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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 389 - She Really Bought the Test Paper in Advance!

Chapter 389: She Really Bought the Test Paper in Advance!

Lin Zhouyang was lying on the table with his head covered by his school uniform as if he was sleeping.

Ren Qian kicked him a few times before he finally moved. He pulled away his school uniform and said in a slightly hoarse voice, “What’s the matter?”

Ren Qian sized him up.

“F*ck, you didn’t sleep all night, did you?”

With his haggard and dispirited appearance, anyone who did not know him would think that he had been beaten up.

Lin Zhouyang looked impatient.

“You woke me up just to ask this?”

Then, as if he was too lazy to say anything else, he turned around to lie down again.

Ren Qian frowned.

A few boys next to him winked at him.

He endured it and swallowed the words in his throat.

A few days ago, he had also been in the Capital, taking part in the maths competition.

Because the venue and arrangements for the exam had been different from that of the physics competition, he had not had much contact with Pei Song and the others during this period.

This was even more so when it came to Yunzhou Second High School.

It was not until after the exam that he got back his phone and found out that Ye Ci had been caught cheating.

Furthermore, a series of troubles had broken out one after another, including the leaking of the exam questions.

He had only returned to Yunzhou yesterday, and today was his first day of class.

However, even if without asking, he could probably guess why Lin Zhouyang was like this.

He had liked Ye Ci for many years, so now that Ye Ci had fallen into this situation, how could he not be affected?

However, Ren Qian felt that it was very unnecessary and not worth it.

Not to mention other things, Ye Ci had relied on some kind of method to obtain fifth place in the province during the preliminary competition and obtained the qualification to participate in the Winter Camp that she did not deserve.

This point had been most obviously been reflected in the online release of the winter camp results test summary.

The fact that she had brought a cheat sheet had just hammered in that point.

Not to mention the problem of the leaked questions, even these matters were very serious.

Now all the students in Yunzhou Second High School were ashamed of having such a student in their school.

Now, Lin Zhouyang was like this… It was obvious that he was upset for Ye Ci.

Ren Qian stared at Lin Zhouyang’s back for a while and shook his head.

When the bell rang for the first class, Cheng Xiangxiang rushed over.

She was walking quickly to her seat when she noticed Ning Li from the corner of her eye.

She stopped in her tracks and her expression became very ugly.

However, because the class was about to start, she did not say anything and sat down in her seat.

She had woken up late this morning and was almost late because she had stayed up late.

In the end, she could not hold on during the second lesson and fell asleep.

When she woke up again, it was by the chemistry teacher.

“Cheng Xiangxiang, come and balance this equation.”

Cheng Xiangxiang opened her eyes abruptly and saw the chemistry teacher standing on the podium looking at her.

The class was silent as everyone looked over.

Cheng Xiangxiang stood up in embarrassment and walked to the podium.

However, chemistry was not her forte. Plus, she had been caught sleeping in class, so she was nervous. Facing the equation, her mind was blank, and she could not write it down for a long time.

The quieter the surroundings were, the more embarrassed she was facing the blackboard, and her whole body was stiff.

After a moment, she mumbled in a tiny voice.

“Teacher, I… I can’t write this…”

The chemistry teacher frowned and looked at her. Then she said, “Then, go sit back down again.”

Cheng Xiangxiang walked down from the platform with a red face.

Just as she sat back in her seat, she heard the chemistry teacher address the students meaningfully.

“Students, there are only three months left until the college entrance examination. You must not relax, understand? I see that some of you are still preoccupied with other things, but not your studies. If this continues, how will you be able to take the college entrance examination?”

Although he had not mentioned Cheng Xiangxiang by name, everyone knew that he was talking about Cheng Xiangxiang.

Cheng Xiangxiang lowered her head.

The chemistry teacher walked over, balanced the equation, and tapped on the blackboard.

“Everyone, get your spirits up! Look at the blackboard, the classroom is not a place for you to sleep. If you are really sleepy, you can go home and sleep. No one will stop you.”

As the college entrance exam was approaching, the teacher’s heart was also tense.

A few students who were lying on the table quickly got up and sat up straight.

Ren Qian kicked Lin Zhouyang’s chair leg.

In fact, Lin Zhouyang was not sleeping. He sat up straight and leaned against the back of his chair. He looked at Cheng Xiangxiang with a complicated expression and the empty seat beside her.

It was not easy to last until the end of the class.

The moment the chemistry teacher left the classroom, there were a few discussions in the classroom.

“Whoa, why is our chemistry teacher is so angry today?”

“Our school was completely annihilated in the chemistry competition. I understand.”

“It’s normal to be angry, right? Which teacher would be in a good mood when they see their students sleeping in class? Especially the kind whose results are not that good.”

When she heard this, Cheng Xiangxiang immediately raised her head and looked over.

“What are you talking about?”

Those girls were not afraid at all. The one in the middle smiled and said, “Didn’t you hear what I said clearly?”

A girl sitting next to her tugged at her.

“Hey, we’re all classmates. Don’t be so rude. At least the exams are their real results. If they can’t do it and admit that they can’t do it, it’s much better than another certain person, right?”

When these words came out, they all burst out into laughter.

Cheng Xiangxiang was so angry that her face turned red, but she could not think of any words to refute them.

Before this, she had sworn that Ye Ci would definitely get a good result in the physics competition and that it would be easy for her to get a free pass.

Now, however, she had been slapped in the face.

Not only had Ye Ci failed the exam, but she also caused a series of cheating and leakage scandals!

The punishment had been handed down, and Cheng Xiangxiang had nothing left to say.

She kicked away her chair in frustration, feeling full of grievance. With an ear-piercing sound, she picked up her cup and left.

The girls looked at each other and pursed their lips.

“I don’t know what she’s trying to pull.”

“Exactly. She was so arrogant before, bragging about Ye Ci, but after a long time, it turned out to be a result that had been gained by cheating?”

“I said it before. With her level in physics, how could she have been ranked fifth in the province? Great, now everyone knows. She’s really going to bring shame to the school.”

Lin Zhouyang suddenly said, “Can you be quiet? You’re disturbing my sleep.”

As soon as he said this, the surroundings immediately quieted down.

A girl crossed her arms and snorted.

“Lin Zhouyang, you’re really funny. If you don’t want to hear it, then you should go away. We’re just telling the truth. Why can’t we do that?”

Who could not tell that he was doing this for Ye Ci?

Lin Zhouyang did not want to argue with them, and his face turned cold.

Ren Qian walked over and pulled him up.

“Let’s go. Follow me to the logistics department to get some things.”

With that, he forcefully dragged him out.

The girls looked at each other without thinking much about it.

“He still likes someone like Ye Ci. He must really be blind.”

The first lesson in the afternoon was physical education.

After warming up, Ning Li jogged on the track.

A group of boys was sitting on the steps of the bleachers. When she ran over, they cheered in unison.

Ning Li ignored them.

He Xiaochen suddenly ran over in a hurry.

“Ning Li!”

Ning Li slowed down.

“What’s wrong?”

He Xiaochen pulled her over and took out her phone. Her voice still could not hide her shock.

“The investigation results regarding the leak are out!

“Ye Ci really bought the test paper in advance!”