leaked questions as a fact! ]

[ National competition leaked questions notice! ]

[ Rich family’s daughter bought the test paper in advance. Is the competition fair or just a joke? ]

For a time, the entire Internet was covered with relevant news.

All the people involved in the leak, including Ye Ci, quickly became the target of denunciation!

Endless accountability and criticism, ridicule, and abuse flooded in like an unstoppable flood!